June 24, 2024
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Your Innermost Feelings_and_Deepest_Secrets_Based_on_Your_Zodiac_Sign

Your Innermost Feelings and Deepest Secrets Based on Your Zodiac Sign

You come off as a certain way because that is how your personality dictates your actions, behaviors, and mannerisms. For instance, if you are assertive, that is because you know what you want, and you are confident enough to know you will achieve it. However, just because you come off a certain way and want others to see you that way, you also have deep secrets and innermost feelings that no one will know. You will even realize this deep down, but you will not want anyone to know those feelings about you. That is why they are in the deep secret category. Let’s go over the deep secrets and innermost feelings of each zodiac sign.

Aries – You Crave Approval from Others

Aries, you come off as passionate, confident, and assertive. You know what you want, and you are also highly competitive. Therefore, you will go to great lengths to obtain what you want. However, you also will do what you need to do without worrying about how others see you – or is that true?

Maybe you care deep down how others view you because even though you come off as someone who knows what they want and will go after it, you also secretly want approval from others. You need validation, and if you don’t get that validation, you become aggressive. On the other hand, if you receive the validation you want, you will be cheerful and enthusiastic.

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Taurus – You Have to Focus on Your Needs First

Taurus, you are seen as someone stable and someone who minds their own business. However, you are also self-centered and not in a bad way. It is more like you are preserving yourself, so you will only focus on your needs first before you focus on the needs of others. That also plays a role in why you are pretty inflexible.

Not only do you have a difficult time getting a thought or an idea out of your mind, but you also deep-down think no one cares about you. Therefore, you have to take care of number one, which is why you are putting yourself first. You don’t intend to be selfish; you just will not stand to become hurt and left behind.

Gemini – You Are Lonely

Gemini, you are social, and you love to hang around a lot of people. You also love to stick with those who provide you with intellectual stimulation because the mind is essential to you, and you need to have fun. However, even though you appear to be having such a good time with your friends, you are also quite lonely.

You are lonely because you are craving the emotional connection you want. Emotions are not something that comes easy to you, which is why you feel that is lacking. Since you struggle to get in touch with your emotions, you lack any type of emotional connection. You can have as many friends as you want, but because of that, you are still feeling lonely.

Cancer – You Blame Others Easily

Cancer, you are highly emotional. You are the most emotional one of the zodiac, and you are also highly nurturing. You want to care for those around you. However, if something goes wrong, you don’t like to take responsibility for it as you can play the blame game. That is because you want something to blame if something goes wrong. You don’t want to accept that sometimes no one is to blame if something happens. And you will usually tie it to someone who you feel does not appreciate you either. For instance, if you get into a car accident, you will not even blame the driver who caused it – which may have been you.

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On the other hand, if you are upset with someone for not appreciating you in any way, you will blame them because of how much their ingratitude has upset you. Therefore, you will blame them because you couldn’t stop thinking about how they hurt you while driving.

Leo – You Are Highly Insecure

Leo, you want others to give you the spotlight, and you need to be on the center stage at all times. You do not like it if anyone steals your moments. However, if you were secure within, you would not have a problem with others having their time on the stage.You are that way because, deep down, you are insecure, and you question if you are good at anything. That is why you need to show off so that others can see that you have something to offer.

You don’t even believe in yourself, and you don’t even think you have anything to offer. And if others have the attention, you feel you should have; you will believe that they are taking away your spotlight, which they are not.

Virgo – You Are Highly Sensitive

Virgo, others see you as cold and analytical. You like to serve others and help others, but you are not warm, and you are distant and can even be critical. However, the one who you are primarily critical of is yourself. You come off cold because you are trying to protect yourself from others having anything critical to say. You will internalize whatever anyone has to say about you that could be negative.

Therefore, you give off that cold energy, so you do not have to face that. You are extremely sensitive, too sensitive for your own good. Therefore, if you appear cold and analytical, no one can get overly close enough to you to make any judgments.

Libra – You Always Remember Anyone Who You Meet

Libra, you are the friendliest zodiac signs, and you will never forget people no matter what. That means if you meet someone once and never hear from them again, then you will not forget them. If you happen to bump into them at the grocery store, the mall, or somewhere several years later, they may remember your face, but they’ll forget your name.

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However, you will remember who they are, which includes their name. You may pretend not to remember because you don’t want to appear creepy in any way if you met them once and remember everything about them. However, you can’t help but remember who everyone is!

Scorpio – You Need to Confide in Someone

Scorpio, you are intense, you are secretive, and you also are very selective when it comes to trusting anyone. However, at the same time, those secrets you have been bubbling up. It makes you uncomfortable. You yearn to have someone to confide in even though you do not want anyone to know this. You wish you could pull someone aside and tell them some uncomfortable truths about yourself.

You want to tell someone your secrets, even your deepest ones. But you never do because you don’t know who to trust. You never take the fact for granted that someone very loyal now may not stay that way. It is too chancy, so you keep it bottled up.

Sagittarius – You Have Inner Demons

Sagittarius, you are very happy-go-lucky, and you love any new adventure. That is why you love to travel. However, you also have some inner demons you battle. You are also highly sensitive, which is why you come off as sarcastic and blunt. You do that to hide your sensitivity.

The last thing you want anyone to know is the demons you battle, as well as how sensitive you are. You do a great job hiding it because others see you as one of the most optimistic ones around and someone who has such enthusiasm for life. No one would know that it is not entirely accurate, considering you love to travel. You also love to travel because you want an escape.

Capricorn – You Have Heavy Feelings

Capricorn, you are the one that is so business-like because your goals and ambitions are what define you. You also want to ensure that your family is nurtured even though you don’t show many emotions. You ensure they get what they need in a way that you appear to be “taking care of business” because that is how you are.

But is that really? Here is the thing, you do have some big feelings, but you keep them to yourself because you do not know how to express them, and you also don’t want to express them. When you love someone, you really passionately love them. When you care about someone, you will ensure their needs are met first! However, feelings are uncomfortable to you which is why you appear cold. Deep down, you are warm.

Aquarius – You Are a True People Person

Aquarius, you are distant and march to your own drummer. However, you are also the humanitarian type which is why you enjoy working for a cause. You are friendly, but at the same time, no one can get close to you because you are distant. However, you care about others and want to help others so much, so you would join ten humanitarian causes if you had the time.

If other people are happy, so are you. You want others to be happy, even though you come off as not caring. Like Capricorn and some other signs like Virgo, you are not readily in touch with your feelings, so you appear that you don’t care. You do care about others more than they would even realize.

Pisces – You Are a No-Nonsense Type of Person

Pisces, you are calm, the type that would sacrifice yourself from others, and you are dreamy. However, others would easily mistake you as someone they could walk all over if they wanted to, but here is the thing: Your intuition is high, and you will know when someone does not have good intentions towards you. Therefore, you will not tolerate anyone harming you in any way, and that is why you will not hesitate to cut them off and call them out on their ulterior motives. You will never put up with anything the way they think you would. If the trait associated with your Sun, Moon, or rising sign does not resonate with you, there is another factor that can influence your deepest secrets and innermost feelings.

That is how many planets are in a particular house. For instance, if you are a Capricorn Sun, with a Virgo Moon and Pisces rising, but you resonate with the innermost feelings associated with Leo, then that means you likely have an influential Fifth House, the Leo house. Therefore, that is why you are incredibly insecure and don’t want anyone to know it. That is just one example of how your innermost feelings and deepest secrets can be found if it does not associate with any of your big three!

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