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BL_HOR_781_The Top Four Zodiac Signs That Can Find The Best Black Friday Deal

The Top Four Zodiac Signs That Can Find The Best Black Friday Deal

Black Friday is upon you, as this is the day after Thanksgiving that everyone looks forward to because that is the day that they can go to town with their holiday shopping without having to spend an arm and a leg. It is the kickoff to the holiday season. And with the cost of living today, that is a day that people do want. The great thing about doing Black Friday shopping nowadays is that you do not always have to run to the stores to fight with others to get the best deals, as you can shop from the comfort of your home. Some Black Friday deals are better than others, and some are better at finding the best deals. Let’s look at the zodiac signs that can find the best Black Friday deals: Capricorn, Taurus, Aries, and Leo.

Capricorn – Excellent Researchers When It Comes To Price

Capricorns are known to be goal-oriented and ambitious and take everything they do seriously. Those with that sign will not do anything on impulse and are meticulous. The other thing about Capricorns is that they are only into retail shopping if they have to buy something as they are not known to be the types to shop for the sake of it. Even when they do, they will look for the best deals because their frugal nature will only allow them to spend money on items they need or wait for an excellent price to buy what they need.

Therefore, it is not a surprise that Capricorn is one of the four top signs that would be able to find the best Black Friday bargains. They know they must do holiday shopping, and there is no better time to wait until Black Friday. Once Black Friday approaches, they will look at every sales flier they receive to determine which outlet has the best sales. They will also look online to see if other outlets they did not receive fliers from could have even better bargains.

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The other thing that Capricorn will do is likely do their Black Friday shopping from home, as they are naturally introverted and do not have the patience for crowds, especially when they fight with one another. Let’s now review the next sign known to be good at finding Black Friday deals.

Taurus – Waits For Sales So They Can Indulge In Quality Items

Taurus is quite sensual and has a love for anything luxurious. Many times, Taurus shops at the drop of the hat when it comes to something that they genuinely want, but since they are good with budgeting, if they plan to purchase many items at once, they will wait for a good sale to come so they can shop until they drop. And since they will want to buy as many things as they want at once, they will look for the best discounts to take advantage of that time to buy 20 items for the price of 10, for example.

That is why Taurus will look forward to Black Friday and any other sale in a year. When it comes closer to Black Friday, they will think of the items they want to buy and note them. The thing with Taurus is that they are known to be patient and will wait to purchase an item they want if they know it will go on sale. Sure, Black Friday is the best time to buy holiday gifts, which Taurus will do, but they will utilize the day to indulge, too. Therefore, Taurus will research fliers from outlets to find which places have the best bargains, and once they see it, they will go to town. The next sign known to find the best Black Friday deals is not an earth sign.

Aries – Competitive Shopper

Aries is a fire sign, so those with this sign will not necessarily be materialistic like an earth sign. Still, whenever Black Friday sales are on, they want to find the best one to take advantage of because they see it as a competitive sport. Aries do not have the patience to wait in line with other shoppers, so they will either camp by the store overnight in their car and begin heading there when there are signs of other shoppers driving into the parking lot, or they will shop from home online.

The bottom line is that Aries will look for the lowest prices on the items they want and need, and they will hunt for them until they do and then go to town. They will be the first ones going to town to buy the items they need at the lowest price and will find a way to do it before anyone else gets to it. They can do their holiday shopping for the lowest price and buy other items they need simultaneously and boast about how they found the best prices on Black Friday to do so because they will feel as if they had won a game. The last top four sign is also a fire sign.

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Leo – Love A Good Bargain For Gifts

Leo is also a fire sign that loves to show off and be the center of attention, but at the same time, Leo is a generous sign. Therefore, since they are shopping to buy gifts all year round, whether for birthdays, graduations, weddings, births, or other events, Leo has learned how to spot the best bargain; they have a lot of practice by doing so over the years. Therefore, it is not a surprise that they would know how to find the best bargains for Black Friday, as that is when many people get their holiday shopping out of the way.

Leo would know what stores have the best bargains and secret codes and pay attention to other stores that may have excellent deals before Black Friday. It does not matter whether Leo is wealthy or not. They know how to find the best discounts on Black Friday and may even share them with others. Unlike Aries, Leo does not care to be the first one to find the best deal. They love it when others express gratitude for Leo telling them their bargain-hunting secrets while they tell their friends, giving Leo credit for sharing the information.

