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The eleventh of the astrology houses is tightly connected to your hopes and dreams. It rules over your friendships, ambitions, goals, your satisfaction in life, and any organizations you take part in that are meaningful to you. In the eleventh house astrology, you can identify the people you are most drawn to along with the ideas you find fascinating, and generally, you can find in it the indication where in life you look for happiness. The eleventh is a succedent house among other astrology houses explained, and it is ruled by Uranus and the sign of Aquarius.

Known as the House of Friendships in astrology, the eleventh house rules over our interactions with groups of people and how we blend into teams and organizations. To learn about the activities, we engage in as a part of teams and to understand the goals of the organization, one can look at the planets in the eleventh house, along with the sign on its cusp. Even our memberships at different clubs, such as political parties, gym, art clubs, football fan clubs, and others are ruled by the eleventh house. Most of the outcomes in this house are connected to other people’s lives, so it is not a personal house, but rather the house of others.

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What Role the Eleventh House Plays in Your Life

What is the eleventh house in astrology? Besides ruling our friendships and group memberships, the eleventh of the houses in astrology is also about personal liberation. In this house, we set ourselves free from obligations, recognize our true desires and the power of our minds. People, we establish relationships with, accept our personalities, who we are, the good and the bad. Everything we have done to evolve and become better people will be rewarded in the eleventh house.

The eleventh of the astrology houses meaning is closely related to the tenth house meaning, as it is the direct continuation of the tenth house. As a result, in the eleventh house, we can observe the immediate results from our career. In the tenth house, we are encouraged to concentrate more on work and our career path, while the eleventh house emphasizes the improvement of our social life and status.

Your dreams, wishes, and hopes are ruled by the eleventh of the houses in astrology. It is about your lifelong goals and the dreams you desire to come true the most. The presence of benefic planets in the eleventh house astrology along with positive social environment will create the best platform for you to succeed in your dreams. In the eleventh of the astrology houses, our ability to have a positive impression on people is large, and within such a positive environment, it is easier to achieve great results.

What is the meaning of the eleventh house in astrology? Depending on the planets in the eleventh house, it might be the case that we end up having public personalities as our friends. In this case, other areas of our life can benefit as well. Using connections, we can receive different types of support from our friends, including economic support. Besides, in the astrology eleventh house, we can also observe how money is described, including large amounts that we can obtain through income, winning a lottery, or in other ways connected to our career. The eleventh house is about surrounding yourself with people, to be able to share the celebration of your career achievements with others.

The Eleventh of the Astrology Houses in Zodiac Signs

It is not surprising that the eleventh of the astrology houses carries the name of the House of Friendships, as it speaks about our friendships, and dreams, and goals in life. The placement of the eleventh house in different astrology signs influences one’s attitude toward dreams and friendships. While those with the eleventh house in Aquarius are quick to make friends, but keep them mostly casual, people with the eleventh house in the sign of Cancer find it difficult to gain friendships, yet remain friends with their closest people for a long time. Learn about the placement of the eleventh house in all zodiac signs below.

The Eleventh House in Aries

If your eleventh house astrology is in Aries, friends are especially important in your life. Such individuals are charming and sociable, and it is easy for them to become the center of everyone’s attention. They enjoy having many acquaintances and friends and may be members of many social groups at the same time.

People with the cusp of the eleventh house in Aries live a life where something happens all the time. They enjoy meeting new people and learning new things, finding it easy to make friends but rather difficult to make their friendships last. Such people desire others to like and acknowledge them and can sometimes show off, but always with good intentions.

The Eleventh House in Taurus

Those with the eleventh of the astrology houses in Taurus are rather fixated on money and financial success. They may find themselves in such professions as accountants or financial planners. However, it is important for such people to extend their interests to go beyond money. This can be achieved by developing friendships with people from the same social circles whose interests are broad and diverse.

Such individuals find it difficult to make friends, and as a result, they have only a few people they can call true friends. Nevertheless, people with the eleventh house in Taurus remain close to their friends for a long time in their lives. They dream about having security in life, and it may take years before they realize their dreams.

The Eleventh House in Gemini

Gemini is a sociable sign, and people with the eleventh of the houses in astrology in it are always quick to make friends. Their charismatic personality makes people instantly attracted to them and they often become the center of attention of the opposite sex. Such individuals manage to remain childish in many situations, and this particular quality makes them a good friend to younger people.

Such individuals have a lot of friends, but most of the friendships created by Geminis do not seem to last and do not go beyond casual acquaintances. They dream about many things and plan to achieve them quickly, sometimes jumping from one dream to another without being completely satisfied with the result, yet too bored of waiting for something to happen.

