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What Are Unstructured Psychic Readings

What Are Unstructured Psychic Readings?

There is grand diversity in the type of psychic readings you can seek. Even within broad categories of psychic readings, every psychic is unique in both style and method. Today, we’re going to focus on unstructured psychic readings. We’ll explain what they are and distinguish them from structured psychic readings. We’ll also give several examples.

What Are Unstructured Psychic Readings?

The services a psychic can provide generally falls into two broad categories: structured and unstructured. When you seek the guidance of a psychic, it is important for you to know the difference between these categories.

Psychics who practice structured psychic readings glean the information they pass on to you from divination tools likes tarot cards, astrological charts, and rune stones. Wisdom and insight from the universe are passed to the psychic through the divination tools. Even if a psychic has limited natural psychic gifts, she can learn a particular method of divination, adjust it to accommodate her own unique method of interpretation, and deliver remarkably accurate and insightful readings and guidance.

In unstructured psychic readings, no divination tools are used. Instead, the psychic must rely on her own psychic gifts. Therefore, if you are seeking this type of psychic reading, it will be more important for you to vet your potential psychic more extensively to see if he or she actually has a true psychic gift. You may also want to get a sense of how strong a potential psychic’s gifts may be. You can usually figure this out through online testimonials or personal recommendations but the only sure way to find out is to do a test reading with a psychic and evaluate her gifts firsthand. We’ll give examples of different types of unstructured psychic readings below, so you’ll have a better idea of what to look for. The examples may also help you know what questions you’d like to ask while you’re shopping for a psychic.

There Are Different Types of Psychic Gifts

Not all psychic gifts are the same. We’ll list some of them below. Keep in mind that some psychics will possess at least some ability in all of these, but most psychics will be a master at only one or two.

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Clairvoyance literally means “clear seeing.” It’s what most people typically think of when you say someone has a “sixth sense.” Some people say that a clairvoyant has a “mind’s eye.” Clairvoyants have the gift of communicating directly with deceased people (and sometimes deceased animals). Clairvoyants can also see into the past and give prophetic readings where some version of the future is forecasted. They may be able to see the spirit of a person close to the one for whom they are doing a reading, such as a parent, spouse, child, or close friend since the energies of these people are interwoven together.


Clairalience is a rather unique and also rarer psychic gift. It literally means “clear smelling” (and clear tasting). Clear tasting is sometimes referred to as “clairgustance.” Psychics who possess clairalience and or clairgustance can actually smell (and or taste) the emotions of individuals from the past, present, and future. The smell may be so subtle that most people can’t pick up on it even if they are trained to do so. However, if a psychic does possess this gift naturally, they can surely hone and enhance with practice. It is said too that every spirit has its own unique smell.


Clairaudience is “clear hearing.” Psychics with clairaudience can “channel” messages from the spirit world. This allows people to communicate with their deceased relatives and friends and sometimes directly with their guardian angel. Psychics with a true gift of clairaudience may also be helpful in finding lost people which is why the police sometimes employ psychics with this particular gift. If you would like to seek guidance from a psychic with this specific gift, you can use “channeling” in your searches. Psychics gifted with clairaudience have sometimes been misdiagnosed as schizophrenics and may have even been persecuted for their gift. Keep this in mind as you visit with a channeler.


Clairsentience is the gift of “clear sensing.” Clairsentience is also known as psychometry. Clairsentients can sense the energy of any person, animal, or object by just being close to it or touching it. In some cases, an exceptionally gifted clairsentient psychic can actually sense this energy long-distance! Clairsentients can see ghosts and spirits and they are particularly good at sensing the aura of the human body. They can even sense subtle differences as it expands, contracts, and morphs from within.

Is There Life After Death?

Psychics work off the premise that the soul of a person survives after death. In fact, a 2013 paper published in the Frontiers of Psychology demonstrated a unique brain pattern in people receiving messages from the deceased, different from brain activity observed during thinking and imagining. People often seek out an unstructured psychic reading because they want to communicate with someone in the afterlife. It’s often a loved one from whom they used to seek advice, such as a parent or a grandparent. They can give their question to the psychic and the psychic can then ask the deceased and get them an answer. A parent who has lost their life partner may want to communicate with the deceased partner about their child. If someone loses a loved one suddenly and never had a chance to say goodbye and tell them how much they appreciated they may go to a psychic to pass this message to them in the afterlife. This in fact will likely pick up post-coronavirus.

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An Unstructured Psychic Reading Can Clear Your Chakras

If you’ve been having trouble clearing your own chakras, you may want to schedule an unstructured reading with a psychic with a strong gift o clairsentience. Sometimes psychics with this special gift will advertise themselves as a “psychic healer” because they are able to “diagnose” the problem in your chakras and or aura and then use their special powers to help you clear these blockages. This in turn improves your health, both physical and mental, and helps you holistically heal. In some cases, the response can be so dramatic, it can seem like a miracle.

Psychics Help Solve Crimes

Whether or not psychics successfully help law enforcement find missing persons and solve other crimes is oftentimes a matter of ridicule in the press — and yes — there are fraudsters in this game. However, psychics are used by detectives, especially in cases that have been particularly difficult to crack. In fact, the FBI, the top law enforcement agency in the United States routinely employs psychics to solve tough cases, including cold cases that have remained a mystery for many years. Other psychics, like Troy Griffin in Ohio, work freelance with private parties and with the police. Troy Griffin has successfully identified murderers who would have otherwise gotten away with their crimes. Sometimes he spends time going through the national database of missing and unidentified persons (NamUs) until he “feels” or “sees” something that he can pass on to law enforcement as clues they would have missed otherwise.

Does a Psychic’s Age Matter?

Yes and no. Talented psychics are really special people because they possess gits that very few among us have. A truly gifted psychic may have also learned how to enhance her own gifts through years of experience, trying different methods, and honing her powers. This is why older psychics are sometimes preferred to younger psychics. However, you should also know that some people just come out of the womb oozing with psychic talent. These psychics are like psychic geniuses. However, these psychics with extraordinary power can also lose some of their power over time.

Final Thoughts

Truly gifted psychics who can provide accurate unstructured readings probably don’t get the respect they deserve. Unfortunately, the importance of their gifts is sometimes obscured by the flim-flam artists who pose as gifted psychics when in fact they have no such gift. However, that should not discourage you from finding a psychic that DOES have true gifts. It can be a life-changing event to get a reading from such a person.

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