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Each sign of the Zodiac expresses certain energies in certain ways.  There are four elements: air, earth, fire, and water.  Air represents thought; earth represents practical life; fire represents action; and water represents emotions.  There are three modalities: cardinal, fixed, and mutable.  Cardinal signs lead; fixed signs establish; and mutable signs adapt.

Each sign influences the energy of how we love, work, play, raise a family, make friends, and so on.  This article will explore the sign Aquarius and how it loves and is loved by all 12 Zodiac signs.

Aquarius: The Fixed Air Sign

Aquarius’ most common perception, as a sign, tends to be about individuation, community, and idealism.  Often known as “the visionary” or “the weird one”, Aquarius connects to the world through its energy to see as many people as possible connected and supported through shared goals and common ideals.  This sign rules innovation, forward-thinking, and socializing.

As the ruler of the 11th House, its energy oversees community, society, and technology.  Someone with an Aquarius Sun, Moon, or Ascendant (but especially the Sun) will seek to chart their own path as a benefit and necessity for their community and society.

Aquarius and Love

The Aquarius parent, child, or lover shows and feels love when they can be accepted for their unique way through life; they are often outliers, who do not fit common categories or normal expectations.  There is a deep need to find their role and purpose as friends, parents, children, co-workers, bosses, employees, and lovers.

This sign, like all the air signs, is cerebral and analytical … turned on by cleverness, intelligence, and integrity.  They are one of the best and most adept socializers.  The more they are accepted, especially for their weirdness, the more turned on they become.  They like to make a difference in the world with their partners; they love being one-half of a trail-blazing couple.

Aquarius, Love, and the 12 Signs


Aries is a cardinal fire sign that likes to “go for it” in love.  This sign sextiles (compliments) with Aquarius, which creates a fun and freedom-loving dynamic.  Total acceptance is the aphrodisiac for these lovers.  Something long-term will happen if it is what the Aquarius individual wants because the Aries person will know Aquarius will give them the most freedom and keep the light burning for the relationship.


Taurus is the fixed earth sign that likes to “settle down” in love.  This sign squares Aquarius, which means they challenge one another and will likely have to work very hard to make things work smoothly.  Taurus is the ultimate traditionalist and Aquarius is the ultimate idealist and futurist.  If Aquarius can appreciate some of the conservative values of the Taurus and Taurus can allow for the difference of the Aquarius, then the fixed nature of both signs can make this an enduring relationship.


Gemini is the mutable air sign that likes to “learn and communicate” in love.  This sign trines, or collaborates with, Aquarius.  This can be a tornado of communication, new ideas, shared enthusiasm for new knowledge, and constant intellectual stimulation.  This relationship will benefit from the mutual air energy that loves to learn, share thoughts, and problem-solving.


Cancer is the cardinal water sign that likes to “nurture” in love.  This sign inconjuncts Aquarius, which means they constantly have to adjust to one another.  Cancer is a “home is where the heart is” partner and Aquarius is the “the world is our family” partner.  These signs must manage the deeply personal energy of water (Cancer) with the impersonal and idealistic energy of air (Aquarius).  Each will need to have other interpersonal relationships to help make this relationship successful over time.


Leo is the fixed fire sign that likes to “romance” in love.  This sign opposes, or “seek balance with”, Aquarius.  This can be a wonderful relationship if they can strike the right balance, because Leo loves to play and perform in life and love, while Aquarius prefers to work for the common good, in life and love.  To make this relationship work, Aquarius will have to give Leo a chance to shine in the community and Leo will need to be the fighter for the cause Aquarius most loves.


Virgo is the mutable earth sign that likes to “serve” in love.  This sign inconjuncts Aquarius, which means they constantly must adjust to one another.  Virgo is the ultimate support person (administrator) and Aquarius loves to see the big picture.  If Aquarius can give the Virgo individual-specific expectations for the relationship and Virgo can allow the Aquarius individual to ignore the details for the larger vision, then this relationship can enjoy great results so long as the partners “stay in their lanes”.


Libra is the cardinal air sign that likes to “harmonize” in love.  This sign trines (collaborates) with Aquarius, so these two energies find it easy to relate to one another.  Doing what is right is the elixir for love between these two signs.  Something long-term will be easy if both partners share the same degree of thought and judgment about fairness and justice. They will flow best when Aquarius finds a cause that Libra needs to help analyze and offer insight about while Libra uses its talent for negotiation and other awareness to help Aquarius find ways to make the most people the happiest.


Scorpio is the fixed water sign that prefers intensity in relationships.  These signs square, or challenge, one another.  This combination can make the relationship work hard to succeed since Scorpio can be intensely emotional and Aquarius can be rather detached.  They will have to find a way to connect so that the Scorpio person does not feel ignored and the Aquarius individual does not feel pressured.  A common goal or very separate lives may be necessary to make the time together work best in the relationship over the long haul.


Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign that prefers to “explore” in relationships.  This sign sextiles, or compliments, Aquarius.  They can enjoy a “let’s do good for the world” connection, making this combination the most likely “power couple” mix for Aquarius. If they can find a cause large enough, demanding enough, and essential to the community or society, they can enjoy a lifetime of trying to make the world a better place.


Capricorn is the cardinal fire sign that likes to “achieve” in love. These signs sit side-by-side, so they can learn from each other without the dissonant energy of the inconjunct or square that happens when these two elements connect otherwise.  Aquarius can appreciate Capricorn’s ambition and Capricorn can appreciate Aquarius’ need to find his or her place in the world.  If they both share common values around responsibility and doing the right thing for the greater good, this can be a wonderful relationship.


Aquarius to Aquarius relationships can be utterly fantastic or total failures.  There is no in-between.  Since Aquarius is often the idealized version of a belief or creativity or role, then individuals who have a shared love for the thing that makes them unique will never tire of each other.  But if they have conflicting ideals, then there will be no reconciliation.  This is one of the all or nothing matches of the same sign to the same sign.


Pisces is the mutable water sign that likes to “dream” in love. These signs sit side-by-side, so they can learn from each other without the dissonant energy of the inconjunct or square that happens when these two elements connect otherwise.  Aquarius can appreciate Pisces’ imagination and Pisces can appreciate Aquarius’ need for visionary ideas.  If they both share common dreams for humanity and doing the right thing for the greater good, this can be a wonderful relationship.

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