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World Kindness Day: Write Something Nice To A Friend

When you want to write to a friend, you usually go by texting or emailing. Gone are the days when you would write notes or cards to your friends unless you did it for a special occasion. For example, you don’t send an email or a text to a friend who is getting married or has a milestone birthday because you usually send a gift with that. However, even that is done digitally more often. But on November 13th, you will want to send a card to a friend because it is World Kindness Day 2023. So let’s see what kind of card you would send to a friend based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – A Motivational Card

Aries, you are the passionate one full of energy, and your friends would have to be the same as you don’t go for anyone clingy. However, sometimes your friends go through disappointing times and lose their desire to keep working hard. And you will be there to motivate them. Therefore, write a note that would help motivate your friends. The text would be along the lines of: “Hey, I know you are going through some rough times, but you need to find that spark that is within you because if you are in the same place six months from now, you will regret it. Do you want to live with that kind of regret? Keep going!

Taurus – A Card That Expresses Loyalty And Something To Do With Food

Taurus, you are sensual and stoic, and you are incredibly loyal. That is why you take your friendships very seriously, and you are a great friend to have. Therefore, the card you would write on World Kindness Day would be something like: “I am so thankful to have a great friend like you, and remember, I am always there for you. Oh, by the way, a new buffet is opening up in the city. We really need to try it out sometime.” Since you appreciate food (and shopping), you will add something about it to your note.

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Gemini – A Note Complimenting Your Friend’s Smarts In The Card

Gemini, you are sociable and intellectual, as you need mental stimulation. Therefore, you cannot have a friend who does not interest you. You are not usually the type to compliment others because that is not in your nature. However, when you think about your friends who have put up with your unpredictable ways, you cannot help but appreciate them and will compliment them on their intelligence. If you write them a card, it would say something like: “Hey, thanks for putting up with me, and by the way, you are cool, and you are also at times too smart for my own good, and I love you for that!

Cancer – A Note About How Much You Value Your Friendship

Cancer, you are very introverted, the happiest at home with your family, and don’t let just anyone into your circle. However, those who are your friends are lucky to have you in their life as you are very caring and nurturing. Therefore, if you write a card to any of your friends, you will do everything you can to make them feel special because that is how you want them to feel. Therefore, you would write something like, “You know I don’t let just anyone into my tight-knit circle, and because you are in it, I value you more than you know, and I love you and am thankful you are in my life. Always remember that I am here for you no matter what.

Leo – A Note Telling Your Friend That They Are Cool With A Promise

Leo, you are upbeat and exciting, and you like to be the star of the show, but you also let your friends have a piece of that because you are generous. You are also genuine; you mean it when you say anything. If you write a friend a card on World Kindness Day, you will tell them how cool they are and promise them that you will stick to it because you stick to your word. It will say something like, “Hey, I want you to know that I think you are one of the coolest friends ever, and I want to arrange a day to take you out for dessert to show you how much I appreciate our friendship.

Virgo – A Note Full Of Apologies And Something Caring

Virgo, you are highly analytical and not the type to get close to many people. However, if someone earns your trust, they have been given a reason to do that. However, they may get mad at you often because of how critical you can be since you know yourself that you can expect perfection. Therefore, when you write a note in the card for your friend, you will say, “I am very sorry that I have been harshly judgmental of you, as I have no business at all. You are great the way you are, and I may say things because I care about you, but please tell me to stop if I upset you in the future.”

Libra – A Note Telling Them That Their Wish Is Your Command

Libra, you are the one that wants to make everyone happy because you need peace, and you are also into good relationships, and you don’t like conflict. Therefore, you can be a people-pleaser at times. And you will want to be careful with that as you will find that you are constantly sacrificing your needs. However, you are entirely at peace with that. When you write your note on the card you will give to a friend, you will also make it known that you only want them happy. You will say, “Hey, I am so glad you are in my life, and I hope you know how much I value our friendship. Whatever you want to do regarding activities, I am game, so I will let you take the lead.” By the way, that frustrates your friends, but you cannot help yourself.

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Scorpio – A Note About Trust

Scorpio, you are intense and passionate, and you are also private. You don’t trust others easily, so anyone who is your friend is lucky to have you because you are sincere and supportive. However, you also only allow people into your life if they prove to be trustworthy into your life. You value your friendships a lot. Therefore, you will write something profound to your friend. It will be something like, “Hey, you know that I don’t only allow just anyone into my life. I trust you because you have proven to me that you are trustworthy. And I would love to chat more about some deep stuff. Let’s arrange a day to do that.”

Sagittarius – A Note About Travel And Adventure

Sagittarius, you are a free spirit and love to travel; your friends are also free spirits. Therefore, any note you would leave them on World Kindness Day would revolve around that. You would have done some traveling with your friends, and you will constantly make plans to keep traveling with them too. Therefore, the note you would leave your friends would be something like, “Hey, you are so much fun when we go and travel somewhere. Anytime you want to venture out somewhere new, hit me up. I am always game.

Capricorn – A Note About How Much You Admire Their Ambition

Capricorn, you are ambitious and goal-oriented. And the friends you only have are those who share your drive, as you would not have anything in common with those who are not ambitious and driven. There is also a lot of respect when it comes to your friendships too. And you respect your friends who share the same ambition as you do. Therefore, on World Kindness Day, you will write a note to your friend stating that. You will say, “I am not sure if I have ever told you I respect your drive, and I find your ambitious nature inspiring. Keep it up.”

Aquarius – A Note Of Reassurance

Aquarius, you are the one that is a free spirit, and you are a progressive and logical thinker who is not overly attached and emotional. As a result, you do not connect with your feelings that well. That said, your friends may find you cold and detached, and you do know that they think you don’t care for them, but that is untrue. Therefore, the type of note you would write to your friends would be one of reassurance. You would say, “Hey, I know I can be distant, and that is just who I am. I am not apologizing for it, but at the same time, I can tell that it bothers you. I want you to know I am glad you are my friend, even if I don’t share that.

Pisces – A Poem

Pisces, you are highly sentimental and romantic, and you would do anything for your friends, and you already make it clear that they can count on you no matter what. However, the note you would leave for your friends would not be any traditional reassurance. You are very much into art, and you are imaginative. Therefore, you would be the one to write some friendship poems, and you would use different ones for each friend. You would want to be extra creative on World Kindness Day, which is why you would go there.

World Kindness Day is a nice sentiment as everyone is used to writing emails and texts through the phone or social media. Why not make the change on November 13th, when it is World Kindness Day, to get yourself a card to write a nice note to your friend? And you can use software to create a card if you don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a card elsewhere. You can either hand the card to your friend or mail it to them. Either way, getting a message the traditional way will be a nice surprise.

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