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The Art of Crystal Gazing: A Beginner’s Guide to Scrying with Crystal Balls

We start life perceiving the world as it is, but influences from parents, teachers, and analysts shape our interpretation. Breaking this hypnotic spell is essential to becoming open-minded, allowing the world to communicate in diverse languages and inscribe its myriad meanings in the book of our existence.

 I’ve consulted the best crystal ball reader I know to address key questions surrounding this mystical practice. We are going to name him “P.” From the authenticity of crystal ball gazing to choosing the right sphere and initiation techniques, we’ll uncover valuable insights and seasoned perspectives.

Crystal Ball Readings: Decoding the Symbols and Patterns

While symbols hold endless meanings, it can be helpful to explore common interpretations. A chart of symbols is provided, not as rigid definitions but as a tool to inspire your psychic intuition. When encountering these symbols in your readings, feel free to adopt suggested interpretations or use them as a foundation for developing your own. Enjoy the journey!

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  • Apple – success moral decision
  • Baby – new project, a beginning
  • Cascade of water – intense emotions, disappointed efforts
  • Daisy – love ahead, hope, simplicity
  • Egg – fertility, prosperity, good things to come
  • Finger – pointing the way, warning, indicator
  • Goat – stubbornness, moving forward
  • Human figure – take your cue from their appearance and surrounding symbols
  • Ice – clarity, cold exterior
  • Key – discovery, the way through, new home
  • Lightning – inspiration, high energy
  • Mirror – look at what’s in front of you, illusion
  • Ring – wedding, contract
  • Sun – creative energy, health, higher power
  • Tree – family, related with all life (look at the type of tree)
  • Wheel – karma, cause and effect

Adopting the right perspective allows everything to serve as a symbol in readings and daily life, transforming your connection to the world. Working symbolically opens your eyes to new interpretations of your surroundings. Embrace this shift in perspective to learn from your experiences, paying attention to meaningful coincidences as potential gateways to the unknown. It’s crucial to note that the meaning of one symbol may significantly change when combined with two or three other symbols.

Choosing the Right Crystal Ball: A Comprehensive Guide

“The first time, one doesn’t have to start with a big crystal ball if they haven’t worked with crystals before. The foundation is to connect with your crystal. The same knowledge applies to reading through simple senses; yes, that means beginner crystal balls are definitely quartz crystals because they are so-called metacrystals. Metacrystals mean they can almost assume any function of other crystals, and they are also transparent, making gazing easier for beginners. However, you can just as well work with another crystal material, such as glass, as long as it’s quartz. Still, I would recommend investing in a small crystal ball rather than in a big one. And, as I mentioned, for beginner crystals, one must always be mindful to keep the crystals clean and consistently recharge them. However, crystal balls can be very tricky for beginners. Choosing the right one also depends on the properties within the crystals. For instance, if I take Smoky Quartz, I bring in the Earth element and grounding.”

Of course, if you are passionate, you can get one for each element or type of ritual you like to do, if you are a grounded person but you feel like your third eye is blocked you can choose amethyst.

Here are some websites with a nice selection of crystal balls of multiple sizes:

Many crystal gazers prefer natural quartz for its veils and inclusions, which enhance both beauty and reading. Veils, resembling wispy clouds, and inclusions, resembling cracks, can act as doorways or inner landscapes during gazing. Colored mineral deposits, like green-chlorite, create landscapes within the crystal ball. Internal fractures or inclusions, such as rainbows, add beauty and can be used for astral travel. Highly prized rutilated quartz, featuring slender needles, aids in visualization and interpretation of pictures suggested by inclusions. Phantoms, resembling pyramids, are used for messages, healing, or projection into inner worlds.

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Though your quartz crystal ball will be cleansed and charged to some degree just by being in contact with the water, the charging will be stronger to the degree to which you can consciously and one- pointedly focus on your intention. Concentrate on your crystal ball as you put it in a running stream, for example, intending that the water energize it. If you’re having trouble main- taining your focus, you might say the words in your mind, “Ener-gize, energize.” When you’re really focused, you can even feel it charging in your body.

Crystal Ball Reading and Its Connection to Spirituality

Discussing various methods of crystal ball reading, P. highlighted the option to quickly connect with the third eye. However, traditional gazing requires about 10 to 30 minutes to reach the right state. The focus is on the state of gazing, allowing oneself to feel where to go and what to look for. “Another approach involves quickly connecting through the person, using the crystal ball as an accumulator which strengthens your clarity about their expression and soul. This method allows you to perceive multiple lines, such as the money line and love line, and zoom in and out of them.” In classic scrying, the practitioner noted seeing things like 3D movies or visions before his eyes, but more commonly, symbols appear, deviating from their conventional meanings.

