June 23, 2024
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Mars Through the Signs

Mars Through the Signs: Transcending the Ego

Considering Mars rules heat and fire in the organic world, it’s had a very clear effect on the seasons both weather-wise and with an increase in fires across the land also.

I wanted to write about Mars and how the sign it was in when you were born affects you, but rather than addressing this generally I want to look at it from the perspective of the ego/ID. Whilst this can be attributed to a combination of planets and placements in the chart; not least the position of your Sun, I think it’s fair to say that the over-riding expression of our ego is governed by the position and condition of Mars in the chart.

Of course, in order to write an informative essay, I do need to address these points from a general perspective but it is important to note that if you have Mars in a particularly prominent position in your natal chart, it will be stand out. Mars by its very nature can create dominant characters and as such belies a prominence in those who fit this description.

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Mars in Aries

This is a very strong position for Mars, and you have probably been notably depleted by the retrograde period this Summer, as your energy and assertion are such a focal part of your nature. In terms of the ego your need for recognition and to be seen to be strong and capable is very strong. In fact, as an Aries, you are probably quite easy to manipulate in this regard, a simple implication that you are weak, or have shown any incapability will probably procure a fast and uncontrollable response in you. So long as you have a sense of humor about it, this isn’t a problem, it’s when you allow others’ views of you to dominate your choices that this can become a big problem.

In a relationship, you want to be the leader and the one in control. This is a very strong ‘masculine’ placement in the traditional sense, so the desire to lead, be assertive are strong in your nature. Those who know you will be very aware that you cannot be controlled or ordered around, although you are well able to compromise for the sake of something, fun, exciting or competitive.

You don’t hold grudges but you can be prone to sudden reactions and aggressive outbursts.

To transcend the ego: You need to step back and be more aware of how reactionary your behavior can be. It makes you predictable and act rashly sometimes in ways that are contrary to your beliefs. Try to learn to breathe before you respond and to always keep strong, fit and active, so that you don’t increase your blood pressure. Exercise is your best meditation, and so long as you always have an energetic outlet you can be somebody who leads by example, rather than by force or dominance.

Mars in Taurus

This Mars position is strong, stable and level-headed. Recognized by its predictability and steady approach this Mars position is more stubborn and dogged than any other Taurus position. The constitution will be consistent and fairly healthy for most born with Mars in Taurus and they understand that there is a need for good food and a certain amount of routine in day to day life.

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Resistance to change is one of the weaker attributes of this Mars position, by its nature it does not work well with spontaneity or random surprises. Dealing better with plans, preparation, and repetition they are enduring and reliable in most ways also.

For exercise, the slow steady approach works, although they may not have the fast bursts of other Mars signs, Mars in Taurus is like a slow battery which, once warmed up can keep going and going for a long time. So long as they aren’t burned out by uncharacteristic competition, they will often outlast most, along the lines of the Hare and the Tortoise fable.

To transcend the ego: You need to learn to be more adaptive to change and variance in the world around you. Not everything can be controlled or predicted and if fear is transcended your steady calm approach can be a great asset in an environment of flux and chaos. Learn to be the anchor to others, rather than be anchored by immobility or caution. Repetitive tasks/activities are natural meditation for you and helpful for well-being.

Mars in Gemini

It’s interesting to observe Mars in the Air signs, the physical and expressive nature flying around can be quite scattered and complex to comprehend.

Mars in Gemini is concerned with the mind and focussed upon expressing through thought and connection. Encumbered as it is my contrary impulses, it can be difficult for Mars in Gemini to generate the focus to achieve or express in quite the way it would wish.

They are fast, capable and adaptable, always open to change or diversion and often quite intellectual and intelligent in their approach. The problem lies in the inability to ground the expression to create an output, and the frequent diversion and distraction which can occur before any progress is made. Mars in Gemini will often need to work with the ‘completers’ so that their ideas and beginnings are not squandered, or neglected.

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As for themselves they are entertaining and enjoyable to be around, in terms of their physical energy this can be as random as their thoughts, and actually these two parts of their nature are symbiotically linked. A mentally positive Mars in Gemini can accomplish anything, to a super-human level, but the reverse is true also.

