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How will Pluto in Aquarius affect me

How will Pluto in Aquarius affect me?

On 23 March 2023, Pluto will move into Aquarius after having been Capricorn since 28 January 2008.   The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was between 1778 and 1798, Pluto takes around 248 years to traverse the whole solar system, so we only get to experience through a portion of the signs in our lifetime. 

Pluto will bring great transformation and change to whichever sign it inhabits, and these changes are often reflective of what we regard to be the backdrops of our generation.  Pluto will often show up with the opposing qualities of the sign it is in. 

For example; when Pluto was in Virgo from 1959 to 1971, our attitudes toward sex changed in the West forever.  Virgo is known as being the sign of the ‘virgin’ and represents chastity, a quality which becomes passe after Pluto has its say. 

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What does this mean?

Pluto is all about great change and transformation, it is the phoenix from the ashes, ruling the transition through death to the other side.  Pluto also rules sex, obsession and power.  We all have a dark side and a subliminal part of our ego which links to our ‘shadow’ side.  Pluto shows us our deeper darker motivations and desires.

On the upside, by acknowledging and learning to integrate the more basal qualities of our nature, we can learn to be more balanced, healthy and operate more consciously.

The sign of Aquarius is to do with change in a different way; the sort of change which created revolution and uprisings.  Aquarius is both the sign of individual expression, and the sign which rules community and equality.  The revolutionary side of the sign is concerned with creating equality and recognition that we are all beautifully individual and the connection comes from the sense of unity we can attain when we do accept and appreciate one another just as we are.

Aquarius also rules invention, and advancements in science, IT, Artificial Intelligence and the higher octaves of the mind which include telepathy, potential contact with other species, and awareness of energy on a more vibrational level.

What happened when Pluto was in Aquarius before?

During the last transit of Pluto through Aquarius (1777-1797) we saw the larger part of the American war of independence and the changes thereafter which created the United States of America of the Modern world.  The French revolution also occurred during the last transit of Pluto in Aquarius, as did the most unsettling riots that London has ever known.

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In the previous transit from 1532 to 1552 Henry VIII married Anne Boleyn and then executed her and his previous best friend; Thomas More.  England declared rulership over Ireland and began to banish their traditions.

Copernicus published a paper describing how the planets rotated around the Sun, rather than the earth.

Martin Luther began to create unrest in Europe by writing anti-Muslim texts and performing anti-Semitic speeches, which were taken upon by Nazis, half a Pluto cycle later.

What will happen?

In keeping with the past, there will be more rebellions and examples of people joining together to stand up for their rights and their beliefs.

As Aquarius also rules the internet, we will see that a lot of waves of change can happen remotely, but it is still likely that there will be many group protests and small revolutions, possibly developing into larger unrest over time.

Artificial Intelligence will develop and we will start to think of robots taking on mundane tasks as the norm.  IT will be working to advance a kind of ‘consciousness’ in machines, and there will be prototypes and experiences with this in the media over the next decade.

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Intuition and telepathy mapping devices will start to come onto the market and attempts to create email-type communications through thought will begin.  We will also see portable brainwave measuring equipment will start to be available as more research is focused on personality differences and causes of depression and malaise.

The pressure of microchipping people will begin and as we are currently tracked by our mobile phones, this will begin as an initiative to keep ‘track’ of phones which have been misplaced.

Space travel will start to happen on a small scale, but it won’t be successful, as the impact of no gravity on the body will show to worsen any health complaints.

The realization that vegetation in proximity is one of the best ways to impact health will be realized and there will be pressure for people to cultivate owned land.

In terms of health, it will also become illegal to sell food that is known to have a direct detrimental effect on well-being.  This will mean that fried chicken and processed meats are very restricted and that many chemicals which are routinely added to foods now, will be withdrawn from the market.  Pesticides will also be replaced by regeneration schemes to improve farming.

How will Pluto in Aquarius affect me?

Pluto in Leo (born between 1938-1957)

For those who are born with Pluto in Leo this will be a time of great change, and provide a deeper wisdom into the cycles of life and the true meaning of accepting “change as the only constant”.

Pluto in Leo people have made a great impact upon this world.

As many of you are reaching your twilight years, those with cognizance will achieve a deeper wisdom and understanding of the true meaning of life.

There will be some amazing insights published from this generation teaching us more about the wisdom of dealing with loss, grief and staying centered when the outside world seems to be crumbling.  This generation may find late success and fame of sorts during this time.

Pluto in Virgo (born between 1956-1971)

This generation will start to pay more attention to their health and day-to-day diet, realizing that energy levels are fully impacted by the energy intake within a day.  We will start to see an amazing generation of people in their 50s and 60s looking amazing and showing that maintaining a wonderful physique is all about having a daily routine and a focus on mental health.

Conversely, some of this generation may resist the growth (particularly those born in the mid/late 1960s) and the link between the prevalence of fast food and longevity and resilience will become a focal point.

For many though, the understanding of how the mind has the biggest effect on our health will be a welcome development and ensure a new wave of vitality.

Pluto in Libra (born between 1971-1984)

This generation will be looking at being late parents, and the first generation to consider officially re-introducing being parental grandparents.  Meaning, as in earlier centuries, it will become normal for people in early adulthood to bear children who are almost fully raised by their own parents (the grandparents of the children themselves).

We will also see an interest in interactive physical gaming; moving forwards from escape rooms to virtual reality gyms and multi-functional theme parks.  The Pluto in Libra folk will want to combine exercise, and health with fun, excitement and competition.  They will herald a new type of entertainment that will also incorporate the arts and social media; allowing anybody to have their “15 minutes of fame”, as brilliance, difference and quirkiness will be what now achieves the most views or ‘hits’.

Pluto in Scorpio (born between 1983-1995)

The analysis will be important to this generation at this time.  Advancements in forensics and normalization of having a ‘DNA imprint’ will be introduced.  As more and more people start to link their health with their ancestry, knowing and understanding your ‘DNA code’ will become increasingly important.

These individuals will want to look at community living and sharing resources at this time also.  The concept of genetic family will be more connected to health, as we consider those with whom we are closest as the ‘modern family’.

Marriage will become a rolling contract, rather than a lifetime commitment, as the Pluto in Scorpio natives decide that nobody should be ‘trapped’ by their past choices, and that nobody should depend upon another for happiness.  Happiness is an ‘inside’ job.

Pluto in Sagittarius (born between 1996 and 2008)

This generation are the environmentalists and will be wanting the world to focus on our impact upon our surroundings.

It will be these folk who decide that sustainability has to be included in all choices and will finally make it unlawful to own land without enough vegetation to create the oxygen required by the land.

These are the travelers who will help to make different parts of the world feel more connected and start to strive for ‘earth unions’ which will be collective agreements formed by people across the planet to unite toward a shared goal.

Communication will be developed and highlighted by this progressive group, and they will support the functions of alternative ways to ‘connect’ with thought and help to make international travel much better for the environment.

The concept of borders and separation between people will also be challenged by this group, as they recognize that segregation comes more from ‘labels’, nationality and too much focus upon identity.  We are all together and equal.

If you’d like to know more about how Pluto in Aquarius will impact your chart and how you can use the current transits to be happier, and more successful.

Do feel free to contact me for a personal reading or consultation.

Reiki blessing~~~ WaxyJo

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