For beginners, creating a triangle between the eyes and the point of focus, essentially forming a three-edged pyramid, is suggested. The practitioner emphasized the individualized nature of the learning process, highlighting the importance of understanding how they connect and why, as the gazer’s spiritual path is mirrored in what they see.

Shift from self-serving to serving in your crystal ball gazing and spiritual pursuits. Approach your work with the attitude of service, dedicating it to the higher good and the well-being of all. Make a conscious decision to transcend automatic tendencies, steering clear of ego-driven desires. Prioritize serving over self-centered pursuits, finding greater happiness in contributing to the larger picture. In some traditions, this attitude is considered a path to connecting with the Higher Spirit.


Once you are centered and balanced, take both hands, palm-to- palm, and rub them together very quickly for about thirty seconds. Your hands will feel like they’re heated and tingly, warm from the friction of the rubbing. Focus your attention on your hands as you do this.

Now open your hands, palms up, and breathe very lightly over them, from your palms to your fingertips. This will sensitize your hands. When you are ready, place one hand on each side of your crystal ball. Feel the ball between your two palms, between your right and left set of fingertips. Move your hands a little away from the ball and see if you can feel almost buoyancy and/or a slight breeze or buzzing sensation. When you feel that, set your hands lightly on the crystal on either side and, with your eyes closed, keep them on until you feel a gentle pulsation, as if the ball was breathing in and out. At this point you have joined your energy field to that of the ball.

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Now, begin rubbing the crystal ball with your hands, going round and round slowly, without letting go of your feeling of connection. Do this with your eyes closed at first, then open, looking at the ball. The ancient teachers used to say that this establishes an empathetic connection between the crystal ball and you. Not only are you getting to know it, but you are also implanting it with your vibration. Think of it as becoming friends with it, so that it begins to feel as if it’s part of you. Once you have felt this, you are ready to begin your reading A large part of successful interpretation is asking your questions properly. Not only is it important to ask your questions without adding your own emotions, but it’s important to ask as directly, simply, and clearly as possible because the answer that you get will directly reflect all of the parts of the question that you ask. If you don’t frame your questions so they are direct and simple there will be so many complications that your question may be unanswerable with any clarity or accuracy. You may really have asked several questions in one and there may even be parts to it or implications of which you’re completely unaware. A simple question may call up other events or elements that you were unaware of, but you can track them down and make sense of them. If you do have a complicated question, ask it in one step at a time.

Using crystal balls for complicated tasks such as to find people or lost objects has a long past and an active present. The techniques used today to “see” a lost person in your crystal ball are the same that the fortune-tellers used to track down thieves, stolen goods, and missing people during the Middle Ages. They are the same used by the ancient shamans. Even today crystal ball gazers and other psychics are asked to help search for lost people or crime victims.

To do this, you use the crystal ball the same way that you do to find lost objects. Focus IN the crystal ball, clearing your mind of anything but the person as you search for them. As with finding lost objects, pay attention to every impression that you get in any form, and don’t analyze your thoughts. Just report your visions, feelings, and impressions. Analyze later.

The Science Behind Crystal Ball Readings: Fact or Fiction?

Beware the trap of embellishing visions, especially when seeking to impress others or maintain credibility. The pursuit of money, fame, and a captivated audience can lead to fabricating details and gradually diluting authenticity. Desperation may drive seers to invent visions, becoming mere calculators of odds to sustain attention. The subtle danger lies in convincing oneself that half-truths or embroideries are acceptable, ultimately compromising integrity. To avoid this, refrain from forcing visions and allow genuine insights to emerge naturally, resisting the pressure to deliver fabricated content regularly. Sometimes, it’s best to accept not seeing anything rather than succumbing to the allure of constant fabrication.

Discussing the scientific perspective, P. noted that the microchips are our most precious modern technology, emphasizing that they are made from quartz crystal. “Quartz crystal can convert mini electrical impulses into plus and minus, acting as an electrical transistor. Scientifically, crystals can strengthen vibrations through their physiological abilities, with the Piezo Effect demonstrating their capacity to generate or harness electricity. While current technology doesn’t allow for storing information received from crystals, I’m confident that those who genuinely attempt to connect receive actual new information. Despite some considering it a myth, I anticipate that science will gain a better understanding in the next 20 years. While there’s no solid basis to prove it yet, there’s also no evidence against.”

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