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Zodiac Signs Who Never Stop Talking - Ranked from Most to Least Talkative

Zodiac Signs Who Never Stop Talking – Ranked from Most to Least Talkative

Everyone has that talkative friend, or when they think back to the days they were in school, they had that talkative classmate. It was hard to remember when that classmate was quiet unless there was a lecture going on, and even then, that classmate probably kept talking and getting into trouble.

Maybe you are the talkative type, or you may be the one that is on the quiet side. When you think of the zodiac and chatty signs, you may think of the air signs being the most talkative, which are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. However, that is not necessarily the case. Let’s rank the zodiac signs from the most talkative to the least.

Gemini – The Chattiest of All

A Mercury-ruled air sign has got to be the chattiest one of all, which is Gemini. A Gemini can chat with you day and night. You will see them as the ones who could stay on the phone with you until dawn or chat all day with you by texting or through messenger.

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And if you get on a phone call with a Gemini, you can ensure that you will have to be the one to find different hacks to end the conversation because they will not end it themselves. That chatty classmate you had back in the day was probably a Gemini too.

Aries – Vocal About Their Passions

Aries may be a fire sign, but air and fire complement one another, and since Aries is known to be quite passionate, they’ll be pretty vocal about their passions too. But, of course, their passions include their beliefs and opinions, and they have to share them.

And if anyone disagrees with them, the Aries will keep talking until they win and have the last word. Therefore, anyone who disagrees with Aries must prepare themselves for a very long debate because they will not be quiet until they get their point.

Sagittarius – Never Beats Around the Bush and Talks About Their Favorite Subjects

Sagittarius is Gemini’s mirror image, which means this is a very talkative sign too. However, Sagittarius will not chat about everything and anything. Instead, they’ll be very chatty about their favorite topics and can keep you on the phone all night if you get them started on something that makes them enthusiastic.

That is why those with this sign can make excellent teachers. Additionally, Sagittarius does not beat around the bush, being blunt about what they say. You may think that they may not talk much in that case. However, they do because they make their points long and clear.

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Pisces – Will Express Their Feelings Too Much

When you think of Pisces, talkative is not something you would associate with the sign as water signs are not known to be chatty. However, Pisces ranks high when it comes to zodiac signs that are chatty because when it comes to those with that sign expressing their feelings and emotions, they will do that.

They will also keep talking about their feelings since they have a lot of them and will make sure you are well aware of them. Otherwise, Pisces is not overly talkative as they tend to be quieter if they do not have anything to say.

Leo – Great with Storytelling and Talking About Themselves

Leo ranks towards the middle of the chattiest zodiac signs ranked, because Leo is not a conversationalist. However, when it comes to them talking about themselves and telling stories about their lives, they will make it clear and will talk your ear off about it.

Since Leo tends to be focused on themselves, they may have a terrible tendency to not listen to what you have to say, interrupt what you are saying, and not allow you to talk until they finish talking about themselves. You could be waiting a while for them to finish.

Aquarius – Great with Giving Speeches

How could an air sign such as Aquarius rank right in the middle of the chattiest zodiac signs? That is because Aquarius is not overly talkative, even though it is an air sign. Those with the sign are thinkers as their minds are always working. However, Aquarius is excellent at giving speeches.

They enjoy providing long speeches when it comes to fundraising or anything that involves humanitarianism. Or, if there is a speech having to do with a fantastic invention, they’ll be giving it as well. Aquarians can also make excellent professors, which means they will spend hours talking about the subject they teach.

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Libra – Smooth Talker but Excellent Listener Too

Libra is an air sign even though it sits towards the lower end of the ranking of the chattiest zodiac signs. Even though Libra is a great conversationalist and can be a smooth talker, they are also excellent listeners.

Besides, those with this sign are not known to like confrontation and are not the type to speak up when they are upset with something. That only leads them to passive-aggressive behavior until they explode. So even those Libra is an air sign; they are not one of the chattiest bunches in the zodiac.

Virgo – More of a Thinker Than Talker

Even though Mercury, the planet that rules communication, rules Virgo, those with this sign are not known to be chatty. Virgo is quiet, but that does not mean a lot of noise in their minds isn’t happening.

Virgos are always thinking because they are incredibly analytical and can be pretty obsessive with their thoughts. However, if Virgo does not approve of something, they will speak up and be pretty critical. Or, even if they are not, they will occasionally talk about their worries. But most of the time, they are verbally quiet but mentally active.

Taurus – Small Talk but Very Sensual

Taurus is not the talkative type at all. Instead, they prefer to have sensual experiences such as savoring the best chocolate or wearing soft and comfortable clothing, for example. Occasionally Taurus may indulge in some fun small talk, but they don’t usually talk about their sensual experiences.

Instead, they only like to experience them. Sometimes they will laugh at silly jokes, and they can have a twisted sense of humor. That is something that emerges from their quiet nature once in a while. However, like other earth signs, Taurus is not chatty.

Cancer – Quiet Until They Trust You

Cancer needs to have their privacy and only likes to be with those they love and trust. Therefore, those with this sign are naturally introverted and express themselves through their emotions and are not there to indulge in any small talk.

If you want to know what is going on inside the mind of a Cancer, they’ll only share it with you once they trust you. Once they trust you, they may tell you many shocking things about what they keep inside of their hearts.

Capricorn – No Time for Conversations

There is one thing that Capricorn wants, and that is to attain their goals. Therefore, they are highly focused on their ambitions and do not have the time or desire to have any conversations unless it involves anything to do with their aspirations and goals.

Therefore, don’t expect a Capricorn to sit down and have a conversation with you about life or anything else that has nothing to do with what they want to achieve. Therefore, they are not interested in having a coffee date to catch up on things. Maybe they will, however, after they reach what they want. Even then, expect the coffee date to be very short.

Scorpio – Extremely Private

It is not a surprise that Scorpio ranks last for the chattiest zodiac signs. Those who have this sign are private and purposely quiet and keep their thoughts. However, they are intense thinkers, and they like to come off as mysterious too.

It is not common for Scorpio to blurt anything out that is on their mind. If they need to say something to someone, they will plan for what they will say and make sure they say it well. They prefer not to talk.


However, what if that does not make sense considering your Scorpio best friend is one of those who could chat your ear off all night? Here is the thing. The sun sign will not necessarily show the whole truth about someone as it represents only a fraction of who they are. Perhaps your best friend’s moon or rising sign is in Gemini or Sagittarius, and then, therefore, that would explain their highly chatty nature. For example, the same goes for someone who is the quiet type of Gemini. If they have their moon or rising sign in Scorpio, that would explain their lack of desire to talk.

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