There may be some zodiac signs that you may have thought made excellent bargain-hunters that did not make it to the top four list. Let’s discuss why and briefly review what advice the zodiac signs that did not make it to the top four list could use to find the best deals on Black Friday.

Advice For The Other Signs To Find Best Black Friday Deals


As soon as you hear about some good Black Friday deals, you may begin to research the best value that you can find, but once you hear about a store that you love that is offering sales, you will drop the others you are researching and will run to that store to do your shopping. The best thing you can do is hold off shopping at the stores you love until you finish your research to find a better deal than you would have gotten elsewhere.


You are good at managing money and living below your means, but the idea of Black Friday shopping alone drains you emotionally. You cannot handle the thought of having to fight with other shoppers. Remember that you can do your Black Friday shopping from the comfort of your home. You may also not have the patience to hunt for the best deals online, but if you want to make the most of your buck, you need to develop more stamina.


If there were a top-five option, you would have easily fit into it because you are known to be frugal, analytic, and a good bargain hunter. However, the reason you did not make it to the top list of the signs that find the best Black Friday deals is that if you find a store that appears to have the best deals, you may research it too much to the point that you become too hyper-focused on it which uses up your energy, missing out on other outlets that likely had better deals.

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The issue is that you only look forward to Black Friday because it gives you a reason to shop until you drop. Sure, you like the idea that you can find excellent bargains, but you are the type to whip out your credit card at any outlet of your choice without looking for the best deals. You see an item you want to buy that is on sale, you will immediately buy it without realizing that you could be getting the same item for a better price elsewhere. It is best to delay gratification so you can save money by looking at better deals.


You are frugal by nature and you will look for excellent Black Friday deals and find them because you are an excellent researcher. However, you may only look for items that you need, and you may not be overly generous when it comes to gift-giving. Even the best deals you find on Black Friday will not convince you to do your holiday shopping. You may still resort to giving cheap gift cards as gifts instead. Spending a little more on your friends and loved ones for the holidays is the right thing to do.


You may be sign that is the least frugal spender, as you are not the one that waits for Black Friday sales to do your holiday shopping. You may be the one to do your holiday shopping a week before Christmas and not bother with Black Friday shopping at all. If you want to shop regardless of the day, you will shop. Your attitude that money can always be made back is why you don’t bother looking for deals and discounts. You are missing a great opportunity to get your holiday shopping done in one shot while saving your money.


You have a charitable heart, so you will buy gifts for others and new gadgets for yourself because that is what you look forward to when shopping for yourself. However, the idea of Black Friday turns you off because you do not like to do what everyone else does: doing their holiday shopping on Black Friday to get the best deals. Remember that you do not have to step outside your home to shop on Black Friday. You can shop from your smartphone or tablet and still use your savings. Think of the day as an opportunity to shop while saving money.


You struggle to stay in the real world as you don’t have a great relationship with money, as you will spend it when you choose, or hold onto it because you fear losing it. Therefore, you don’t feel easy about the idea of Black Friday since you see it as a day of spending too much money while having to fight crowds in stores. Firstly, you have to realize that if you look for great deals for Black Friday, you will save your money when you do your holiday shopping, which is something you need to do. Secondly, like Aquarius and Cancer, remember that you can shop from home on Black Friday—no need to worry about crowds.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when you can save money while shopping, as that is the kickoff to the holiday season. Some outlets have better deals than others for Black Friday, and the top four zodiac signs that do find the best deals for the big shopping day are Capricorn, Taurus, Aries, and Leo. Two signs are earth signs, and the other two are fire signs.

If you notice, no mutable, air, or water signs made it to the top. It tells you that zodiac signs with the mutable modality are too changeable to stick with finding the best deals. Cardinal signs will aim to look for the best deals, and fixed signs will have the patience to keep looking for the best deals until they find them. Air signs may overthink when it comes to spending their money, and water signs are too emotional when it comes to spending money. However, anyone can find the best and most excellent Black Friday deals at other times of the year when it comes to changing their perspective on spending and budgeting.

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