June 12, 2024
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Astrological Insights for Wedding Planning – Finding the Perfect Date and Time in 2024

Hoping to tie the knot in 2024? Wondering if Astrology has anything to say about whether there are certain dates that are better to choose than others?

Wedding planning with Astrology is one of the most ancient and useful ways to use this mystical, divine art. To this day, it’s an extremely common practice in the East – particularly in India – to choose the most ‘auspicious’ day in terms of the planetary alignments. It’s believed– and seen- that the Wedding Chart not only reflects the energy of the day itself, but also holds the promise of how the marriage could unfold over time. It’s a powerful cosmic moment – that moment when you promise your lives to one another forever and ever. As such, it should be reflected as a momentous event in the stars.

Pressure much?

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It doesn’t have to be pressure, once you have the perfect date. That’s what we’re here to help you with. Navigating the date shouldn’t be an extra chore on your plate. After all, wedding planning is known to be one of the most stressful life events that anyone can take on.

Of course, with an entire year ahead of us, it is also important to narrow down which season is the most important for you. Yet, perhaps you’re flexible, in which case, it’s useful to check all dates and see which resonate the most for you.

Yet, before we look into the actual dates, let’s take a peek at what the most important Astrological conditions are for a successful day and marriage. Keep in mind that the chart must be created for the moment that the Ceremony begins. Obviously, it’s a great idea to work closely with an Astrologer to get this chart just right, whilst contributing your own desires – seasonal preference, feel of the day, priorities in the marriage and so on.

Let’s jump in! 


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Essential Astrological Alignments, in order of Priority

  1. Marry During a Waxing Moon Phase. Why? The Moon symbolizes domestic harmony, family and wives in particular. This is the most important planet to look at in Wedding Charts. Marrying over a New Moon or the two weeks after is always best. The symbology is also important here, seeing as the Moon phase represents the relationship of the Moon to the Sun. This is, in other words, the Feminine and the Masculine united in marriage.
  2. Marry when the Moon and Sun are in a harmonious aspect to each other. This means that they should be two or four signs apart, creating an atmosphere of support between the Feminine and Masculine.
  3. For a long-lasting marriage, make sure the Angles – Houses 1, 4, 7 and 10 – are in Fixed signs. These signs are: Aquarius, Taurus (very good), Scorpio and Leo. For this, you may have to be flexible in terms of the time of day you wish to get married as the Angles are determined by the moment in time that you say ‘I do’.
  4. Aim for the Moon in a positive sign: Moon in Taurus, Cancer, Leo or Libra is excellent for marriage. It creates domestic bliss and a soft emotional connection between the partners.
  5. Aim for Venus in a positive sign: Being the planet of love and relationships, Venus’s sign is important to consider. She’s especially strong in Taurus and Libra, so bonus if you can get her to cooperate!
  6. Positive (trine or sextile) aspects between Mars and Venus.  Mars and Venus are known as the ‘Cosmic Lovers’, so when they are configured nicely in a marriage chart, the passion will stay alive even through the toughest of times. This is a much-desired aspect in any wedding chart. It’s steamy and loving at the same time. Yummy.
  7. Positive (trine or sextile) aspects from Saturn to the Sun, Moon or Venus.  Saturn is the ‘glue’ of a relationship, and thus, creates a long-lasting marriage. This helps to make the usual duties and obligations feel satisfying and safe.
  8. Positive (trine or sextile) aspects from Jupiter and Venus to the Sun, Moon or Venus.  Saturn is the ‘glue’ of a relationship, and thus, creates a long-lasting marriage. This helps to Jupiter and Venus, the planets of joy, fun, pleasure and happiness. Positive aspects from these Benefic planets create good feelings between the partners and uplift the marriage.
  9. Try and get the positive planets – Sun, Moon, Venus or Jupiter – in the 7th, 9th, 10th or 11th houses – This helps to create feelings of wellbeing and cooperation in the marriage, not to mention adding a dash of luck and good fortune! Even better is if you can get Jupiter on the Ascendant.

