June 16, 2024
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zodiac signs who are bullies

Zodiac Signs Who Are Bullies – Ranked from Least to Most

When you think of bullying, you think of the mean one on the school grounds threatening to punch you. But bullying goes much deeper than that.

Bullying consists of saying hurtful things to damage the target’s self-esteem, which makes them prone to depression and low self-worth. Additionally, bullying does not only happen at school but also at work.

Zodiac Signs Who Are Bullies – Ranked from Least to Most

I have been a victim of bullying, not at work but at school, and it has left me with emotional scars that likely will never heal, and I have accepted that. But I do my best despite that, and let’s talk about which zodiac signs are the most likely to bully others, ranked.

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Aquarius – Can Be Condescending by Nature

You may be shocked to hear that Aquarians are most likely to bully since they are friendly by nature but not in tune with their emotions. Additionally, they are not compassionate and have a sharp tongue. Therefore, they can be the condescending type. They can come off as mean unintentionally for that reason too.

For instance, they may tell you that you look terrible in your new outfit even if they don’t intend to harm your feelings. They can be pretty honest to a fault.  However, if an Aquarian intends to bully you, then you can bet they will be unbelievably cruel to you which will cause long-lasting scars.

Aries – Will Be Pushing, Physically

When you think of the bully who intimidates a classmate and says, ‘gimme your lunch money”, you can think of an Aries. They will push you around, so they get what they want.

That is the Aries since they think of themselves and what is best for themselves. Their highly passionate nature will cause them to go after anyone they see as a target if it gets them what they want.

Aries is not the sneaky type, as they are pretty physical about how they bully others. Instead of the sneaky harsh words and gossiping, Aries will punch you and push you around instead.

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Scorpio – Extremely Manipulative and Backstabbing

When you think of the mean girl who gossips about you behind your back or the one who manipulates you to do things that you don’t want to do but will only be your “friend” if you obey them – that is the Scorpio!

Scorpio may not be the one to push you around physically and may be nice to your face. However, they will be the ones to backstab you and gaslight you as well.

They will make you think that they are your friend, but in reality, they are using you for their own wants and needs in a cruel way.

Virgo – Highlights Your Faults

Virgo is not the type that will shove you around and backstab you while they are being nice to your face. However, because Virgo is so analytical, those with the sign will not hesitate to point out your faults and can say it cruelly if they find you threatening in some way.

They will be more prone to bullying you if they think that you are the type that would judge them. Even if you wouldn’t, something about you could make them jump to that conclusion.

For instance, if you invite them over and your house is not spic and span, they’ll quickly point that out to you if they feel there is a good reason. They will be disrespectful about it too.

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Taurus – Will Bully You if You Invade Their Space

Taurus ranks towards the middle of the zodiac signs most likely to bully others because Taureans really are not the ones who want trouble. On the contrary, they want stability and want to be left alone.

However, suppose you threaten to invade their space and territory, including you threatening to interrupt their comfortable routines. In that case, they can become quite nasty and likely hurl insults at you.

That includes public property, such as them seeing you sit at their favorite table at a cafe where they go regularly. They will have the temptation to kick you out and may even go as far as doing it.

Sagittarius – Painfully Blunt and Can Use Toxic Positivity

Sagittarius ranks in the middle of zodiac signs that are the most likely to bully others, and that is because Sagittarians are happy-go-lucky people who are really looking for a good time.

They do not purposely look at starting trouble, but the issue is that Sagittarians can be quite painfully blunt to the point they will hurt your feelings, even if you don’t ask their opinion about something.

At the same time, they are also the most likely to throw toxic positivity at you, which presents a form of bullying by invalidating your struggles. They’ll tell you to also “get over” an issue that you may be grieving because they see it as negative and don’t want any part of it.

Gemini – It Depends on Peer Pressure

Gemini falls right in the middle of zodiac signs that rank from the worst bullies to the least. As you know, Gemini is known to be indecisive and likable. Therefore, naturally, Gemini is not the worst bully as they like to get along with everyone.

They want to make others laugh because they have a sense of humor. However, if they are part of a crowd bullying, someone, then Gemini will join in. Gemini may not also apologize to the individual they bullied either later because they may forget that it happened.

Leo – Can Be Pushy

Leo ranks towards the bottom of the zodiac signs that are most likely to bully others because they naturally have a warm nature and want everyone around them to have a good time.

They enjoy being the center of attention and will be nice to anyone who gives it to them. However, if Leo does not get their way with them, they can become pushy and rude and may purposely make nasty comments to them to make a point.

Leo can also be blunt, which can hurt the feelings of others, but not to the same degree as Sagittarius.

Capricorn – Can Be a Bully to Themselves

Capricorn ranks lower on the list of zodiac signs most likely to bully because they are not the type to bully others. However, they do bully themselves a lot.

They have unrealistically high standards at times which is why they do it. They become hard on themselves if they fail to meet a deadline or take too much time to rest and ignore their duties.

They may become very hard on others too if they fail to meet deadlines or make a big mistake that involves them, such as forgetting an appointment. However, they are not as cruel as Virgo when that thing happens.

Cancer – Can Be Passive-Aggressive and Resentful

Cancer is highly emotional and nurturing, and you would not see a Cancer likely to bully anyone. That is not their nature, as they are incredibly caring and will befriend the underdog in a heartbeat that others would bully.

However, when a Cancer is mad, which does happen a lot, they will become passive-aggressive and resentful towards anyone who upsets them. They don’t usually say harmful things, but their actions can irritate others.

For instance, if Cancer is upset with you about something, and you are struggling with an issue, they will not call to check up on you, whereas they usually would be the first ones to be there for you.

Libra – Wants the Bully and Victim to Make Peace

Libra is the natural diplomat, which is why they’d be more likely to be the one to try to allow the bully and victim to find some resolution. However, if that fails, then the bully will likely end up being cruel to them as well.

That means Libra has a high chance of becoming the newest bullying victim by creating peace between the bully and the victim. Therefore, Libra puts itself at risk by doing that.

The only way Libra can be a bully themselves is if they give someone the silent treatment as they tend to be passive-aggressive since they don’t speak up, resulting from them hating conflict.

Pisces – Stands Up for The Underdog

Pisces is highly compassionate, and if anything, Pisces would stand up for the underdog. Unfortunately, Pisces has the reputation of retreating under challenging circumstances.

However, when Pisces sees someone being picked up mercilessly, they will get right in there and stand up for the victim. Additionally, Pisces puts themselves at risk, like Libra, of becoming another bullying victim.

They know it too, but they don’t mind because they are known to be very martyr-like. Can Pisces be capable of bullying? If they are extremely upset about you not appreciating what they have done for you, they may hold it against you and bring it up later. Aside from that, not really.

To sum up about Zodiac Signs Who Are Bullies

Here is something interesting. The one who bullied me mercilessly in high school is a Sagittarius, and I know because she kept announcing her birthday.

Sagittarius ranks towards the middle when it comes to bullying, but I decided to look up her Moon sign, given that I knew her birthday. Her moon is in Aquarius.

Therefore, that explains why she was a terrible bully to me, but I learned she bullied many other people over the years. Does this mean that someone’s moon sign may show the likelihood of being a bully more than their sun sign?

It is possible, considering the moon sign represents someone’s instincts. Unfortunately, many schoolyard bullies don’t change unless they encounter a circumstance that forces them to grow.

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