June 22, 2024
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The 5 Stages To Enlightenment

The January 11th new moon sparked the energy of the first portal activation for 2024. The 1:11 angel number started radiating its magical properties by awakening your attention to the progress of your spiritual journey. Anytime a number is tripled, it is a message from the higher realms to be alert and aware of what you desire to manifest. Align yourself with the most positive of intentions, feel the reward of succeeding in your efforts, and let the thought go… knowing it will come to fruition and enlightenment. 

Hello and welcome, I am Sara Bachmeier the author of Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into the Fifth Dimension” and The Path of a Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the Asking.”

As you release more of the energy that keeps you small and limited, which includes changing old ways of doing things and ending outdated thinking patterns, you invite movement and clarity in your life purpose. This process graciously opens the door to walk your path in new directions. This decision the old feelings of unworthiness and lack that were once based on external validation.  

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Welcome and embrace the 1:11 paradigm shift and activation because it signals the time for a new upgrade as you prepare to clear and raise your vibration to explore new codes of consciousness. This process illuminates the planet for the coming year.

Because of the evolving ascension code timelines, many of us are experiencing loss, change, and deep interpersonal transformation. 

Let’s have a look at the 5 stages of enlightenment…

Align with the Universal Truth and Law of Impermanence

We are being asked to align with the Universal Truth and Law of Impermanence which states that nothing lasts forever. This means that the good times will eventually end, and the bad times eventually perish as well. The only constant in the 3D world is change, movement, and transformation.

You are evolving in this everlasting journey of the ascension process. What no longer resonates with your vibration will merge out of your life gracefully or by force. Clinging to the old only invites more suffering and prolonged discomfort.

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How to move forward is unique to every individual but the necessity of staying fluid is common for everyone on a Spiritual journey. There is no easy fix for the grieving process that must be allowed to flow like a river of emotions through you.

You must honor the uncomfortable feelings that your attachment to people, places, events, and circumstances has formed and appreciate the process of living life through your heart body. The Buddhist word for this is called “unattached appreciation.”

Yes, appreciate that you are human and are becoming a light body. Heal the feelings of humiliation, rejection, betrayal, and abandonment, feel the fear, and choose faith even if you don’t understand the process of the Universe. Trust that you are always being guided, supported, and loved.

The dark night of the soul

The dark night of the soul happens just before enlightenment or a revelation, when everything is lost and seems dark. This can look like a major depressive episode and life shattering time in your life.

Going through the dark night of the soul has you living in your shadow and feels like the lowest soul adventure known to our human experience.

It comes with withdrawing from the world and even the people around you. It shatters your belief system and sends you basically into a tailspin of identity crisis. Everything you once believed in, everything that held your world in place is now in question because you have adopted and claimed a different perception than what you had in the past.

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To some who are unaware of this cycle, may not realize that you will eventually come out of the darkness. It is just a stage one must go through to become truly enlightened.

During this time is where evolving individuals do Shadow Work – which uncovers a lot of unhealed trauma and painful aspects of oneself.

When approaching shadow work, it is important to realize that everything is not meant to be “love and light” 24/7.

The healing journey

Having this expectation of the healing journey will only set you up for massive disappointment, because much of the dark night journey involves exploring and coming to terms with some of the deepest and darkest parts of yourself.

Learning how to balance your shadow self with love and Source light is the path to truly maximize the healing journey.

Being too far on either side can be discerning and prevent you from doing the work necessary to connect to your highest good.

Do not be afraid of the dark.

Embrace and understand it.

To be enlightened, you must respect the illusion.

Real shadow work does not leave you intact and feeling whole; it is not a precise, neat, and tidy process but rather an inherently messy one. The course of development has you recognize the pain and dismantle aspects of your personality that no longer serves you. This will leave you feeling disconnected from source light for a while, as your ego identity is in crisis mode. You will stay in this state of disorientation until the pain of staying stuck becomes stronger than your fear of change and you are willing to surrender and rebuild from a place of self-love, experience, and wisdom.

The pain it brings up for you is the agony that you have been fleeing from most of your life; the psycho-emotional breakdown is the catalyst and precursor to huge and relevant breakthroughs; this is the door of self-exploration and a window to see what you have been shown year after year from your intuition, awaiting to be conquered.

Always attempt shadow-work from where you are and the level you are on – don’t skip the necessary steps of integration.

The 5 Stages To Enlightenment

Here are the 5 stages of enlightenment:

  • Recognize
  • Dismantle
  • Disoriented
  • Surrender
  • Rebuild

This is the process that builds a bridge from density to enlightenment. It requires a deep level of self-love, forgiveness, compassion, and freedom from judgment.

One day soon, with the benefit of retrospect, this will all make sense to you. You will have your moment of clarity that answers the questions – “Why you had to go on that emotional detour, why you were stuck in it for years, why you have to generate self-love, why it felt like you were getting prepared for something substantial, Why you had to heal before it all revealed itself, why it hurt and your sadness overwhelmed you.

All of it will mean something.

This spiritual journey makes up the tapestry of your life. Trust that, even when it feels dark and uncertain, you are being led somewhere.

Trust that you are being primed for magic, for synchronicities, for it all to one day come together so you can have that awe/ha moment and say: Oh, that’s why! Trust in Divine order. If you feel lost, that means you’re going somewhere new.

We must heal to reach our bigger dreams. We must prepare a void to become the person who holds more exciting opportunities.

Trust it’s all leading you there. Let go of strict plans and expectations, but never give up on the vision.

Integrate and rise above the duality of the 3rd dimension illusion between light and dark. Bring them both together and forge a bridge to heaven.

This concludes our article about enlightement. I hope this information resonates with you. If you like what you heard, please let me know. You can learn more on my website at www.egyptiannumerology.org.

Namaste’ and Blessings, Sara

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