Just as there are some very important things to include when constructing a Wedding chart, there are also certain things to avoid. Here’s a checklist.

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Most Important to Avoid in a Wedding Chart

  1. It must not be a Waning Moon. Symbolically, a Waning Moon means releasing and endings. Not something you want on your wedding day!
  2. The Moon must not be a difficult sign. Scorpio and Capricorn are not good signs for the Moon to be in so try and avoid them if you can. Otherwise, the Marriage may either be too dramatic or too cold.
  3. Venus must not be Retrograde. Venus is the planet of love, relationships and desire. When she is retrograde, she’s weakened and can’t bring the best of her luscious gifts. Luckily, 2024 doesn’t have a Venus retrograde but it does have Mars retrograde. More on that later.
  4. Venus must not be a difficult sign: As the planet of Love, Venus needs to be strong, sign-wise. Signs not good for her are Aries, Scorpio and Virgo. Avoid these at all costs.
  5. Outer planets should not be in the Angular houses (1, 4, 7 and 10) or in a hard aspect to the Sun, Moon or Venus: Outer planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – can cause havoc when placed too emphatically or aspecting these tender planets harshly. On/off issues, sudden divorce, toxicity, control issues and deception can all be by-products if we are not careful.
  6. Mercury and Mars should also not be retrograde- whilst not as important as Venus not being retrograde, we still want the planet of communication and the planet of passion to be strong, right? Right!

Are there any other considerations that we should take into account? Sure. We may want to think about the day that we marry, as each day is ruled by a different planet. Fridays are best, seeing as they’re ruled by Venus. Sundays are also lovely, being ruled by the Sun. Saturdays are good for longevity, being ruled by Saturn, but may also be a little dry and duty-bound.

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With this all taken into account, let us take a look at the best dates for a wedding in 2024 – these have been chosen according to the Waxing Moon Phases over the seasons, amongst other considerations:

Winter: December 2023 – February

A lovely, warm Winter wedding feels ever so cozy and delicious! if Winter is your choice, the date of February 9th and the two weeks after that is a great option. January 11th also offers a New Moon, Yet, the Moon is in Capricorn, which isn’t so much of a happy sign for this gentle, tender planet.


Spring: March – May

Spring is, symbolically, a great time to tie the knot. The March 10th New Moon is an especially lovely time, but perhaps wait a day or two for Venus to slip into her strongest sign – Pisces – from March 12th. Not only will the Moon be waxing, but Venus is extra-powerful here. From April 6 until May 1, avoid a wedding as Venus is weak in Aries. From May 1 onwards, especially from the New Moon on the 7th, is ideal as Venus moves into her home sign of Taurus.


Summer: June – August

Who doesn’t love a sultry Summer wedding? The options are endless during Summer, and the weather is reliable. Not to mention that if a destination wedding is on your mind, well, this is the time for it! Good dates would be around the New Moon of June 6th, and the two weeks after as well as the New Moon of July 5th and the two weeks following. August 4th’s New Moon is good, yet there is a Mercury retrograde close to that day, and in the two weeks following. Plus, Venus will be entering a sign that she’s not so comfortable in – Virgo. June or July are much better Summer options, we think!


Fall: September – December

If you want a fall wedding, get married before October 4th, as this is when Mars slips into his Shadow Phase, prior to his Retrograde in December. Mars rules conflict and divorce, so the last thing you want is to marry when this planet is up to tricks. Early September – particularly around September 2nd – is a good time, when Venus is happily in Libra and there’s a lovely New Moon, too.


In Conclusion

Remember, if your relationship is strong and healthy, then a Wedding Chart is simply a wonderful add-on to an already great relationship. It should enhance rather than define your union. Don’t give too much power to Astrology, as it could become rather stressful in an already stressful time! Remember that there will be some give and take in the chart – there’s no such thing as a perfect chart, just as there’s no such thing as a perfect marriage.

From all of us at Ask Astrology, we wish you a beautiful, passionate, long-lasting marriage filled to the brim with blessings and special memories!

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