To transcend the ego
: You should learn to meditate and focus your thoughts. You have an innate ability to create anything you put your mind to, but if questioned or thwarted, because you are liable to question yourself and become despondent you often deviate from your path. Be intrepid with your truth, and do not be swayed by the views, needs, or pressures of others. Everything is possible and never allow your thoughts to convince you otherwise.

Mars in Cancer

Mars in Cancer is quite undulating in its expression, in Moon ruled Cancer it can be a little less consistent and unpredictable in its application. People born with this placement will be more affected by their surroundings and how they are received by others. There is a passivity and need for external consistency and personal acceptance in order for physical vitality to be at its best.

Often times this will cause the natives to seek very predictable and stable home lives. Whether this entails a close long-term relationship or a life alone, the key is that this Mars sign doesn’t lend itself well to change or disruption. They can also have a tendency towards hoarding and be very nervous about spontaneity and chaos.

In traditional teachings, Mars is said to be at its ‘detriment’ in Cancer. This doesn’t mean that being born with Mars in Cancer will equal weak vitality or lesser health, but because Cancer is such an emotional sign the energy of Mars can go from powerful to vapid quite quickly in this sign.

To transcend the ego: This Mars sign needs to learn that controlling the environment will not result in comfort, but rather stagnation. Whilst the desire to know what’s around the corner is always going to exist with this placement, finding a sense of inner stability will be what makes you thrive. In life, the only thing you can be in true control of is your own thoughts and responses to things and by switching your focus to your inner world, you will find that external flux poses no threat after all.

Mars in Leo

All the world is a stage for this Mars sign! They could be the shyest, meekest person in other areas of their lives, but give them an audience and they will thrive. This Mars sign loves to be in the spotlight and craves attention like no other. More than even a Sun in Leo, there will be a side to them which will by showy, needy and competitive in a way that will be impossible for them to mask.

They could come across as humble and easy-going, but challenge their ability, or question their endurance and you can watch them go to great lengths to prove themselves. In fact, this actually leaves them open to manipulation and control, so likely are they to rise to any hint of a challenge, whether real or fabricated.

The masculine externalization is the desire to be the gallant white knight on the horse; exuding courage and strength; and the feminine, to be the most prominent, desired and admired in any room.

To transcend the ego: The capability of Mars in Leo is unquestionable, their desire to win, to be seen and to be the best is so strong that this often ends up being the case. The shallow victory, however, is never quite so fulfilling as the drama. Embrace your need for drama and inject it into your daily life, but if you use it to put others down, or for short-term gain, you will end up feeling deflated and empty. The key with this Mars sign is to not take anything in life too seriously, the playfulness and generosity of Leo is the highest vibration. Share your success, bring warmth to those around you, the pedestal is a very lonely place.

Mars in Virgo

The most ardently trustworthy of all of the Mars signs, Virgo is the sign of ‘service to others’ and will put others’ needs at the top of their list. Energy-wise this is a healthy steady place for Mars, these people will feel the same kind of vitality from day to day until they don’t. This can be a problem though, as, by the time a Mars in Virgo realizes their energy has been zapped, it is often very low indeed. Being of the giving nature, it is easy to forget to look after and nurture the self, but this is the most important facet for Virgo Mars to learn in life. You cannot truly give of yourself if you don’t have any energy resources.

This Mars sign is honest and earnest, doggedly hardworking and very keen to support causes and justice, they are every bosses’ dream employee. Not to say they don’t run their own businesses with just as much capability and zest. Their ability to balance detailed analysis with a view to the bigger picture makes this Mars position very effective and also very intelligent.

To transcend the ego: The key to Mars in Virgo is to learn self-focus. You would give your all to anybody who asks but you will only achieve the kind of success that you secretly wish for, by choosing and developing your own concerns. The lack of selfishness in your spirit is admirable but with more sense of your own needs, ironically you will be able to help, support and impact far more people, and other animals. (Mars in Virgo can make fantastic vets!)

