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What Kind Of Drunk Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What Kind Of Drunk Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

We all have that alter-ego that comes out to play once we’ve had a few drinks in us. It is like alcohol makes everyone take on another personality. Some of us become sad and moody, while others become the jokester. Keen to find out what kind of drunk you are based on your sign? Then keep on reading to find out:


Aries – The Aggressive Drunk

Aries is the warrior sign of the Zodiac. Having their ruling sign be Mars probably has something to do with it. When this sign becomes drunk their inner aggressor might come out to play. Aries is the type of drunk to start fights and get into all kinds of altercations until someone eventually has to throw them out of the club.

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Taurus – The Indulgent Drunk

Taurus is one of the signs that knows how to enjoy life and experience the utmost pleasure in their life. They are all about having a good time indulging in all of their senses. A Taurus usually has quite a good tolerance for alcohol because they like to enjoy a nightly nightcap of wine. This means you might not even notice that a Taurus is drunk, despite them throwing back drink after drink throughout the night as they stoically sit around and observe everyone else.

Gemini – The Gossipy Drunk

Gemini is the biggest communicator in the Zodiac. This sign loves to chat on any given day, but when alcohol is involved it takes on an entirely new meaning. Geminis are vaults of information, people tend to open up to them and all a Gemini has to do is absorb all of this knowledge. However, when they have a few drinks behind them their lips become quite lose and all of the information then seems to become public knowledge. This sign will gossip and talk about people like it is a national sport, so beware of what you reveal to a Gemini because you never know what they might reveal when they are drunk!

Cancer – The Emotional Drunk

Cancers are highly emotional people and if you add alcohol on top of that then you can expect many waterworks. Cancers are the type of people who get super emotional when they’ve had a glass or two to drink. They will usually start tearing up about one of their failed relationships. Cancers can sometimes wear a bit of a tough exterior, but when they have alcohol in their system they become soft as jelly and really in touch with their feelings. When they first start sharing, they can’t seem to stop. They’ll share every little thing they are feeling and look for emotional support from pretty much anyone.

Leo – The Dramatic Drunk

Leos are dramatic at best of times, so just imagine their need for attention skyrocket after they’ve had a couple of drinks. This sign will do almost anything for people to notice them and give them the adoration they desire. Leo is definitely the one up in the club, getting on the tables, and dancing their heart away. They’re also most likely the person who will pose for photos and send selfies to their entire contact list. When a Leo is drunk the whole world knows about it.

Virgo – The Highly Critical Drunk

Virgos are perfectionists and enjoy helping people. This sign definitely has a critical edge on a good day, but when they get drunk, they lose all their filters and will tell someone straight about what they think of them. A drunk Virgo tends to be a little rude while they dish out all kinds of insults to whoever comes near them. They say all the things they are dying to say when they are sober. They will criticize anyone about almost anything, from the way people are dressed to the DJ’s bad taste in music. It is best not to get on a Virgos bad side because you’ll most definitely hear about it once they have had something to drink.

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Libra – The Flirtatious Drunk

Libra is the sign that is all about love and romance and when they’ve had a bit to drink they become even more lovey dovey than usual. They tend to become extremely flirtatious and usually walk away with a couple of numbers. Their aim when they go out is to have a smooch with a random cutie in the corner. They become even more sweet and charming if that is even possible. When a Libra gets drunk they like to share the love and make everyone around them feel as happy and comfortable as they are.

Scorpio – The Sexy Drunk

When a Scorpio gets drunk, their inner siren gets awakened. This sign is highly sexual and they ooze this confidence and sex appeal after a few drinks. Sometimes they can be a little standoffish and hard to get to know, but with alcohol in their system they find it a lot easier to loosen up and connect with people. This sign knows exactly what they want, and if they see someone who catches their eye, they’ll pursue them with their special brand of drunken confidence. Their highly sexual nature just becomes more obvious when they are drunk and they won’t stop until they have caught their prey.

Sagittarius – The Drunk Who Never Wants To Stop

If there is one sign that knows how to party then it has to be Sagittarius. This sign is all about having a good time and when alcohol is added to the mix they will party until the sun comes up. Their drunk personality is basically their everyday personality – it will be very hard for anyone to spot the difference. They will become even more positive and optimistic as they try to make everyone around them have an equally good time. A drunk Sagittarius is a happy Sagittarius. All this sign cares for is having a good time, living in the moment, and experiencing life to the fullest.

Capricorn – The Sober Drunk

As the most serious and responsible sign of the Zodiac you would think that a Capricorn rarely drinks, but this definitely isn’t the case. This sign likes to get down and one of their favourite ways of relaxing is by having a few drinks. They find it really helps them to destress and let go of all of their worries. Their head is usually stuck on work and what they would like to achieve and sometimes they just need an escape from reality and this is exactly what alcohol gives them. However, you will never see a Capricorn breaking their stoic character. They may be drunk, but they are definitely still in control of themselves, perhaps just a little looser and more at ease.

Aquarius – The Drunk Conspiracy Theorist

An Aquarius has interests in all kinds of weird and wonderful things, but sometimes they hide this because they know what they find interesting really isn’t for everyone. This becomes a different story when they’ve had a couple of drinks in them. An Aquarius will then loosen up and start talking about all the latest conspiracy theories from Aliens to 9/11 to anyone who is willing to listen. This sign has quite a few strong opinions on things and really enjoys being able to talk about their theories. If it is even possible an Aquarius will become even more intellectual and heady when they’ve consumed some alcohol.

Pisces – The Drunk Dreamer

Pisces are the dreamers of the Zodiac. They love to fantasize and explore the depths of their imagination, this is a form of escapism for them, but so is alcohol. This sign is extremely sensitive and empathetic, and sometimes life can get quite tough for them and this is when they seek different ways of coping. Pisces really enjoy partying and having a good time and tend to be quite a fun drunk who just wants to have a good time. Unfortunately, many Pisces fall into a trap of drinking when they can’t find a healthier way of dealing with their emotions and feelings. Drinking may give a Pisces a feeling of relief from life. But out of all the signs, alcohol tends to be the most dangerous to a Pisces as it can quickly turn into an addiction for them. They should rather focus on their spirituality to cope with their feelings instead.

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