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9 Easy Ways to Connect With Your Spirit Guides

9 Easy Ways to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are described as disincarnated spirits that are there to help you. An individual may have more than one spirit guide. These spirit guides are always there to help you.

However, you may call upon them, and this way they will be able to help you better.

9 Easy Ways to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

This process is unique for all individuals and requires meditation. It is a rather very moving experience. Your spirit guides give you strength. This article contains information on easy ways to communicate with your spirit guides.

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1. Imagine your way to your spirit guides

This is a very common way to meet your spirit guide. Make sure that you are seated comfortably in a room where there is no external noise. Relax your body and take a few deep breaths. Then picture yourself climbing a long flight of stairs.

Then imagine yourself reaching a door. Open the door and meet your spirit guide there. Similarly, you can also envision yourself walking in a forest until you find your spirit guide or you may imagine yourself rising from your home through space to a spot where you find it comfortable to meet your spirit.

2. Learn about your spirit guides

Once you have reached the place where you will meet your spirit, recognize that your spirit guide is there. Your spirit guide can be in any form. For example, it can be an animal or a person. You might see it, hear it, or feel it. Once you know that your spirit guide is there.

Connect with them by asking them a question. You can ask your spirit guide to give you a sign of their presence. Your spirit guide might give you a sign that you may later recognize or they may give you a sign right away.

3. Try spirit writing

Sometimes it may become difficult to communicate with your spirit guide by using visualization. Therefore, you can try to communicate with them via spirit writing. For this process, you will need to be in a peaceful place. Take a few deep breaths. Have paper and a pen in hand for you.

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Close your eyes and try to focus on contact with your spirit guide. They will use you as a medium to communicate with you. Write until the connection has ended. Then you can interpret what the angel is saying. At times the communication might not be readable.

4. Communicate using letters

Letters are one of the oldest ways to communicate. This is rather a very effective way. If you are unable to connect with your spirit guide through any other means, this might be very effective. Before starting, you must try some meditation exercises to get in the right mindset.

Make sure you believe you are writing to your guide. Then start writing the letter in which you clearly address your spirit guide. Once you have written, the letter you may deliver it by letting it flow with the wind or in the river. Keep an eye out for hints from your spirit guide.

5. Ask questions

Once you have established a connection with your spirit guide, you must ask them questions. Asking questions will help your spirit guide to know you more, and you will get to know them. Therefore, they can help you better in solving your problem.

Your spirit guide is going to guide you out of your problem. If you ask them a question, wait till you receive a response. You might want to ask them questions such as, “How can I get out of this situation?”, ” Who am I?”, and “What is the purpose in my life?”.

6. Keep a record of your communication

It is essential that you keep track of all the communication you have with your spirit guide. You can record it in a diary. This conversation will help you in many phases of your life. You can come back and read this conversation which can help you in other periods of turmoil.

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You can record any communication you had and the sensation and feeling you had during the conversation. Some people record this conversation with dates and mention their moods. This will help you develop spiritually. For others, the conversation is very moving and inspiring.

7. Communicate effectively

If you want to increase your chances of connecting with a spirit guide. You can use meditation. Before meditating, make sure the mood and the environment are right. Make sure you are in a quiet place. You can add candles and dim the lights.

Ensure that there are no distractions near you. Sit down in a comfortable position. Breathe in and out deeply and slowly. You must focus on your breathing way. Think about anything while breathing; don’t restrict your brain’s potential. Then you can try visualizing and meeting your spirit guide.

8. Seek help from a spiritual advisor

You may not be able to connect with your spirit guide because of some reason. It is a difficult process as you have to be very patient and you can fail several times. Therefore, if you cannot connect with your spirit guides, you may use professional help.

A spiritual advisor can help you connect. Many people believe in different spiritual advisors. Some may go to a priest others may go to a psychic, shaman or guru. All these advisors will help you; you can ask your friends if you don’t know of any.

9. Use objects to communicate

If nothing is working for you, you may use aid to communicate with your spirit guides. Anything that facilitates or aids your communication can be used. Most of the time, candles are used to call spirits. However, you will come across many other materials that you may use for this process.

There is a common belief that crystals have special spiritual powers. Many people use crystals to make their communication stronger. Other aids include starting off your communication with a tarot card reading so that you can call the spirit guide closer.

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