Mars in Libra

Isn’t this planet beautiful? Don’t you love the smell of the sweet peas in the summer and the tendrils of the silver birch silhouetted over the water? Mars in Libra lives for beauty and aesthetics, it will wither if suppressed of the arts and the magic of nature. Often this Mars sign will be seen in great artists and musicians, and sometimes even scientists who can make the details of molecules or the geometry of physics into a beauty that others have never even noticed.

Sweet-natured and appeasing, this sign can be prone to fear of conflict and run for the hills at the sign of any discord. Hence, they may be seen as superficial or dishonest, as they will go to great lengths to avoid an argument, to the point of denial or simply refusing to share their thoughts. Like the delicate flowers they so admire, they can be very romantic, but rather fragile where it comes to balancing the needs of another in their life. Physically this Mars sign is as healthy and energetic as their creative inspiration at any given time.

To transcend the ego: Reality is a dirty word but even a puddle of mud can be stunning when you notice the sky reflected in it. Integrity can move mountains, and if those of you with Mars in Libra can take the time to face the darkness as much as the light you will thrive. True art encompasses the full spectrum, as the human condition is a complex composite of all that is, by isolating the ‘better’ components, the experience and output can become shallow and disposable. You will become whole if you learn to express your truth and see that true beauty lies in imperfection.

Mars in Scorpio

This is a very powerful Mars; dark, deep and mysterious, this sign combines the old with the new in terms of how we understand Mars as a planet in the psyche.

Scorpio is concerned with sex, death, transformation and taxes, all that is ruled by Pluto and some of which was once attributed to Mars. This sign fears nothing and nobody, they are concerned only with discovering the truth. At any cost. No story is too dark, no experience too damaging and no subject taboo. The true expression of Mars in Scorpio is breaking right through to the deepest darkest depths at all costs.

Physically robust Mars in Scorpio can and will move mountains if there is a reason to. They may be prone to procrastination when surrounded by superficial motivations and need to ensure they have ample potential to be investigative in their work. This Mars sign will always tell you the truth, honesty is their badge of honor and you can guarantee you know where you stand with them. If you are somebody who is living a life of ‘fitting in’ with no self-awareness, they may just change your life. For the better. Although it may not feel like it for a while.

To transcend the ego: There is a natural transcendence to Mars in Scorpio, in many ways the whole point of this placement is that they see the ego is a cover and a block to the truth. On the other hand, your tendency to analyze everything and everybody can lead you to miss the obvious. The truth is not always a deep dark secret, sometimes things really are just as they appear. You love to unsettle and expose areas of injustice, but when you become accustomed to the dark the light starts to hurt your eyes. Learn to trust that there are goodness and kindness in the world. Personal fulfillment doesn’t lie in analysis and destruction, let that be your mission but allow authenticity to bring personal freedom and the occasional bout of happiness.

Mars in Sagittarius

“I’m sure there were here a minute ago……?” Mars in Sagittarius is the adventurer, the explorer, the traveler. Preferring to be on the move, they are thirsty for experience, knowledge, and variety. Often, they are quite literally people who travel a lot and find jobs that keep them on the road. They love to be on tour or finding out about different cultures. There is a deep sense of excitement for Mars in Sagittarius when they are on a plane that is about to land or discover a new culture they have not heard of before.

Some Mars in Sagittarius will travel with their minds and focus their explorative nature upon studies and teachings. They could be the professors and language experts in our midst. Not all travel physically but Mars in Sagittarius is not concerned with the here and now, but in the whys and wherefores, the whens and the hows. This sign loves a good debate and knows how to learn new philosophies through verbal combat. This is quite a healthy Mars sign in terms of physical vitality; as they are not easily confined or squashed or suppressed, they rarely suffer from ill health from an internal imbalance. Accidents of absent-mindedness or contraction of tropical diseases are their most likely vulnerabilities.

To transcend the ego: This Mars sign is so much concerned with the quest for the knowledge they often forget that anybody or anything else around them exists. Although you are great orators with some excellent stories to tell, you may find you become quite lonely and isolated over time. You need to learn that we all have a story, everybody is worth listening to and that what you are searching for is not always in history or overseas. Learning to be interested in other ‘ordinary’ people will help further your personal studies and also garner you more respect, love, and connectivity in the long run.