The Eleventh House in Cancer

People with the eleventh house astrology in the sign of Cancer are shy by nature, so they struggle with making friends, although they value a lot the friendships they gain. They have good intuition which is almost never wrong when it comes to their feelings about people. Such people have strong emotions and feelings in connection to people close to them and treat others with empathy.

Such individuals dream about having security, and throughout their lives they work toward achieving this goal. They may also dream about helping people who are in need and will choose a profession in life-related to helping others if their eleventh of the astrology houses is in this sign.

The Eleventh House in Leo

If your eleventh house is in Leo, you might be too focused on self-recognition. This is the sign that wants to be praised and acknowledged by others, which often transfers into their friendships. Friends for people with the cusp of the eleventh house in Leo serve as a tool to look better in the eyes of others. They choose their friends carefully and only stick with those willing to be controlled by them.

Such people are sociable. They can quickly become the major attraction at any event, and they enjoy the spotlight. Because of their desire to be liked by others, these individuals tend to show off to achieve that goal.

The Eleventh House in Virgo

People with the eleventh of the astrology houses in Virgo are friendly and helpful. They enjoy helping those in need and give their full support to their friends and family members. Even though they usually develop a few close friendships, they like it this way and are very loyal to their friends.

These individuals are practical when it comes to their dreams and goals. They choose a realistic approach to making their dreams come true and believe that their goals in life can be achieved through hard work and perseverance. Sometimes, there is no passion or inspiration behind their approach to goals, only logic and reasoning.

The Eleventh House in Libra

If your eleventh house astrology is in Libra, you will find your future spouse among your closest friends. Such individuals find it easy to make friends and remain close to them over the years. They look for a perfect friendship, though, and may give up one serious bond with a person in favor of another one.

When it comes to their dreams and goals, these people are not sure what they would like to achieve in their lives. They desire to help everyone around them and often play the role of a mediator in a fight among their friends. Managing their time to devote some of their attention to their friends and working toward their goals will help these individuals to achieve the balance in their lives.

The Eleventh House in Scorpio

People with the cusp of the eleventh house in Scorpio are self-motivated and not outgoing individuals. They are often introverted and prefer to stay alone rather than be in a company of other people. Often, these people reject friendships as they are unable to tolerate the other person’s flaws. Because of this, such individuals find it difficult to make friends.

If those with the eleventh of the astrology houses in Scorpio create bonds with others, the depth of those bonds is so extreme that it is difficult to understand for someone on the outside. Honesty is the quality that such individuals value most in their friendships, and if they find a friend with the same values, their friendship will last for life.

The Eleventh House in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is an attractive and sociable sign. Individuals whose eleventh house astrology falls in this sign are natural born leaders. They easily grasp the attention of others in the room and instantly make them feel as if in a circle of friends. Such people enjoy learning, traveling, and exchanging ideas. They are open to criticism and enjoy it when they have friends who can challenge their opinions.

These individuals have a number of great ideas in mind, which sometimes makes them indecisive when it comes to the first steps on the way to their goals. However, once they start the journey to their dream, they can achieve it easily, often with the help of other like-minded people.

The Eleventh House in Capricorn

Individuals whose cusp of the eleventh house is in Capricorn have developed a public and a private personality, and since their public personality is the perfected version of themselves, it is hard for them to let others know about their real character. Such people prefer talking to others one-on-one and avoid crowds of people.

Since it is difficult for them to create friendships, these individuals usually become friends with those recommended by the people they trust, like a family member or a person with some sort of authority. In order to be happy with their lives, individuals with the eleventh of the astrology houses in Capricorn need to find the balance between their private and social lives.

The Eleventh House in Aquarius

Aquarius is a very sociable sign, and if you have the eleventh house astrology in it, you will certainly have a lot of friends at any step of your life. Your circle of friends is wide and diverse, with ambitious and idealistic people, free spirits, and anyone who admires your open-minded nature. Such individuals trust everyone they become friends with, even if these friendships are quick to happen.

Such individuals desire self-expression. They grow through their connection to a group of people and use personal connections as a source of their inspiration. Original and innovative people will become their closest friends and co-workers.

The Eleventh House in Pisces

People with the cusp of the eleventh house in Pisces are very close to their friends and treat them as family members. They are devoted to their friends and desire to help them in any way without asking for anything in return. Such individuals find their strength in love and friendships, and their friends are considerate about the Pisces’ feelings and do not take advantage of their sincerity.

These individuals have their dreams and goals connected to helping other people, which is why they often choose professions in education or medicine. Such people will go on to support several charitable organizations and strive to help those in need in every way possible.