July 14, 2024
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COVID-19 Horary Question Part 6

Update on COVID-19 with Horary Astrology – Part 6

There is a branch of astrology known as Horary Astrology.  The process involves asking a specific question and casting a chart for the moment of the question.  The chart provides the answer.  The question I asked for this article on August 17, 2020, at 12:51:01 in Durham, North Carolina was, “what do the readers visiting Ask Astrology need to know about COVID-19?”  This article provides the answer.

COVID-19, What We Need to Know Now

The world is changing faster than it ever has in recorded history.  In fact, the pandemic continues to cause situations that are truly unprecedented.  It has been far too common to use the word “unprecedented” as hyperbole because life in much of the world has been mostly stable, and even the instability stayed within certain boundaries.  Not so anymore.

We are all looking for insights and answers, critical viewpoints that help, and knowledge that syncs with reality, and not wild speculation.  Astrology provides a practical and spiritual interpretation of events in terms of energy and timing.  One tried and true practice in astrology casts charts for specific questions at the time the question gets asked; this practice is Horary astrology.  I employed this technique and asked the question, “what do readers visiting Ask Astrology need to know about COVID-19?”

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Below is the chart:

COVID-19 Horary Question vhart pt. 6

The Answers

Each month new astrological dynamics from the faster moving inner points (Sun to Mars) interact with the slower moving points (Jupiter to Pluto).  The horary snapshot answers our question in a certain way, giving us insight into the way we understand an event or person.  Because of the time and location of the question, the house system will represent the issues of the moment in those areas of life-related to the question.  We will begin at the 1st House and make our way around the chart.

1st House of Identity

No points occupy this house, which is ruled by Scorpio.  When a house is empty, the energy it contains waits to respond.  More generally our understanding of how the virus transforms (Scorpio) our identity (1st House) is still taking shape, but it is doing so in a profound and intense way (Scorpio).

2nd House of Resources (Security)

The South Node is here. Commonly the South Node resists change and wants to follow well-worn patterns, even if they are detrimental.  In Sagittarius, this means patterns of belief that we expect to shape and sustain reality.  Unfortunately, at the time of this casting, the US is battling issues around personal finances, especially with a lapse in stimulus support and an end to the moratorium on evictions.  The South Node here shows that the old authority and approach will hit people in their personal finances during this period of the pandemic.

3rd House of Communication (Information)

Three points occupy this house: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto; and Capricorn rules it.  All three points are retrograde, so how we think about our responsibilities will continue to “suffer the consequences” (Capricorn).  Retrograde Jupiter indicates contraction or losses, especially because of wishful or magical thinking about how the virus will behave. 

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Pluto continues to upheave all major systems, which can be understood (3rd House) more and more in our daily communication with others (also 3rd House).  Saturn, the auditor, is testing every thought related to various solutions proposed on how to deal with the virus, education (re-opening schools), and economic systems (the post office, voting, dining out, and so on).

4th House of Family (Inner Self)

This house is also empty.  Indicating another area of life that is “waiting to respond” to the activity of the virus.  Families remain disrupted; and psychological difficulties from social distancing, unemployment, and worries about health are dramatically reshaping our deep selves (4th House) during this period.  Aquarius rulership of the house indicates a need to revolutionize our notions of family and community, and how we, as individuals, fit in with, or need help from, those around us (our community).

5th House of Children and Creativity

Neptune, the dissolver, is here, and retrograde. It has been in Pisces, the sign it rules, since 2010.  All things spiritual receive our focus during this transit: spiritual awakenings, spiritual crisis, and spiritual mysteries abound.  Neptune’s placement also indicates a place in our lives where we must surrender and accept. 

What we believe about the kind of childhood our children should experience is dissolving; we must accept that our expectations for youth face a spiritual crisis, emphasized in this chart, and at this time with the problematic process of reopening schools.

6th House of Service (Health)

Chiron and Mars occupy this house, in Aries.  Chiron is retrograde.  We will feel the struggle of fight or flight, regardless of our economic status.  Much of the wounding (Chiron) will continue in the area of day-to-day work and health.  Mars continues to push us to act, but what can we count on?  What actions will bring the best results, stability, and safety?

7th House of Partnership (and the Law)

Uranus is a shock anywhere it transits.  And in the 7th House, we will feel the shocks acutely in our relationships.  With Uranus retrograde, we have to reflect on the sudden changes in our patterns with other people and how the new patterns could become the norms.  Our fundamental way of relating will begin to reshape into a new reality.

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8th House of Intimacy and Shared Resources

The North Node resides in this House in Gemini.  We will have to look for new ways to connect intimately, which will mean not just connecting online but literally dating online.  How we communicate with intimate partners and how we understand (Gemini) intimacy will require us to stretch in new directions (North Node) with our thoughts and ideas.

9th House of Mastership and Authority

Venus occupies this House in Cancer, suggesting that we need to delve deeply into our philosophies about relating, caretaking, and family.  The normal patterns of life and relationship have been disrupted to a core level.  Venus in Cancer focuses on our emotional vulnerability; how do we look at the impact of the pandemic and study it in a scholarly way to help us think about large social solutions that will help society.

10th House of Prosperity

The Heart (Sun) and Soul (Moon) of the matter are both present in this House and in Leo.  There is a powerful need for strong and generous (Leo) leadership, that can communicate positive and reassuring messages (Mercury, also in Leo, and merged with the Sun with the casting of this chart).  The shadow side of this energy is narcissism, which becomes criminally destructive during a crisis. 

11th House of Community

No points occupy this house, which is ruled by Virgo.  When a house is empty, the energy it contains waits to respond.  More generally our service and health (Virgo) in our communities (11th House) are still reacting to the virus spread and pandemic conditions.  Problem-solving happens in real-time and solutions remain more reactive than proactive.

12th House of Spirituality

No points occupy this house, which is ruled by Libra.  When a house is empty, the energy it contains waits to respond.  More generally our relationships and laws (Libra) in our connection to the entire world and our beliefs (12th House) are still processing the grief-shock of a pandemic that is still unfolding. What relationships and the rule of law will look like six months or a year from now remain significant unknowns.


The virus is still spreading and, astrologically, will be long term, persistent, and do more to reshape the fabric of society than any human-driven actions or philosophies.  We need to think about who we depend on and support in this crisis and how our understanding of civilization is rapidly changing.

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