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Higher Chakras Series Earth Star Chakra

Higher Chakras Series: Exploring the Earth Star Chakra

Your Earth Star Chakra keeps you and all your other chakras grounded. It is your direct connection to Earth’s iron core and the powerful crystals embedded in her crust. The Earth Star Chakra helps you get your bearings in life and helps deal with any adversity that may come your way, even the mundane “adversity” of facing a crowded room full of people and giving a public speech! The Earth Star Chakra is also known as the “Subpersonal Chakra” and the “Super Root Chakra.” It is known as the “Super Root Chakra” because it grounds all the other chakras of your physical body and your aura together. “Subpersonal” refers to the personalities of the collective rather than just your own.

Where Is the Earth Star Chakra Located?

When standing in one place, or sitting with your feet touching the ground, Earth Star Chakra is located about six to twelve inches below the surface of the ground on which you stand. This is approximately fifteen to thirty centimeters below the ground. The Earth Star Chakra will expand deeper into the ground, six feet or more when you walk or run. Think about this the next time you walk or jog through a cemetery. Your Earth Star Chakra will also expand greatly when you sit and place more of your body’s surface area in direct contact with the ground.

Why Is the Earth Star Chakra Important?

In modern life, we are surrounded by devices and appliances that emit electromagnetic frequencies, EMFs, that zap our personal energy and constantly disrupt our chakras. Luckily, our Earth Star Chakra is a natural defense against this onslaught of EMF attack. Additionally, your Earth Star Chakra helps your body get rid of any negative energy you collect in other ways, be it an argument with your family or the stress of the Coronavirus pandemic!

The Earth Star Chakra is also said to connect your soul to the karma of past lives. Some say it helps you connect to the collective consciousness of everyone who has ever live on Planet Earth. An interesting way to connect with the Earth Star Chakra is to place our hands on a tree and meditate in place. The roots of the tree can help connect you to the roots of your Earth Star Chakra. The stronger your Earth Star Chakra, the stronger your connection to Mother Gaia will be. Doing so can help you with any imbalances in your life such as an eating disorder, anxiety, or a phobia.

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How Do Earthquakes Affect the Earth Star Chakra?

Major earthquakes are certainly not everyday occurrences. However, for people who live in earthquake-prone zones, they may experience many earthquakes throughout their lifetime. These Earth jolts, ground rumblings, and frequent aftershocks can disrupt, and even alter, the energetic pattern of the Earth Star Chakra. Therefore, if you live in a seismically active zone, you may want to spend more time cleansing your Earth Star Chakra and seek the help of a professional psychic or energy healer a few times a year to help you do so. If you find your mood changes after an earthquake, you may be more sensitive to disruptions in your Earth Star Chakra and you may need to seek professional help to restore its balance more frequently. Let your body tell you what you need to do.

Is the Earth Star Chakra included in the 12 Chakra System?

There’s a lot of confusion about whether or not the Earth Star Chakra is included in the 12 Chakra System. The short answer is “yes” in most cases, although it wasn’t initially. Let’s delve into why this is confusing people and also why the 12 Chakra System and the 13 Chakra System is basically the same thing.

Most people reading this will be familiar with the concept of “chakras,” a word derived from the ancient Sanskrit language which literally means “wheel.” Chakras are spinning “wheels” of free-flowing energy. There are 7 “Major Chakras” in the human body, numbered 1-7, and aligned vertically from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. The 1st Chakra is the “Root Chakra” and the 7th Chakra is the “Crown Chakra.” Here are the 7 Major Chakras in order starting at the base of the spine:

1st Chakra: Root Chakra
2nd Chakra: Sacral Chakra
3rd Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra
4th Chakra: Heart Chakra
5th Chakra: Throat Chakra
6th Chakra: Third-Eye Chakra
7th Chakra: Crown Chakra

There are also many more so-called “Minor Chakras,” the number of which depend on the interpretation of how to define a minor chakra but the two most common systems include 21 Minor Chakras or 114 Minor Chakras. These are thought to be smaller wheels of energy in the body and all connected to the same “grid” of energy as the 7 Major Chakras are connected to. All chakras, major and minor, are through energy channels called “nadis.” Energy healers tap into this network of energy in the human body for healing purposes. Some do so literally, through methods like acupuncture and acupressure, while others like reiki practitioners and psychics do so more remotely.

As discussed in our Divine Gateway Chakra article, the ancient energy healers would also seek energy forces from outside the human body in their healing practices. In a sense, this continued into modern times with energy workers, especially psychics, tapping into the energy field outside the body, known as the aura, and its connection to the cosmos. This is how the concept of the “12 Chakra System” was born. Instead of having only 7 Major Chakras inside the human body, psychics and energy healers began to realize there are Major Chakras in the aura too! Although several systems were proposed to include the Major Chakras in the aura, most people now recognize 5 additional Major Chakras in a vertical line above the crown. These Major Chakras located in the aura above the head became known as the “Higher Chakras.” Since the Crown Chakra is known as the 7th Chakra, the 5 Higher Chakras became numbered sequentially higher as 8-12. They are as follows:

8th Chakra: Solar Star Chakra
9th Chakra: Soul Chakra
10th Chakra: Universal Chakra
11th Chakra: Galactic Chakra
12th Chakra: Divine Gateway Chakra

However, psychics know better than anyone that the human aura does not just exist above the crown of the head! The aura of the human body extends to the sides and into the ground below the feet. In other words, the ground is not a barrier to the aura and the energy centers, the chakras, it contains. No, the energy in the human aura below the feet interacts directly with the energy of the Earth! Furthermore, it was recognized that the aura below the feet has a Major Chakra which becomes known as the Earth Star Chakra.

Now, with regards to the numbering system, since the Root Chakra is called the “1st Chakra,” and the numbers for the other Higher Chakras increase sequentially above the Root Chakra, the Earth Star Chakra was assigned the number “0” to keep it in sequential order with the rest of the Major Chakras. Thus, a 12 Chakra System actually has 12 + 1 = 13 Major Chakras! Further, the 13 Chakra System is the same as the 12 Chakra System and it has the same Major Chakras.

Final Thoughts

If you live in a seismically active zone, please be aware that you are very likely experiencing multiple earthquakes every week that you actually don’t feel. With this in mind, it would behoove you to take more care to work on your Earth Star Chakra. Seek out a psychic who considers herself an energy healer. Of course, everyone could benefit from this sort of Earth Star “tune-up” even if they don’t happen to live in an earthquake zone.

It would also be a good idea to take more walks in nature where you ground yourself to the earth beneath your feet. Take along a blanket too, or find yourself a nice patch of cushy grass, moss, or soft sand. Spend some time sitting or lying on the ground surrounded by nature and quite literally touching nature. When you do this, your Earth Star Chakra is known to expand greatly which helps you tap into the energy of Mother Gaia and for your Earth Star Chakra to get a good natural cleansing. You can think of this as the roots of a tree branching out for nourishment and rejuvenation. Walking barefoot on the natural ground, especially when surrounded by nature, also increases the strength of your Earth Star Chakra and transfers more Earth energy into your body and soul.

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