June 12, 2024
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How to Choose the Perfect Date to Tie the Knot

There’s a lot of planning that goes into a wedding and, despite the mountain of choices to make, choosing your wedding date should be taken just as seriously as anything else on your marital to-do list. It’s about way more than just choosing a Saturday with projected sunny skies, the day you get married sets the tone for the future health and wealth of the entire marriage! So, learn how to pick a date that will sustain your love by using numerology.


More Than Just a Number, How Choosing the Right Wedding Date Will Predict the Health of Your Marriage!

The cool thing about numerology is that anything can be numerology’d! Every day of the year vibrates to a certain number, and figuring out those numbers is as easy as adding a few numbers together.

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There are 2 main ways of adding in the school of Pythagorean numerology: adding down and adding across. To understand these concepts let’s look at the wedding date September 21st 2024.

Adding Down

In the US we would write the date September 21st 2024 as 9/21/2024 (but ultimately it doesn’t matter if the month or day are switched). So in the adding down method we would look at each the month, day and year as separate numbers: 9, 21 and 2,024.

What we’re looking to find is single digit numbers, 9 is already a single digit number so we’ll save it for later and move on to 21. To find the base number of 21 we simply separate the two numbers and add them together: 2+1=3. We’ll do the same process with 2024: 2+0+2+4=8.

So now we have 9, 3 and 8 after adding down the day and year numbers. From there we’ll add our 3 single digit numbers together: 9+3+8=20. Since we got a double digit number we’ll need to add the two numbers together once again: 2+0=2.

This single digit number is known as the base number, the number which represents the energetic output of the day.

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Adding Across

Neither method is going to produce a different base number since we only use addition, but adding across might appeal to you more because of its simplicity, making it merely a matter of preference.

Using the same date of 9/21/2024 we’ll remove the slashes and instead view it as one long number sequence: 9212024. All you need to do now is put a plus sign between each number and add together for the total: 9+2+1+2+0+2+4=20. Once again, 2+0=2.

Your Marriage Number

Your marriage number is going to be the day number of the day you got married. So per our example, the couples getting married on September 21st 2024 will have a marriage number of 2. This number suggests the overall vibe, lessons, and growth that takes place throughout the marriage. So, obviously choosing a good day number is going to set the tone for an excellent marriage!

Good Numbers to Get Married On

2 is the number of relationships, so this is going to be the most ideal number to get married on since, at its best, marriage is about the union of two things into one. This suggests that the biggest lessons will be around merging your lives into one, but the big reward is an unflappable connection between you and your spouse.

4 is the number of home and family, so this is a great number to get married on if building a family with your new spouse is of the utmost importance. The biggest lessons will have to do with the physical home your family lives in, but the big reward is that home being full of love and lots of little humans.

6 is the number of love and care, so this is obviously a great number to get married on!! This suggests a marriage of balance and harmony. The big lessons might take the form of health problems, but the big reward is a deep and true love with a partner who prioritizes you and vice versa.

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What’s Up With The Other Numbers?

1 is not a great day number to get married on since it represents the self and independence. Marriages born under this number may often end in divorce. 1 is also the number of new beginnings, so if a fresh start is what you’re both looking for this number might work out for the best.

3 is the number of growth, socializing, creativity and learning. So it’s not the worst number to get married under, especially if you want to throw a rocking party on your wedding day. This might be good for creatives who want to explore and bring more beauty into the world, or a couple who practices or is interested in an open relationship.

5 is the number of indulgence, change, chaos and freedom… so yeah not exactly the vibe most people are looking for in a marriage. This might be an ok wedding day and marriage number for people who are radicals and view marriage differently from the norm, but if you’re looking for something more traditional and solid you’d best steer far away from getting married on a 5 day!

7 is the number of truth and questioning. It’s a very spiritual number, which might work for some marriages, but there is definitely a lonely quality to the number 7 that most people will not enjoy in their marriage.

8 is the number of energy and manifestation. This is the number most closely associated with magick, so it’s not necessarily a bad number to get married on, but it should be chosen with care since the reverberations of your wedding day will echo for many, many years. Meaning that the frustrations and the joy imbued into your wedding day will be a very real indication of the future of the relationship. I only suggest that people who are familiar with magickal work get married on this day number.

9 is the number of philosophy and endings, so it’s another one that isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s also not the most auspicious. There is a certain “ending” that happens on your wedding day since afterwards you are no longer single in the eyes of the government, but the rippling effect of the vibe “endings” might not be a valuable tool for a lifelong partnership.

The Numerology of Your Wedding Date

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