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How Does Mediumship Work

How Does Mediumship Work?

We are all psychic but to varying degrees. Even psychic skills face logical limitations; some people are just more sensitive, sensitive in different ways, and more talented than others.  Everyone can run, but some people run faster, longer, and with more grace than others.  With training, you can improve and maximize the psychic skills you have, just like improving your speed, endurance, and grace as a runner.

Sometimes psychic gifts remain dormant until a specific trigger moment, like a near-death experience, or they are found through concentrated efforts at meditation and mindfulness work.  There is also a wide range of talents, from simple intuition to channeling other entities to animal communication and on and on.

This article will discuss mediumship and how it works.

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Mediumship, What is It?

Mediumship is the act of forming a bridge between the living and the spirit of someone who has passed on, but not yet reincarnated. Mediumship can occur at varying degrees of sensitivity and clarity.  We can all experience mediumship if we feel the presence of someone who has passed on, if only briefly or simply as a feeling, most often some form of chilly tingling in the body.

The most powerful form of mediumship is known as channeling, which is allowing a spiritual entity to enter and work through your subconsciousness and speak through your incarnated form.  Between a feeling and channeling are various degrees of engagement, which can be connections with emotions, seeing energy or the last form of someone, or hearing them (clairaudience).

Various Ways It Works

Connecting with the spirit realm can be little more than an echo for most of us, and a direct melding when someone who can channel opens up to allow someone to “fill them” for a certain duration of time.

Feeling Presence

One way mediumship ability can manifest is through the feeling of spiritual energy, almost as if you would feel pressure on your skin or the wind moving your hair.  Feeling presence can occur unconsciously or it can be invited or allowed.  It can also be denied if it is not a sensitivity you want to experience if you do have the ability.

Training your mind and spirit to have proper boundaries is an effort you want to learn if you encounter the talent, but do not want to experience the energy engagement.  Boundary setting is best done through guided meditation with someone skilled in shamanic practice or higher levels of mediumship.

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Feeling presence can be used in spiritual practice with guiding tools, namely the tarot or oracle cards. If you or someone is looking for messages from a loved one and you have the sensitivity or want to work with someone who is a professional spiritual adviser with the gift, then tarot/oracle cards can be an effective way to let the spirit communicate.

Feeling Emotions, Seeing Spirits

At a more complex and involved level would be feeling the emotions of a spirit or seeing a version of them during their latest incarnation but without the clarity of clairaudience or channeling.  With practice, this skill can be effective since the medium can work with someone living to ask questions of the spirit and get their emotional response or see them react and read body language.

Again, having the ability and using it properly involves keeping spiritual energy from engaging without permission and without constraint.  It is important to enter the right state to allow spirit to be present to keep the experience positive and avoid being worn down by constant or unregulated access.  In other words, do not leave the windows open or the door unlocked.  Make sure it is clear to a spirit that an invitation is required, and etiquette is expected.


Clairaudience is the second highest and clearest level of mediumship.  Hearing the voice of the spirit and having a dialogue is one of the most accomplished ways to bridge the gap between the spirit world and the incarnated world.  This skill is uncommon and takes a great deal of energy during the exchange, which requires entering the conversation with good energy and planning to rest plenty after doing the work.

At this level of ability, it is vital to be able to “shut out the voices” with proper training and technique.  Incarnated individuals need to be able to rest and spiritual beings do not. It is easy for a spirit to forget time and tiredness.


Channeling provides the most direct link between a spirit and the incarnated world.  The person channeling essentially allows a spirit to use them as a vessel through which they can communicate.  Some people are open channels, meaning they can invite in any spirit available and willing to make contact.  Other people are channel-specific, meaning they invited in a single entity and work with entity alone.

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The channeling process requires the most preparation and proper guidelines for entering and exiting the channeling state, inviting the spirit in and sending the spirit away.  Some channels can remain close to the surface, like in a hypnosis session, while others completely give up consciousness for the spirit to work.  In the second case, a properly trained channel will have a time limit that automatically returns them to consciousness.

In some cases, before entering the channeling state, the medium will ask the client to help them by telling them that once they are done with the session, they should thank the spirit and say that the channeler can return.  The channel may even give them some questions to ask about the channeler to help the channeler reground once the spirit has left.

Being a Medium, Using a Medium

If you discover you have mediumship skills, especially at one of the higher levels, then guidance and training are extremely important.  Highly skilled and talented mediums are in high demand because so many people seek a goodbye they did not get to have or answers to questions unasked during life. It is a tremendous responsibility to live with and work in this role if you decide to share your talent with the public.

If you seek out a medium, you want to use the same research and vetting process you would use to find a good doctor, mechanic, or lawyer.  Testimonies from a diverse and sizable pool of people are one of the best ways to avoid the con man or woman, and there are plenty of those in esoteric practices.  Someone with real talent and integrity will be upfront about their fees and willing to explain their process clearly and to your satisfaction.

Whether you have the talent and want to develop it or you seek out a medium for personal reasons, the experience of mediumship is fascinating and powerful, so you should always engage it with care.

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