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How Will Mars Retrograde Affect You this Autumn

How Will Mars Retrograde Affect You this Autumn

On 9th September at 11:22 pm (UK time) Mars will move into retrograde motion and will remain so until 13th November.

When Mars is retrograde it is a time to re-visit our passions, where we expend our energy, the direction in which our lives are headed, and to some degree our close personal relationships. 

Mars Retrograde

This retrograde will begin at 28 Aries and finish at 15 Aries which will amplify its effect, as Mars naturally rules Aries.  Tempers and passions may run higher than usual during this period, the key is in looking within to see what your feelings and responses reveal about your true motivations.  Rather than allowing dissatisfaction to be prime at this time, use the personal insights to re-orient your life path in a direction which best suits you. 

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I have written some key indicators for each Sun sign to indicate likely focal points for you all this Autumn. 

A note to you all; “you are more powerful than you think, you can make the choices about what happens next in your life if you believe that YOU are in control.”

Sun in Aries

Mars is your ruler and this whole retrograde will be taking place in your sign, so this will be felt more by you than by most, particularly if you were born in the latter part of the sign of Aries.

This will be a time for deep soul searching, as you reconsider the choices you have made over the past couple of years and look to see if they serve you.  It may be that you are a job that doesn’t use your talents or a relationship that has become habitual and stagnant.

A retrograde period is not about endings but more about looking at how we, as individuals use our own personal power to direct our lives in the direction we wish.  It’s easy to look at circumstances as unsurmountable, it takes courage to take full responsibility for anything with which we are unhappy and then look to what changes we can make. 

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Even the smallest alteration can have a massive effect, consider the butterfly effect.

Sun in Taurus

This retrograde may not be very obvious to you, Taurus, as it takes place in your house of hidden secrets and subconscious motivations.  Pay attention to your dreams at this time and look at any symbolism which repeats, as it may contain a message for you.

Overall, you do have some routines and habits that you would do well to shed at this time.  Taking the path of least resistance can be useful to avoid conflict at times, but once we begin to bend our core values then we cease to exist.  Revisit what’s important to you at this time and choose to be who you really want to be, with integrity.

Sun in Gemini

What you do really believe in, Gemini, and does your current life reflect this?   As Mars’ retrograde motion occurs in the house concerning friendship and values this Autumn, it will become increasingly important for you to stand up for what you believe in and start to assert yourself more amongst those who may have too much say/influence over your life.

Also relating to charitable acts and organizations you may be drawn to campaign or volunteering work which represents your core belief system.  Pay attention to what triggers you, it may just be your soul calling revealing its importance to you and showing you where you will find true fulfillment.

Sun in Cancer

The direction of your career and work aspirations will take center stage at this time for you, Cancer.  Are you doing a job that you actually want to do? Do you have ambitions that you have set aside in favor of an easier life?

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Work opportunities seem limited at the moment, but when we put in hard work with vision, and belief, life will always start to provide what we are focussed upon.  Give thanks for what you do have at this time and put your energy into what matters to you the most.  You may not be exactly where you want to be in an instant, but if you really believe, you will achieve your dreams eventually!  Remember the joy is in the journey, and alighting one’s passions, not in the destination.

Sun in Leo

Perhaps there is a line of study that you have been drawn to but haven’t gotten around to the beginning, or it could be that you want to learn a new language or simply deepen your understanding of something which matters a lot to you.  This Autumn offers you a great opportunity for learning and furthering your knowledge, Leo.

Travel could be featured too, but sometimes indulging in books and listening to other people’s personal experiences can feel almost as tangible as actually visiting a new place personally.  We journey on the outside to develop our understanding on the inside, perhaps by going within you will discover talents and knowledge you didn’t even know you had!

Sun in Virgo

With this Mars retrograde taking place in its own sign and in the area of your chart which governs your depths and passions, you are set for a very interesting Autumn Virgo!  You will be drawn to act in an out of character way times, finding a more decisive and direct side to your interactions, particularly with those closest to you.

