June 17, 2024
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Egyptian Numerology

Egyptian Numerology

Egyptian Numerology is the Alchemy of Ancient Wisdom, Frequencies of Numbers, and the position of the planets transforming our lives toward prosperity, love, and overall well-being. Working with the magical resonance of Numbers transmutes lead into gold as challenges melt into pivotal opportunities

The Father of Numerology

Through my research & understanding, I bring a divining tool linked to the philosophy and teachings of Pythagoras, historically known as the Father of Numerology because of his profound discovery between the relationship with number frequencies and a natural bond with the human psyche.

He taught us that all of life can be understood through the frequencies of numbers and discovered the correlation to life existing in nature to be related within the vibrations of numbers. He used this interconnection to transcend the meaning of life.

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He discovered that each number vibration holds a unique personality, characteristic, and potential which are connected to nature and are observed by and through our senses. This includes the stars, moon, sun, planets, seasons, elements, sound, texture, color, flavors, scents, and even animals. Everything is made of Energy and the study of Numbers is a tool we use to digest the sacred and ancient truths of the Universe through our 6th sense.

Pythagoras demonstrated the use of combining elements resonating to specific number frequencies to enhance the desired outcome and established sacred Initiations depicting the Virtues of each number vibration. His initiates followed and practiced these 12 Initiations as an enhancement to self-realization and enlightenment.

The veils of density and birth amnesia that separated the spirit world from man have been thinking over the past several decades and Ancient wisdom is being unearthed from many cultures around the world. We come to know this truth by listening to our hearts and trusting our intuition.

We are no longer bound to churches and religions to advance our spiritual directive. To utilize number frequencies to their fullest potential, one must know that everything is connected and be willing to open our minds to the vault of knowledge available to us.

My Work

My first book; “Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into the 5th Dimension”, was originally written to accompany me as an instruction booklet for when I teach classes and workshops. It delves into detail on the importance of raising our vibrations to tap into the higher qualities offered by number frequencies. I list corresponding properties giving examples of several elements that vibrate and resonate with each number.

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Egyptian Numerology co-sponsors with the law of attraction in the developmental progress through the action of raising our spirits, energies, or vibrations to align with the number frequencies in our Birth and Name Chart for maximum results in achieving our desires.

I offer techniques that I have used to discover the secret realms and doorways of higher consciousness. There are also references to how “all life” is connected to number frequencies and is not just limited to characteristic and personality types. By choosing to implement other elements in our use of numbers, we open our imagination to the highest form of creativity and manifestation.

We raise our vibration by lifting our spirits through actions which bring us joy, happiness, and peace or we can create an elevated vibe by practicing several types of disciplines that will ramp up our energy level including meditation, chanting, yoga, exercise, breathwork, singing, composing are only a few activities that offer us this natural high.

“The Path of the Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the Asking” is a sequel to my first book with a focus on the importance of challenges we face in life. There are specific number frequencies we choose to be born under that influence our emotional maturity. Once I understood that my traumas in life were pre-determined and in alignment with the path I have chosen to take in life, it helped me to perceive the “bigger picture” that I don’t always have access to. It encouraged me to accept my trials and tribulations with honor and devotion to always seek my truth. It advised me with answers to some of the toughest questions:

  • Why do bad things happen to good people?
  • If there is a God, why do so many innocent children, animals, and people suffer?
  • Why isn’t life fair?
  • What happens to people who do not heal their wounds?
  • What is the significance of remembering a past life?
  • What is the meaning of the 5th Dimension?

Living in Alignment

While Egyptian Numerology has a primary focus on Numbers, those who study with me know that to access our highest possibilities, an evolution in consciousness must take place.

In the process of raising our awareness, not only are we perceptive to signs, symbols and synchronicities in nature – like Number sequencing – we learn to attune to see, hear, feel and sense other realms, they become doorways into a greater understanding of the Dimensions around us.

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Our Soul craves connection. We are ultimately pulled in countless directions throughout our lives. What causes our attraction to specific people, places, things, events, and circumstances? Is it random or are there underlining forces within and outside of us at play?

Egyptian Numerology believes that we all made a contract or agreement in the Spirit realm with our Guides & Angels to achieve specific goals, learn certain lessons and be of service to mankind in a huge effort. This contract is decoded in our Birth Date and Name. These “Agreements” come with an enormous amount of detail. We all have two Guides/Angels that support us to keep on track. One is called the “Timekeeper” and the other is a “Record Keeper”.

Timekeeper oversees that all people, places, things, events, and circumstances are orchestrated and met on time. He/she works with life cycles, including the stars, moon, sun, planets & seasons. The Recordkeeper organizes all our affairs and details including appointments, messages, books we read, the information we receive, as well as important chance meetings with others.

We set up timelines and circumstances to occur in our lifetime and these guides are with us to make sure everything runs according to our plans. This is part of our Akashic Records and all this information is in our special Book.

We set up “Everything” before we are born. This includes; when we are born, where we are born, what family we are born into, what education and religion we are subjected to, hereditary illnesses and culture. We especially come into this lifetime to undergo specific life challenges to either clear past karma, learn vital lessons and to teach others.

Can we change the plans once we get here? Absolutely! We are born with free will and can choose to ignore the opportunities we have previously assigned to ourselves. Are there consequences? Absolutely! We are given several chances to get back on track once we miss our mark, but ultimately, our lessons and lives will not make sense to us if we reject the path, we have previously laid out to follow. Our lives will feel just “off”, and we may become restless, irritable, and depressed.

No matter what we choose, our Soul will learn from every experience even though the journey back home may take a longer route. There is nothing wasted. The Soul ultimately uses every experience for our advancement and in time, all will be used for our highest good.

Being in alignment with our Soul Life Agreement is a natural wonder. It’s like the feeling one has when they bowl a strike, win a marathon, hit the bull’s eye on the dart board, pull the lottery, hold 21 in blackjack, and hit their target at the rifle range…etc.…

But the feeling of being in alignment with our Soul Life Agreement is not a momentary elation. This feeling of euphoria is induced within us every morning when we open our eyes, accompanies us throughout the day, visits every decision we make with confidence, and kisses us gently when we go to sleep at night.

Our Soul wants us to be in alignment and gives us clues and nudges when we are struggling to find that balance.

Unfortunately, sometimes when we manifest wrong turns, we may find ourselves experiencing divorce, unemployment, illness, and depression.

The Universe, Angels/ Guides, or our Higher Selves will use all means necessary to lead us back to alignment with our Soul Life Agreement because, in essence, this is our roadmap, our GPS, and North Star to what makes sense to us vibrationally.

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