June 12, 2024
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7 Ways to Work on Your Ability to See Auras

An aura is a non-physical field of energy that surrounds your body. This energy changes according to your experiences. Having an auric sight might be very handy. If you can see your aura, you can take care of your emotional and spiritual health. You don’t have to be a professional mystic to see one either. There are some easy ways one can develop their abilities to see auras. This article will help you to work on this ability.

1. Learn what the Aura is

An aura by definition is a little more technical than how it is usually described. One may think that an aura is an energy that surrounds our bodies. However, an aura in detail can be described as a form of energy (electro-photonic vibration) that is created as a response to external interference or excitation.

This aura surrounds the individual in an oval shape and is a part of the electromagnetic radiation. The visible light region can be visible by a human eye. This region is related to the brain’s conscious part.

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When you tend to learn the definition of an Aura, it helps you more as you now know that aura contains some important information regarding the particular individual.

2. Get to Know the Auric Bodies

Your Aura is comprised of seven different levels that are known as auric bodies. These levels represent the 7 different chakras in your body. All these auric bodies are related to each other yet have their own frequency.

The levels in chronological order starting from closest to your body are physical level, lower mental level, etheric level, higher mental level, vital level, spiritual level, and astral level.

3. Know about the Different Colors of the Aura

Every color represents a different message about the person and their surroundings. Though these interpretations may vary from situation to situation. Some of the basic colors, along with their interpretations, are mentioned.

Red color tells one about the heart or the blood. The color orange tells one about creativity and helps one view productivity. Yellow is the color of positivity or optimism. The color green depicts the growth of an individual. Blue, on the other hand, shows a calming and caring nature. Violet is one of the most important colors. It shows psychic power. Similarly, silver depicts spiritual abundance. White is the color of purity and truthfulness.

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There are other colors one may see, also these colors. These are also related to specific organs of the body.

4. Purposely Look without Focus

For this, you require the assistance of a companion. To start off, you can have your friend sitting across you behind a light-colored background. Ensure that the room is well lit so that there are no shadows on your subject. Make sure you are well relaxed. Calm your body by clearing your mind and taking deep breaths.

Then start by fixing your gaze on the person’s head. It is easier if you find a point to focus on. Then allow yourself to go out of focus slowly. Once you begin to lose focus, you will start seeing a glow around the subject. You can do the same process by not looking directly at your subject.

5. Practice on Yourself

If you have conquered the art of viewing other people’s aura, you might want to know how to read your own aura. It might be difficult initially, but it gets easier with time. You must be relaxed, hence, taking a couple of deep breaths may help. A Positive mindset will help a lot. Therefore, be sure that this is something that you can do.

Sit in a room that is rather dim. Start rubbing your hands together to produce energy. Once your hands tend to feel the force of attraction, you can say that your aura is activated. Focus on the energy between the hands. You will start to sense a color gradually. This color can be further built up by your physical sense.

6. Sense your Surroundings

The importance of sensing auras cannot be emphasized enough. It is good if you start polishing your senses so that it becomes easier for you to see an aura. To develop your senses, you must be able to sense your environment. Meaning you should start taking notes in your head about how you feel around someone and how they make you feel. You can also connect this mood to a certain color that comes in your mind.

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This is a great exercise to develop your mind to interpreting aura colors when you are able to see them. Similarly, the more enhanced your abilities will be, the easier it will be to read the aura. Make sure you are relaxed, so no other negative energy is interfering with your thoughts.

7. Purify your Aura

You can work on cleansing your own aura; this will help you to be full of positive energy and enable you to see other individual’s aura with more clarity. You can find a comfortable meditating spot. You can then begin to meditate. Relax your shoulders and take a deep breath.

Think about your chakra as a red ball that is anchored to the earth. Believe that you are surrounded by a bright yellow light almost as if it was from the sun. Believe that this life is going through your body and is connected to your chakra. You can then imagine a violet light emerging from your feet rising all the way to your head. You must continue to hold this thought in your head for a while. This way, your aura will be purified.

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