Reigniting passion with your partner, and with your intuitive abilities will be deeply fulfilling during this period and you may find that you have a gift of telepathy that you have been rationalizing and ignoring somewhat.  Allow yourself to be assertive and expressive, you don’t have to be ‘the sensible one’ all the time and you may be surprised by how much people love your sassiness

Sun in Libra

Mars retrograde in your opposite sign will put your relationships in the spotlight this Autumn.  Your ruling planet, Venus will be in compatible Leo for most of the month and so whilst there could be some difficult discussions with your partner, it should still be easy to appease and compromise on issues that arise. 

Single Libras will be very drawn to finding a partner at this time and be evaluating exactly what qualities and traits you most seek in a close personal relationship.  You may meet somebody also, but there will delays until the end of November if you do, as this retrograde call for us to review our interactions and approaches to love, passion, and what we truly believe in. 

Sun in Scorpio

Have you been a bit lazy with your health lately, Scorpio?  If so, this is the perfect time to get a new regime in order.  Even a walk every day can make a great difference to one’s vitality and overall well-being.  For the more actively inclined of you, starting a new exercise program will be very rewarding at this time.

It’s not just physical energy that matters, although looking at whether your diet is healthy is very important too; you are also affected by the energy in your home.  Having a bit of a clear-out and taking time to rearrange everything so that you have less clutter and lighter, will really boost your mood and overall health at this time.  Take the initiative at this time, you will feel so much better once you have.

Sun in Sagittarius

Time for you come out of your shell this Autumn, Sagittarius, like most of us you’ve been forced to lead a quieter and more sedentary life in recent times, but this Mars retrograde period should give you a great opportunity to be more social and gregarious.

For those of you who have children, or work with children, this will be a great time to enjoy their innocence and ability to enjoy life at the moment.  We can all be inspired by this perspective and carpe diem is the theme, rather than worrying about the future, let us focus upon what we can do and be grateful for what we do have.  Happiness only exists in the now, after all, so let’s embrace what is around us with joy.

Sun in Capricorn

Your home will be the focus during this Mars retrograde, and it’s a great time to do repairs, change the layout, and improve the overall ambiance.  Many of us have spent a lot longer than usual in our homes and may have noticed the areas which need to have improved energy flow, or better lighting and setups. 

There will also be thoughts about family and how the environment in which you were raised has affected who you are as a person now.  We all at times take on traits we mimicked as children but do not serve us as adults.  By looking at old blocks, we can start to clear away what holds us back in the present.  Embrace your true nature at this time, Capricorn, only you can be who you really are.  You ARE unique.

Sun in Aquarius

This Mars retrograde will focus upon your style of communication and the impact it has on others.  It’s so easy to misinterpret others’ intentions and meanings, especially where it comes to the written word and the only to reveal how we actually come across is to ask others and listen to their insights.  Without becoming defensive.

Aquarius is an independent, thinking sign and so being able to express clearly and concisely is very important.  It’s never easy to hear true feedback without wishing to explain/defend oneself but true learning can only come when we set aside the ego and choose harmony and personal growth as our highest, ultimately most fulfilling path.

Sun in Pisces

Most Pisceans would prefer to never have to think about the practical areas of life, but I’m afraid this Mars retrograde will put the focus on exactly that.  You will be thinking about finances, long term plans, and whether you budget and allocate your funds adequately.  It’s amazing how much we can save and profit from spending a little time on such ‘boring’ subjects sometimes, however.

This area of the chart is all about how we deal with the physical areas of life, so looking at what we eat and whether we need to stretch out our bodies more, will also be useful.  Most of us can benefit from a regular massage, and my article about massaging the signs will give you tips as to how to integrate that into your close personal relationships.  An occasional review of the day to day areas of life can free up a lot more time to do what we love to do overall. 

If you would like a specific reading, taking into account where Mars falls in your personal chart and how this retrograde will affect you, then do feel free to contact me. 

Shalom and reiki blessings~~~

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