June 17, 2024
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Joe Biden: The Year Ahead (2024)

In astrology, profection is a predictive technique that involves advancing the natal Ascendant and its ruler through the zodiac to different signs, with each sign corresponding to a specific year in the individual’s life. The primary purpose of profection is to highlight specific areas of life that will be emphasized during a particular year. The time lord, often referred to as the “lord of the year” or “annual ruler,” is crucial in this technique. The time lord is determined by the ruling planet of the profection year, and its position in the natal chart provides insights into the themes and events that may unfold during that period. Let’s have a look at the year ahead for Joe Biden.

Biden’s Birthday and Profection Year

Joe Biden was born November 20, 1942 at 8:30 am in Scranton, Pennsylvania, making his natal Ascendant Sagittarius. He is currently 81 and this profection year is running from November 20, 2023 to November 20, 2024, making the Ascendant Virgo and the Time Lord Mercury, and thus activating his 10th House in his natal chart.

This profection suggests that President Biden’s focus for the year will revolve around matters related to his public image, reputation, and career achievements. It foretells potential challenges and successes in navigating the responsibilities of his high-profile position, addressing issues of governance, and making strides towards his legacy. The alignment of this profection with the 10th House underscores a crucial juncture for President Biden’s presidential journey in the coming year that, overall, supports his pursuit of reelection.

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Time Lord: Mercury

Because his Time Lord is Mercury, there will be an emphasis during this period on matters associated with communication, information exchange, and potentially, matters of the 3rd House. Mercury is the planet associated with communication, intellect, and short-distance travel. This profection indicates that President Biden will find himself actively engaged in communication-related activities, such as addressing the public, negotiations, or dealing with matters requiring effective verbal or written expression.

In President Joe Biden’s natal chart, Mercury in Scorpio in the 12th House shows a strategic and intense approach to communication. His thoughts and expressions may delve into profound and secretive matters, reflecting a deep analytical mindset. This placement hints at a perceptive and curious nature, with a penchant for understanding hidden truths and keeping secrets. Biden actually excels in behind-the-scenes communication, displaying a keen awareness of the intricacies that lie beneath the surface in matters of diplomacy and political strategy.

Key Mercury Transits Throughout the Year

February 22nd

Transiting Mercury in Aquarius conjunct President Joe Biden’s natal South Node in the 3rd House prompts a review of past communication strategies. Opposition to the North Node in Leo in the 9th House challenges his transition toward a visionary, authoritative style, hindered by habits of relying on detached logic over bold, expressive leadership. Navigating this tension demands a transformative shift, urging Biden to balance familiar strengths with a more daring, visionary approach.

In an election context, the challenge lies in conveying a compelling, heart-centered message. The tension between established habits and the need for dynamic expression may impact his ability to resonate with voters, highlighting the importance of adapting his style for effective communication. There is a good chance he will not look particularly strong at this time in the process.

June 4th to June 8th

Transiting Mercury in Aquarius conjunct retrograde Uranus in the 7th House of President Joe Biden’s natal chart ushers in a period of unexpected and innovative communication within his partnerships and alliances. This alignment sparks intellectual insights and fosters dynamic exchanges, prompting avant-garde perspectives in diplomatic relations. Sudden shifts may reshape negotiation strategies, demanding flexibility and open-mindedness. In the context of an election year, Biden faces challenges and opportunities for groundbreaking communication strategies, requiring adaptability in unexpected twists. Out with the old, in with the new, if he wants to succeed.

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Simultaneously, transiting Mercury conjunct retrograde Saturn in the 7th House signifies a structured and reflective approach to partnerships, urging careful consideration and disciplined communication. Biden reassesses diplomatic strategies with a methodical tone, emphasizing clarity and responsibility. In the pursuit of reelection, this configuration underscores a focused and deliberate communication style, demanding precision and thoughtful consideration in leading the country. He will need to tighten his message if he wants to win.

September 8th

Transiting Mercury in Leo conjunct the natal North Node in the 10th House of President Joe Biden’s chart signals a period of impactful communication in his public role and career. This alignment encourages bold and expressive articulation, enhancing his ability to convey a visionary message to the public. The emphasis is on embracing creative, authoritative communication styles that resonate with leadership aspirations. Simultaneously, the opposition to the South Node in Aquarius highlights the necessity of breaking free from detached and impersonal communication habits. To address the North Node’s call for growth, Biden must focus on cultivating warm, heart-centered communication, fostering a more personal and engaging leadership approach in fulfilling his reelection objectives.

October 20th to November 1st

Transiting Mercury in Scorpio conjuncting first Mars, then Mercury, the Sun, and finally Venus in the 12th House of President Joe Biden’s natal chart suggests a profound period of introspection and intense communication. This alignment triggers dynamic exchanges and intellectual insights, infusing his thoughts, self-expression, and interpersonal relations with a deep, transformative energy.

The sequential conjunctions underscore a transformative period for President Joe Biden’s communication and self-expression. This introspective energy will play a crucial role in his pursuit of reelection by fostering authentic and assertive communication. Biden’s ability to delve into hidden aspects of his leadership style, address shadows, and authentically connect with the public may contribute to a more resonant and compelling campaign message, potentially enhancing his reelection prospects just ahead of the election.

November 4th

The very day before the election transiting Mercury in Sagittarius will conjunct the Ascendant in the 1st House of President Joe Biden’s natal chart signaling a period of expansive and expressive communication in his personal identity and public image. This alignment encourages a bold and optimistic articulation of ideas, promoting a charismatic and engaging presence. Biden may experience a heightened enthusiasm in his speech and a desire to convey broad, visionary concepts. This conjunction suggests a favorable time for impactful self-expression and communication, potentially enhancing his public image and personal identity, which could positively influence his public standing and leadership perception just the day before the election.

The Year Joe Biden Won (2020)

Biden’s profection Ascendant from November 20, 2019 to November 20, 2020 was Tauus, activating his 6th House (of Service), and making Venus his Time Lord during that time. Venus is the lesser beneifc, so, astrologically, it should not be a surprise that Biden garnered favorable results in his pursuit of the presidency. At the time of the election Venus was essentially was moving through his 11th House of Community and trine his Saturn in Libra in the 7th House, very good energy on the day of the election.

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Chances for Winning the Presidency

Assuming Biden wins his party’s nomination and successfully makes it to the day of the election, this profection year is strong for reelection, giving him a greater than 50% chance of winning if he is able to take advantage of the Time Lord work, especially around the energies of his North and South Node in the middle of the year. Because the South Node is difficult to overcome and will play a crucial role; and as, they say, “old habits are hard to break”, his chances of winning are probably not greater than 75%. He will certainly get a strong push from Mercury in the final days of the campaign and right around the election day itself, which could make up for shortcomings throughout the earlier part of the year.

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