July 23, 2024
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Colors and Life

Colors and Life: How They Can Affect Our Emotions

We live in a world surrounded by energy. The different variations of wavelength and frequency allow us to see colors. The reason it is so important is that it not only affects our perspective of seeing things by liking and admiring them, but the different frequency of color also affects our health and behavior.

For instance, red color makes the heart beat faster is one of the claims that we hear and whether putting into question and finding scientific evidence for it. It has certainly been proved that colors do have a psychological effect because of its effect on our personality. Let us look at the distinct colors and their effect on our emotional behavior.

Colors of warmth

In colors, there are various categories that have a certain ability to bring joy or simply look more welcoming and make us feel warm. They reek in us feelings of optimism, and we certainly have a newfound motivation such as confidence and energy are what warm colors give us. For instance, KFC and McDonald’s with their red and orange colors tempt people to be ore hungry and do it quickly. These colors and their influence on the human body is described as follows:

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Orange is a color of welcome. It might seem aggressive, but it has a certain vitality to its bittersweet nature. Unlike the fiery red, it’s more subtle and balanced. It is mostly used in places where a business company might want to invite you to purchase their product and also for business appeal.


Red is not necessarily a show of temper or aggressiveness. It has a certain warmth to it too. It is the primary color from which others are derived. Red is the embodiment of our most important emotions; it depicts an emotional outburst of sorts. Red is commonly associated with feelings of Love, Anger, Hate, and also danger. It creates an extraordinarily strong, rushed, and filled up feeling. Which is why the color red can also make your heart race. Red can be used to draw attention and also affect their thirst, but if it is overused, it might not be that helpful, especially in business.


Out of All colors, yellow can be regarded as the warmest color of all. Mainly because of its association with the color of the sun. Yellow is more energetic and livelier. It can make you laugh and cheer you with joy. Yellow creates a sense of optimism and active behavior filled with positive energy. Yellow, like every other warm color, has a certain appeal and can be used to attract customers in business, it is also used for comfort and in many home appliances. Yellow relieves people from stress due to its energetic essence.

Cold Colors

Cold colors are especially important due to their calm and soothing nature. They are in tune with their surroundings and tend to create a moment of stillness and peace. Although they have the aspect of serenity associated with them. They can also affect our feelings in a way that can make us sad. Similarly, other cool colors can also be a source of creativity i.e., purple. Let us take a look at these colors.


Green is the color of nature. It is the embodiment of all that is clean and healthy. Green gives us a more refreshing feeling which we need. Since our agriculture and all that is derived from plants have one dominant color, which is green. It symbolizes new beginnings and wealth. Most importantly, it also gives a feeling of cleanliness and health. Green is a refreshing color.

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Purple is a pretty famous and dominant color in makeup and beauty products; it symbolizes royalty and creativity. You will find it on many makeup products. Purple is also a depiction of luxury. It does have a calm and soothing effect on it but also appeals to people. Since purple is a mix of both the active fiery red and the mild soothing blue, it has an extremely specific and balanced tone.


Blue is the color of possibility and opportunity. It also symbolizes and affects our spirituality. Blue has a key element of calmness to it. It tends to keep us balanced and mild. Blue is an all-time favorite color, and people use it for all kinds of purposes. When it comes to business enterprises and corporate business, dark blue is often used. Using a bit too much of a shade of blue might give off a cold and sad feeling. While a bit of light blue is kinder and more soothing.

Neutral colors

Neutral colors usually do not occupy space at the front but are more likely to be put in a background. The texture that they create is vital to the main color. Neutral colors include black, brown, gray, and white. When using brighter colors, you should use black gray and white as background since it will help with the contrast. While working with textures, brown is an easy choice.

Although every color has a specific ability and instills unique feelings into the eye of the beholder, even then, Colors and how they can affect us is purely subjective. While most of our minds are wired to function the same way. Many people experience different feelings when they look at the colors mentioned above. Many cultures to have a different taste for colors this is why it so dependent on many factors.


Color and its appeal may be subjective, but on an average scale, what the article mentioned it appeals to the majority. After reviewing what colors are responsible for some of your feelings. You can use this strategy to influence and inspire people, as well. Colors are used as a big marketing tool in business. Therefore it is obvious to experience how colors affect our life.

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