June 12, 2024
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Exploring Past Life Karma with the South Node

Delving into the intricacies of past lives, the South Node serves as a cosmic compass guiding us through the labyrinth of our karmic journey. In this exploration, we uncover the hidden threads of our soul’s history, illuminating the shadows that linger from past incarnations. From unresolved conflicts to ingrained habits, the South Node unveils the patterns that shape our present experiences. Join us on a profound journey as we unravel the mysteries of karma, shedding light on the blind spots that inhibit our growth and offering insights into the transformative power of embracing our past to shape our future.


What is the South Node?

The South Node, a significant point in astrology, represents the past and ingrained patterns from previous lifetimes. Its calculation involves determining the precise location where the Moon’s orbit intersects the ecliptic, resulting in two points: the North Node (representing future growth) and the South Node (representing past tendencies). These points are always directly opposite each other in the birth chart, highlighting the balance between embracing new experiences and releasing old patterns.

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Find Your South Node!

There is an easy way to find your South Node. Use our birth chart calculator at. Just enter your birth date, time, and location and you will get a result that shows your chart wheel and has explanations for each point. One of these will be the North Node. The symbol for the North Node looks like a horseshoe with a T inside it. While the South Node is not shown in the image, it is in the sign directly opposite the North Node.

The South Node Blindspot for Each Sign

Read below to understand your blindspot in this lifetime.

Aries South Node

You might lean towards independence and impulsiveness due to past lives, indicated by the SN in Aries. Balancing assertiveness with consideration for others could help foster harmonious relationships and partnerships.

Taurus South Node

You could struggle with over reliance on material comforts and resistance to change, given the SN in Taurus. Embracing flexibility and exploring new experiences may lead to personal growth and fulfillment in this lifetime.

Gemini South Node

You might find it challenging to focus on one thing at a time, with the SN in Gemini. Developing patience and depth in communication could help you overcome scattered energy and fulfill your true potential.

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Cancer South Node

You may struggle with letting go of past emotional attachments and find it difficult to create healthy boundaries, with the SN in Cancer. Learning to trust your inner strength and nurture yourself can help you break free from old patterns and find emotional fulfillment.

Leo South Node

You may have a tendency to seek validation and recognition from others, with the SN in Leo. Learning to find confidence and self-assurance from within, rather than relying on external praise, can help you overcome self-centered tendencies and cultivate more genuine connections with others.

Virgo South Node

In this lifetime, you might struggle with perfectionism and a tendency to focus excessively on details and practical matters due to the SN in Virgo. Balancing your analytical skills with a more holistic approach can help you grow beyond nitpicking and embrace a broader perspective on life.

Libra South Node

You may find it challenging to assert your needs and make decisions independently with the SN in Libra. Striving for harmony and avoiding conflict might hinder your personal growth. Embracing assertiveness and learning to prioritize your own well-being can help you overcome this tendency.

Scorpio South Node

You might have a deep fear of vulnerability and intense emotions with the SN in Scorpio. Releasing control and allowing yourself to trust others could be your path to healing and growth. Embracing transparency and cultivating healthy boundaries can help you navigate these challenges.

Sagittarius South Node

With the South Node in Sagittarius, you may struggle with over-idealizing beliefs and seeking constant adventure. Learning to ground yourself in reality and focus on deeper meaning rather than surface-level experiences can lead to spiritual growth and fulfillment.

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Capricorn South Node

In Capricorn, it suggests a tendency to cling to traditional structures and fear change. Embracing flexibility and innovative thinking while releasing rigid expectations can lead to personal growth and greater fulfillment.

Aquarius South Node

In Aquarius, it indicates a reliance on detachment and intellectualism, potentially avoiding emotional connections. Embracing vulnerability and nurturing deeper interpersonal relationships can lead to profound personal growth and fulfillment.

Pisces South Node

In Pisces, it suggests a tendency to escape reality and indulge in fantasies or addictive behaviors. Confronting issues with escapism and learning to set healthy boundaries can lead to spiritual growth and a deeper connection with reality and others.

The South Node in the Houses

Your South Node will appear in one of the houses of your chart. Depending on which house you find your South Node, that will be the area to concentrate on overcoming your blindspot.

In the 1st House:

Difficulties with self-centeredness and independence.

In the 2nd House:

Hardships to overcome with materialism and possessiveness.

In the 3rd House:

Struggles with communication issues and restlessness.

In the 4th House:

Challenges related to family dynamics and emotional security.

In the 5th House:

Difficulties with self-expression and romantic pursuits.

In the 6th House:

Blindspots related to service-oriented roles and health issues.

In the 7th House:

Problems with relationships and partnerships.

In the 8th House:

Difficulties related to intimacy, power struggles, and shared resources.

In the 9th House:

Troubles with dogma, philosophy, and travel.

In the 10th House:

Struggles related to career ambitions and public recognition.

In the 11th House:

Problems with social networks and group dynamics.

In the 12th House:

Difficulties related to spiritual growth, isolation, and hidden enemies.

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