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Using Past Life Regression to Solve Present Life Problems

Using Past Life Regression to Solve Present Life Problems

Many times and in many ways in life we face significant problems. Some of the problems will have obvious causes and solutions, but some may not. Ones that are mysterious to us, may, actually, have a past life origin requiring us to use past life regression to find and solve the problem, or, at least, put us on a path to solving the problem. Here how Use Past Life Regression to Solve Present Life Problems is something that you should be aware of.

Personal Example: Fear of the Ocean

For as long as I can remember, I have had a near phobia about the ocean, not all bodies of water, just the ocean. Swimming, in lakes or pools, was never an issue.

Modern psychology would rightly suggest that some kind of bad experience, fearful suggestion (like watching the movie Jaws at a young age), or trauma shared by a loved one could be a clear present life source for my fear. But I did not experience any of those.

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Only later in life, when I was an adult, and exploring spiritual issues, did I come across past life regression and the hypnotherapy technique used for exploring one’s past life.

I found a practitioner, in Asheville, NC, and went to visit her for one of her sessions, which took between 3 to 4 hours to complete. When we met, she asked me if there was any issue I wanted to know about and I told her about my fear of the ocean.

She told me we could use that as the intention for the session, first and foremost, to find out if the fear was rooted in a past life.

Using Past Life Regression to Solve Present Life Problems

Once I was in the hypnotic state she asked me, “is your fear of the ocean from a past life?” To which, I answered, “yes”. We then went exploring for the specific past life, which turned out to be 1500 years ago in India, along the coast of the Indian Ocean.

In that past life, I was a priest of a medium-sized village along the coast. During my time there an illness struck and was killing people at a rapid rate. I was also the father of a daughter.

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Fearing for her life, I decided to send her away to family, knowing there was a good chance I might not see her again. As it turned out, I survived the illness, but everyone in the village died or fled. At one point I was alone and overwhelmed by the death and the loss of my daughter, who might have survived the illness if she stayed with me.

At the low point, I swam out into the ocean and let myself drown. The hypnotherapist I worked with was very skilled and an excellent guide, weaving with me into the past life and keeping me anchored in the present moment. She asked me if I wanted to observe what happened or re-experience it; I chose to observe, but not re-experience my death.

Once I came out of the hypnotic state, I could feel the fear about the ocean had receded. And the next time I visited the coast, I did not have the anxiety that would come up anytime I looked out into the ocean.

The Process of Past Life Regression

The most common process for exploring a past life is hypnotherapy. A past life regression session can take anywhere from three to six hours and should be done with a professionally trained hypnotherapist.

It is always important to know that hypnotherapy is a conscious/semi-conscious activity that does NOT take away any of your control.

It does help you reach a state where you allow yourself to be open and reach the information that you would not normally be able to access with your ego-mind.

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I have done over seven regressions for different reasons, some to address problems like my fear of the ocean and others to understand important relationships in my life, like the one with my father, which has proved to be a repeating soul connection, where, interestingly, we have always been father and son, with him as my father.

A well-trained professional hypnotherapist will charge anywhere from $300 to $600, depending on what issue or issues you want to address.

Trust is a key component of the regression process, as is a willingness to be open to the hypnosis process. You may find you easily slip into the hypnotic state or that you remain very close to the conscious surface, even with a willingness to be hypnotized.

I am naturally resistant, so I remain aware of my surroundings and the therapist at all times, but can still access past life information, which comes to me more as memories than being in the experience, which can happen if you can go deep into the process.

Helping with a Problem or Solving a Problem

Sometimes a present-life problem is the result of a significant past-life issue that may be helped, but not fully resolved by the regression work, especially if you only use one regression to deal with a significant problem.

My fear of the ocean regression helped me identify the why and when of the problem, and alleviate what would be deemed an “irrational” fear of the ocean. It did not make me want to become a fisherman or work on a cruise ship.

I have faced recurring themes and problems related to certain relationships and my role in life, as a teacher and spiritual advisor, which I have explored with four of the other regressions I have done, each helping me make forward progress.

If you have a present problem, but no clear present life source for the problem, consider using past life regression to find an answer and work on a solution.

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