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Lunar Phases and Menstrual Patterns

The relationship between the moon phases and menstrual patterns has long been a topic of interest and investigation. The inner witch really becomes apparent when a woman realizes that there may actually be a connection between her menstrual cycle and the changing phases of the moon. Sacred menstruation is the belief that a woman’s menstrual cycle is linked to the natural rhythms of the moon, and that by aligning with these cycles, she can tap into her own inner power and intuition. Fascinating, isn’t it? Join me on a journey and discover more about the mystical world of the moon and how it has a deep and intrinsic influence on the body of a woman.

The Magic Of Bleeding

The magic of bleeding refers to the belief that menstruation is a sacred time for a woman, where she can tap into her inner power and intuition. During this time, she is in tune with the rhythms of the moon and the natural cycles of life. We have been brought up to believe that menstruation is shameful and something to be hidden, but in many ancient cultures, menstruation was revered and celebrated as a sacred and powerful time. These cultures believed that menstrual blood had magical properties and that women were more connected to the divine during their menstrual cycles. Some cultures believed that menstrual blood had the power to heal and bring about spiritual transformation, while others saw it as a time of purification and renewal. The body of a woman is truly magical and it is so clearly seen when her cycles align with those of the moon

Ritualizing Menstruation: Honoring the Moon Phases

Ritualizing menstruation is a way to honor and embrace the connection between a woman’s menstrual cycle and the phases of the moon. For many cultures, creating rituals and ceremonies surrounding menstruation was a way to invoke the power and energy of the moon. These rituals often involved paying homage to the moon goddess and conducting ceremonies that celebrated the cyclical nature of both menstruation and the moon. These rituals may include lighting candles, performing sacred dances or meditations, and setting intentions for the coming lunar cycle. Some women believe that aligning their menstrual cycles with the moon phases can help regulate their periods and enhance their overall well-being.

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The Red Tent and Menstrual Moon Circles: Creating a Sacred Space

A lot of shame has surrounded menstruation throughout history, but there has been a resurgence of reclaiming the beauty and power of this natural process. One way this is being done is through the creation of Red Tent gatherings and menstrual moon circles. These gatherings provide a safe and sacred space for women to come together and honor their menstrual cycles in harmony with the moon phases. Getting your period was once a rite of passage into womanhood, and evolved into a time of secrecy and shame. And only now are woman again reclaiming this sacred rite and embracing the beauty of their menstrual cycles.

Lunar Phases and Menstrual Patterns: Exploring the Connection

Honoring your menstrual cycle can be a powerful, therapeutic, and enjoyable way to reestablish a connection with your body, creativity, and the natural world. And one of the easiest ways to achieve this connection is by exploring the connection between lunar phases and menstrual patterns.

Since the dawn of age women have been looking to the sky for cues and clues about their fertility and womanhood. Some historians even speculate that the first calendars were created as a result of women wanting to chart their ovulation and menstruation. Seeing as these cycles work like clockwork and usually follow the same length as a lunar cycle of 29.8 days, it would make sense that there is some truth behind this.

When you are intentional about tracking your period and the changes your body goes through throughout the month, you can glean a greater understanding of the innerworkings of your unique rhythms. It is great to start tracking your cycle such as when you are bleeding or experiencing PMS symptoms. You can use a journal or an app to track.

The cycles will soon start to point themselves out and make sense, you might even see that you bleed with a Full Moon or a New Moon and there is a message in that as well.

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Full Moon Bleeding Vs New Moon Bleeding

If you have been tracking your period for a couple of months it should become quite clear if you are someone who menstruates with the New Moon or the Full Moon. It is said that the most optimal time to get your period is with a New Moon since this phase is often associated with rest, renewal, and retreat which we should be doing during our menstrual cycles. However, there is no real “right” way of bleeding and when you get your period often illustrates where you are at in your life at that specific point in time.

New Moon Bleeding

This cycle is most often associated with fertility and creativity because if you get your period with a New Moon you tend to ovulate with the Full Moon (the most fertile time in a lunar phase). You are likely someone who needs to withdraw and retreat during your period as you reflect on the month before and the lessons you have learned through your most recent cycle. Some women even feel more intuitive and connected during their New Moon bleed because of this retreat and desire for self-connection. You may feel tapped out of giving your energy away to others and only want to focus on yourself and your own needs, or at least, this is what your cycle is requiring you to do, it is up to you to listen or not.

Full Moon Bleeding

The Full Moon bleed might feel counterintuitive and off-kilter to some seeing as the Full Moon is a time for being outgoing, expansive, and creative. The energy of a period and the Full Moon are in direct opposition to one another. Energetically they might not feel as aligned. However, this isn’t necessarily true as high priestesses and magic women would often experience their bleeds during a Full Moon as this cycle would give them an extra dose of potency and magic. If you bleed with the Full Moon you are likely able to share your inner wisdom and experience outwardly towards others. You might be a mentor of sorts and people are likely to trust your guidance. You almost need a place to express your feelings and creativity outwardly to experience the lessons of your menstrual cycle.

How To Sync Your Bleed With The Moon

Now that you are more aware of the cycle you bleed with, you might be interested in changing it up and experiencing a different energy with your menstruation. Here is how you can start to bleed at a different time of the month:

  • Moonbathe – spend some time in the moonlight when there is a Full Moon. The moonlight has a major influence on your body and if you allow yourself to soak in the rays, you might notice it will have a physical effect on your body, and hopefully your menstrual cycle too.
  • Pay attention to your circadian rhythm – be sure to get in enough sunshine first thing in the morning, and go to sleep at the same time every night. This should help your body to get into more of a natural cycle which can only help with syncing up your period to the moon.
  • Let go of emotions – sometimes it can be really difficult to just drop in to the uncomfortable feelings your period might bring up for you. But resisting these feelings can have an even worse impact. Allow yourself to feel, and just let go of the emotions you are holding on to.
  • Create a sacred ritual around your period – make your menstruation more intentional by creating a monthly ritual when you bleed. This can be as simple as lighting a candle, burning some incense and writing in your journal about the reflections of the last month. This will help you to become more in touch with the rhythms of your body and to get in touch with your own inner cycles.

Your period is your sacred rite and passage into womanhood and magic. There is so much special energy you can unlock using this energy, don’t be scared to explore these parts of yourself and to become more deeply connected to your own special energy.

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