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The Best Uranus Astrology Books

There are thousands of astrology books available, including texts that go back over a millennium. Most of the books offer insights about special techniques, timing, and various uses of astrology in daily life, relationships, and career. And, of course, there are many, many beginner books, which offer the foundational, “all-in-one” knowledge to get started with astrology at a level that is far more sophisticated than the daily horoscope. This article will recommend books about Uranus.


Uranus represents your Way of Revolution. Its placement in sign and house reveals how we want to be authentic, unconventional, and make breakthroughs. In my case, my Way of Revolution is expressed through earth (Virgo) in my quest for community (11th house). Earth’s expression is practical, prudent, and physical.

In Virgo, the element acts pragmatically, methodically, and routinely. So, my key phrase is “Your Way of Revolution manifests through your practical and problem-solving quest for and attraction to service-oriented communities.” In short, I prefer to help my community by providing unconventional service when outside the box thinking or action is required. In my journey that led me to become a professional astrologer after trying to become a university professor, a track I pursued for nearly 15 years.

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Uranus is a point that returns to its original position in the birth chart at 83 to 85 years old. Many people will not reach their Uranus return, but if you do, then you hope to look back and see you lived your most authentic life. More prominent for most of us will be the first Uranus square at 20 to 22, the opposition at 42 to 44, and the second square at 61 to 63. The Uranus opposition is one of the Six Great Transits of our lifetime.

By the time we reach our second Saturn Return, we should have started our authentic journey at around 30, experienced a chrysalis transformative period between 36 and 39, and emerged confused in order to find faith in our path between 40 and 42. With the Uranus opposition we get shocked out of confusion to fully awaken to the authentic self that should have begun developing at 30, healed our lifelong spiritual wound at 50, all to become a wise man or woman ready to impart our knowledge and wisdom responsibly to the generations behind us between 56 and 59. As we age, we are to assume more, not less responsibility, and act as guiding lights for improving civilization.

Jeff Green’s Uranus: Freedom from the Known

Originally published in 1988 and updated in 2016, this book is a must-have in your astrology library. If you ended up with only one book on Uranus, this would be the one to put at the top of your list, which is why it is listed first. Green provides some of the best explanations for Uranus and its importance in our charts. From the back of the book:

The primary archetypes that are addressed in this book are those that concern the process of individuation, deconditioning from conditioned behavior, and liberation from the known. These archetypes correlate with the astrological symbols of Uranus, Aquarius, and the 11th House. These archetypes are always in dynamic tension with the Saturnian archetypes of individual social conditioning or conformity expectations. It is this dynamic tension that is the subject of this book.

Uranus Freedom From The Known book cover
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Bill Tierney’s Alive and Well with Uranus

Published in 1999, this book is a useful addition to your outer planet’s collection of astrology books. Tierney is a well-respected professional astrologer, with over 35 years of experience in the field. He has also written several other books, including: Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Twelve Faces of Saturn, Alive and Well with Neptune, Alive and Well with Pluto, and All Around the Zodiac From the back cover of the book:

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“Alive and Well with Uranus” is a book for astrologers to better understand the meaning of Uranus, although even those with just a bit of astrological understanding will find this book of incredible value. This is because Uranus is known for abruptly turning your life around by a full 180 degrees. Uranus and its transits offer exciting times for you when your future is ready to explode with fresh new alternatives for living. The key to getting through these changes is to be aware of them and work with them, rather than fight them. The best way to do that is to get “Alive and Well with Uranus”.

Alive and Well with Uranus book cover
Source: Amazon

Mari Silva’s Uranus in Astrology

Published in 2021, this book is the newest entry into the study of this planet. Silva attempts to provide a way into the study of all her subjects that will be easy for the reader, while also keeping the complexity of the material intact. From the back cover:

This intriguing book will help you discover and understand the astrological role of Uranus and why it is renowned as the “Planet of Change.” This indispensable guidebook explores everything there is to know about Uranus, from its mythological significance to the numerous effects it has on your life. You’ll discover secrets about your life that you wouldn’t have known otherwise!

In this book, you will:

  • Discover the significance of Uranus as the Primordial God of the Sky in mythology.
  • Explore the astrological role of Uranus as the Great Awakener.
  • Learn how Uranus transforms society and rules over an entire generation.
  • Master the art of decoding the influence of Uranus in your natal chart based on which house it occupies.
  • Discover the role of Uranus in inspiring creativity, innovation, and the introduction and advancement of new technology.
  • Learn how to accept, learn, and deal with the significant changes brought about by Uranus.

When finished reading, you’ll understand that change is the one constant in life, and it must be dealt with effectively. You’ll be able to appreciate and master the unexpected turn of events you experience in your life with the aid of this useful guide.

Uranus in Astrology book cover
Source: Amazon

Joni Patry’s Uranus: Radical Changes and Awakenings: A NEO-VEDIC Approach

Published in 2020, Patry’s work looks at Uranus through the lens of Vedic astrology, offering another useful take on Uranus. From the back cover:

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Energy, inventions, and predictions all are indications of the revolutionary power of Uranus. Joni Patry utilizes her 40+ years of experience in chart reading to expose Uranus’ invisible secrets with her New-Vedic perspective. With a detailed, easy-to-understand analysis of past global transits and charts of well-known personalities, such as Brittany Spears, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and the tragic death of Princess Diana, this book is the ultimate book for the professional astrologer or hobbyist.

Uranus Radical Changes and Awakenings book cover
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