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Astrology of Superheroes

The Astrology of Superheroes

Astrology is a spiritual and creative language weaving the story of the solar system into a dynamic and organic narrative that helps us better understand ourselves, the people in our lives, the cycles of our planet, and the divine, as well as, practical nature of human consciousness. Core to the study of astrology is the concept of the archetype, an essential representation of a concept, theme, or example.  Aries is the archetype of independent, maverick action; Taurus is the archetype of stable, persistent energy, and so on through the Zodiac.

This article will explore another type of archetype, the superhero, and match it to the signs of the Zodiac.  The comic book superheroes that have dominated the worldwide box office recently are a uniquely American phenomenon, invoking a modern and rich mythological narrative worthy of astrological archetypes.

Source Material – Marvel and DC Comics

I grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, passing from childhood into adulthood (born in 1968 and off to college in 1986).  As many young boys at that time and in the United States, I discovered comic books and became an avid collector.  For most of my collecting time, and really until the 1990s, only two companies dominated the market, Marvel and DC, each with readily recognizable characters, which will be used in this article.

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Superhero comic books are a uniquely American genre, emerging just before and into the World War II era. Superman first appeared in 1938, Batman in 1939, and Wonder Woman and Captain America in 1941. Spider-man first appeared in 1962. Over the years, these characters have expanded far beyond the printed page of individual comics, thriving in movies and on television. They are perfect mythology to look at through the lens of astrology.

Aries – Spider-man

Aries is an impulsive sign; often leaping before looking. Spider-man is an excellent character to represent this archetype because he is a teenage superhero.  He wants to do good and often just “plow ahead” into situations where he is needed. Not much of a strategist, Spider-man tends to figure it out as he goes, and he expresses youthful exuberance when he is in action.  He is a “playful” superhero, excited to do good in the world.

Taurus – Wonder Woman

Taurus is a sign concerned with tradition and values and is a natural protector.  Wonder Woman fits this sign nicely since she is immortal and very much connected to the protection of the planet and beacon for ideals related to keeping society safe and sound. Here “original mission” is to bring peace to the world and to help others feel safe.

Gemini – The Flash

Gemini is active air energy, dynamically engaging and moving at the “speed of thought”. There are many iterations of the Flash, which is appropriate for the character as an archetype for this sign.  The best-known version of the character is Barry Allen, but there is also Jay Garrick (the original Flash from the 1940s) and Wally West, Kid Flash. There is even a version of the Flash from the future, Bart Allen, the grandson of Barry Allen.  Gemini, ruled by Mercury, the messenger of the gods would be the energy force behind the “speed force” that gives the Flash his power.

Cancer – Captain Marvel

Cancer is energy protects and Captain Marvel fits this energy well.  She is not just looking out for earth, but for the wider universe as well. Presented as perhaps the most powerful character in the Marvel storyline, she can easily take care of those in need against those who would bring harm, especially on a massive scale.  As shown in the movie, her “knocked down” and “get back up” attitude is very Cancerian.

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Leo – Superman

Superman is about as idealized a version of Leo’s energy as you can get. He stands out as the beacon of the Superhero ideal, strong in adversity, kind to everyone, and willing to lead by example.  Even the nature of his powers, which are derived from the Sun, fit the Leo archetype nicely.  Reputation matters to him and he knows how important it is to be heroic and present out to the world heroically.

Virgo – Scarlet Witch

Virgo energy is often seen as supportive, behind-the-scenes, but remarkably powerful.  Scarlet Witch is a mutant, so her powers are naturally derived.  She is also a reluctant hero, and, as it turns out, one of the most powerful. Like the sign Virgo, she is not “flashy”, preferring to get involved only when necessary, but when she does, she makes a difference. Virgo is also a sign well suited for “witches” since they derive their power from nature.

Libra – Captain America

Intended as a beacon of Justice, Captain America is an ideal representative of the energy of Libra, which is concerned with right and wrong, fairness, and the making and following of rules. Steve Rodgers may start out as a soldier, but the evolution of his character emerges when he actually goes against the wishes of his government to pursue the spirit of justice not just the mere letters of the laws.

Scorpio – Black Widow

Scorpio is the archetype for transformation, sexuality, and elimination, a rather fitting combination for an assassin turned superhero.  In many ways, she is the most dangerous person in any room, but you will not know it until it is too late.  She is also more than willing to use her sexuality to achieve her goals; she is ruthless to those against her and fiercely protective of those she cares about.

Sagittarius – Iron Man

Sagittarius rules authority, which comes from power and knowledge, both of which Tony Stark has in spades. Even the red and gold of his best-known armor design reflects the colors and energy of this archetype.  Worldly, and comfortable as the center of attention, Iron Man eventually comes to understand the responsibility that comes with tremendous knowledge and power.  He is a teacher/mentor to Spider-man and the de facto leader of the Avengers.

Capricorn – Gamora

Capricorn achieves goals and strives to be the best.  In the movie versions of the character, her backstory is often juxtaposed to her sister Nebula, who she fought with growing up, and NEVER lost.  She was her father’s favorite because she was the highest achiever among his minions.  She is practical, focused, and never takes her eye off the prize, a perfect representative for the archetype of Capricorn.

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Aquarius – Batman

Aquarius moves to the beat of it is on trombone. Not only does the sign represent what is unique, but it also operates from a detached point-of-view.  Batman is singularly focused, and nothing is more important than the ideal of justice.  He basically eschews all relationships and keeps everyone at a distance to “get the job done”.  Aquarius is also a sign ruling science and Batman is certainly well-known for his arsenal of gadgets used to fight crime.

Pisces – Valkyrie

Pisces is the sign associated with the spiritual journey of humankind that finds itself only after being lost.  When we meet this character in the movies, she is drowning in drink and violence to escape her loss and the emotions that overwhelm her.  Eventually, albeit reluctantly, she resurrects her heroic identity from the ashes of despair.  Even souls that are broken and be mended can return to glory and be a force for good for everyone.

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