Mars in Capricorn

It is said, traditionally, that Mars is ‘exalted’ in Capricorn, meaning that it functions most consistently and powerfully overall in those who are born with this placement. It’s true that those with Mars in Capricorn do have an indomitable and indefatigable energy. There is an inner strength and focus which over-rides external influences and so Mars here seems to always have a resource.

Excelling in sports and often successful in business, Mars in Capricorn is consistent, capable, competitive and knows that in order to achieve, commitment, hard work, and confidence are key.

These are the kind of people you would hire to come into your life or your business and to advise you where you are underperforming and what areas need work or to be changed altogether. They are brilliant in a crisis and they have the ability to separate themselves from others’ experiences and feelings at will. Not to say they cannot be empathic, but they prefer to ‘fix’ than feel generally. They also tend to be fair, dispassionate and almost always right (and they know it too!)

To transcend the ego: Whilst this is an enviable position for Mars and seen to be very attractive in a masculine sense, there is a dis-associative element to this placement that can be unnerving. You can be so focused upon achievement and success that you forget to have fun or enjoy the journey day to day. Learning to let go of order and find time to relax and enjoy your life will be the best thing you ever do. Regular exertion is more important for you than any other Mars sign, as you may suffer from insomnia and stress if you do not learn to allow yourself some downtime, freedom, and laughter.

Mars in Aquarius

This is the sign of the truly revolutionary and alchemist. Whether concerned with creating change in an actual scientific manner, or in a wave of consciousness the core expression of Mars in Aquarius is ~to create change.

Often there is a genuinely scientific interest for those born with Mars in this sign, as there is a creative intelligence that goes hand in hand with experimental transposition. These individuals can be inspirational leaders, all the more so because they gain no sense of joy from having followers. Their concern is only with ideas that can create a better and more equal world for humanity. They will give their time to others unquestioningly if it furthers the evolution of society.

Imbued with a wickedly sharp sense of humor Mars in Aquarius natives have an otherworldly, almost alien-like quality to them at times. This helps them to transcend the day to day drudge of life and acts as a contagion; lift those around them out of the mundane predictable numbness, by simply being present.

To transcend the ego: The all-seeing eye of Mars in Aquarius is very aware of the limitations and confines which most others call their ‘reality’. You have an altruistic desire to ‘shake people up’ and create waves of change wherever you go, but sometimes you forget to consider what the people around you actually want for themselves. So concerned are you with progress and the betterment of humanity, you steamroller other people at times. The lesson here is humility, you may be a visionary, but this doesn’t make you better than others. Love compassion and kindness are the true game-changers in this world, learn to be gentle.

Mars in Pisces

Like the waves of the ocean and the mysterious visions of mermaids, this is the sign of illusiveness. Mars in Pisces likes to view the world through a wide-angle lens, lightly coated in vaseline. Concerned with the arts and transcendence there can be a touch of genius running through the spirit of a Mars in Pisces.

Often drawn to music, meditation, the creative arts and anything which has the capacity to remove our focus from the physical; they are also the most likely of the Mars signs to turn to drugs, alcohol, and self-destruction if they are unappreciated or overlooked. They sometimes feel a little fragile for this world, but if backed up by a strong chart, these are the people who create a new scene and can make the strongest impact upon the hearts and souls of those around them.

In this sign, Mars is the visionary, the true performer whose charisma and magic can light up the room; as if they possess the ability to reveal a color that is not otherwise visible within the spectrum as we know it.

To transcend the ego: The downside of Mars in Pisces is its sensitive fragility. You may be lucky enough to have a chart that strengthens your vulnerability, or it may be that you have to learn to become a bit tougher. Finding areas of self-expression which are not concerned with the physical world is key. Whether you are involved in music, film or a form of art a regular practice in this area is essential to your physical well-being. If you are a rare and less creative Mars in Pisces, then meditation and transcendence are for you. The gravity of the physical world does not serve you; you are here to remind people there are other levels and to show them how to vibrate at a higher frequency.

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