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What Is Your Strongest Psychic Power According to the Zodiac

What Is Your Strongest Psychic Power According to the Zodiac?

Everyone has some form of psychic abilities. However, there are some people who have it as a strong gift. You can compare this to the fact that anyone can do mathematics of some sort. However, there are people that are not very good at it, and there are others who are gifted in math. Not all of those people who have such a strong psychic gift however use it. Maybe they are afraid to use it for whatever reason.

The other thing to keep in mind is that there are different types of psychic traits around. There is clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance to name a few. Which psychic ability could you potentially have as the strongest type? Let’s go over that right now because you will learn which one that would be according to the zodiac.

Aries – Clairsentience

Aries is the go-getting sign and is the logical type even though those with this sign don’t always think before they act. However, the one thing that can be said about Aries is that they have the gift of clairsentience which is the psychic ability that is all about ‘knowing’. They use their instincts, calculations, as well as logical thinking in addition to their intuition which gives them this particular gift.

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For instance, Aries just knows how to be at the right place at the right time and avoids being at the wrong place at the wrong time. That is tied to their heightened clairsentience.

Taurus – Telepathy

Taurus is an earth sign and therefore, those with this sign are very connected to nature. They also have a logical but a very compassionate side to them. In fact, Taurus can telepathically communicate with animals and even other people because they are skilled at it.

This means if a pet is not feeling well, Taurus will know exactly what the issue is as they can read the pet’s mind. They will know whether or not if the pet is just having an off day or needs to see the vet, for example.

Gemini – Spirit Communication

Gemini is the most communicative sign of the zodiac given that it is an air sign. Even though they are logical thinkers, they can also communicate with the Other Side. They make excellent mediums and can talk to the deceased and other spirits. They also know how to communicate well with their Higher Selves.

You will see plenty of Geminis using runes, consulting with their pendulums, and with tarot cards. They are just quite gifted with the communication of all types.

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Cancer – Clairvoyance

Cancer is also a very psychic sign as it is, especially since it is a water sign. Cancer is naturally very empathetic and nurturing, and the Moon, a highly intuitive planet rules this water sign. This means they can also see what is happening from a far distance or can see into the future, or the past. Cancer is very clairvoyant.

This means if a Cancer is telling you not to go somewhere that you are intending to go to, you better listen to them. They may potentially get glimpses of you going to that place and getting into a car accident, for instance.

Leo – Mind Reading

Leo is a sign that is all about wanting to get ahead and wanting to be in the spotlight. Leos have the advantage of winning over their competition as well because they have this eerie ability to read minds. They can read their competitors’ minds and find out how they are succeeding. Leo will definitely not hesitate to duplicate their ways.

The other thing to remember with this is that you cannot lie to a Leo. They will know you are BSing them by reading your mind! Don’t even try.

Virgo – Prophetic Visions

Virgo is a highly analytical sign and logical. However, they tend to get prophetic visions that they either get while they are sleeping and dreaming or daydreaming. Or sometimes it just comes to them out of nowhere.

This means if a Virgo has a dream about some type of attack happening in the future, then this is likely going to come true. Not every dream about the future is prophetic unless it is the dream that a Virgo is having.

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Libra – Strong Empathy

Libra is a social air sign and they need to be around others, and they also work best if they are balanced within. However, Libra can easily lose their inner balance and end up becoming stressed as a result. That is because they are strongly empathetic. They feel what you are feeling, and if they are in a room with too many people this can get overwhelming for obvious reasons.

Too many emotions that others are carrying that are varying from happiness to sadness or anxiety will be stressful. Libra needs to learn how to shield for this reason to stay in balance.

Scorpio – Channeling

Scorpio is the most intense sign of the zodiac that is tied to the occult. Not only do they read minds, are telepathic, and can communicate with the Other Side, but they can channel into everything. They are the ones who know how to use an Ouija board without facing any repercussions because they know exactly how to communicate with those spirits and close portals when they are done.

They also can tell if a trickster spirit is trying to pose as a deceased loved one or a spirit guide. A Scorpio can never be fooled.

Sagittarius – Powerful Healing

Sagittarius is highly spiritual as it is and can tell if you have been struggling in any way or form. They have this uncanny way of knowing this and also knowing how to help you heal. If you are struggling with self-worth issues, Sagittarius will know. And don’t be surprised if a Sagittarius blurts this out as they are painfully honest.

However, also listen to what they have to say. They will tell you to take the steps to heal because that is what they do, and they also are telling you this because they know that is the step to take to get better. They are natural healers.

Capricorn – Intuitive with Loved Ones

Capricorns are too logical and rational to the point that they are not naturally known to be powerfully psychic. But since everyone is born with some psychic ability of some sort, that includes Capricorn. And Capricorns are quite intuitive when it comes to those who they love and care about. They can tell if someone they care about is not doing well before they speak about it.

Capricorn mothers also are quite intuitive when it comes to their kids when it comes to their happiness, health, social life, and education. If a Capricorn’s child is bullied at school and the child stays quiet, mom will know and do something about it!

Aquarius – Powerful Visionaries and Mind Readers

Aquarius is all about progression, innovation, and humanitarianism. Those who have this sign have an uncanny ability to read minds like their opposite sign, Leo does. They are also strong visionaries as they can see into the future based on actions that are taking place today.

However, they also can become victimized easily to psychic attacks and attract negativity from other sources. They need to learn to protect themselves by taking crystals with them such as black obsidian. Aquarians can be excellent healers and counselors because they have these abilities.

Pisces – Channelers To Higher Sources

Pisces is the most psychic sign of the zodiac as they are strongly sensitive as well. They know how to channel to higher sources naturally, and as a result, they utilize New Age techniques through that way as well. They stay away from occult practices which is what Scorpio gravitates towards.

Pisces are natural healers and counselors, and this is what they are meant to do. They want to help others and use their psychic skills to do so.

You also have to remember that regardless of your sign and the psychic skill you were born with, you can always improve it and hone your skills. The same thing goes for your muscles. In order to keep them strong, you need to exercise. Therefore, if you don’t think your psychic skills are strong and powerful, you can always learn how to do exercises to improve them. Everyone has it within them to become powerfully psychic.

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