July 14, 2024
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Zodiac sign Cancer: Who to Date and Who to Dump

Cancer: Who to Date and Who to Dump

Love feels at home in the sign of Cancer. This water sign believes in true, fairy tale loves above all else, so heartbreak also abounds when they realize that not everyone prioritizes relationships like they do.

However, when it comes to love there are a few signs that are marriage material for Cancer’s big heart! 

Get out your and your crush’s astrology charts and be sure to check for the Venus and Mars signs, since those are the planets that dictate love and attraction, respectively.

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Cancer: Who to Date and Who to Dump

If your Venus and Mars placements play along nicely you should definitely text your crush after reading this article!

Cancer and Aries

The Cancer and Aries compatibility feels like the spark of a bonfire at first. Passion can be created quickly and rage like wildfire through both of your hearts, but like any fire, there is the potential to get burned. Aries and Cancer love hard, but where Cancer is made to weather the storm Aries is born to run, so this can sometimes turn into a maddening cat-and-mouse chase.

Cancer and Taurus

Cancer and Taurus have a lot of compatibility with one another. They both love being cozy and comfortable in love, so it’s easy to find common ground and make the other happy. When it comes to long-lasting love this pair has got what it takes, but a little romantic spark is necessary to take these two from BFFLs to “til death does us part.”

Cancer and Gemini

When it comes to love, Cancer and Gemini want different things. Where Cancer is sweet and caring, Gemini is excitable and witty, which makes this pair a bit of an odd couple. The deep sensitivity of water sign Cancer might not always be able to handle the jokes and (loving) jabs Gemini throws their way. You can’t write this couple off completely though, it just takes some good communication and finding common ground.

Cancer and Cancer

You’d imagine that Cancer and Cancer is a good match… and you wouldn’t be wrong! Cancer loves to feel safe and seen by others and who better to offer that than another Cancer? It is important that they practice sharing their feelings, otherwise there could end up being an insufferable amount of passive-aggressive resentment created between the two.

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Cancer and Leo

One thing that Cancer and Leo have in common is their huge propensity for love. Love is arguably the most important thing in the life of both Cancer and Leo, but what makes this match particularly good is the way they balance each other out. Leo helps bring Cancer out of its crab shell and Cancer helps Leo to slow down and appreciate the small things in life.

Cancer and Virgo

For all intents and purposes, Cancer and Virgo are very compatible, however, for all the ways this relationship can go right there are corresponding forces pulling them apart. Both Cancer and Virgo are introspective and emotionally intelligent—sometimes to a fault. These two can bring out worries and fears in one another which could lead to a general fear of going outside their comfort zone. As long as they can both stay grounded this is a good love match.

Cancer and Libra

Cancer and Libra are two adorable love birds, so long as Cancer doesn’t get too jealous. Libra is a Venus ruled sign, so love and dating come naturally to them, which pairs nicely with the tender romantic heart of Cancer. However, as an air sign Libra can be quite flirtatious by nature, even when they don’t intend to be, so Cancer might be left feeling less prioritized in the relationship than they want to.

Cancer and Scorpio

Cancer and Scorpio are a love match as old as time. Cancer is so deeply drawn into the cool, dark depths of a Scorpio partner… for better or for worse. Cancer will long brighten the world of Scorpio, and Scorpio will be drawn to the deep wells of love that Cancer can provide. With all the feelings happening between this pair, you do have to be cautious of a Romeo and Juliet situation (stay away from the priests and potions).

Cancer and Sagittarius

This is a hard combination for friendship let alone a lifelong love match. Sagittarius is blunt, honest and easily excitable, which can make Cancer want to retreat into their crab shells since this water sign is going to read into everything. So being around someone who is liable to say or do whatever they want (without too much forethought) is going to get this pair into some rough waters romantically.

Cancer and Capricorn

Hear me out, Capricorn provides the kind of intense love they long for from their Scorpio partners. The thing with Cancer and Capricorn compatibility is that Cancer has to be patient because Capricorn has a lot of walls up around their heart. However, once those walls are down there a sweet, dark, sensitive, sensual partner underneath who also dreams of love that lasts a lifetime. All in all, it’s a match made in heaven!

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Cancer and Aquarius

There is certainly an initial attraction to Aquarius from Cancer. Aquarius is interesting, unique, and a bit mysterious. Cancer will be drawn to their aloofness with the belief that their love can bring down the walls Aquarius has up. However, Cancer may grow frustrated with the lack of emotional depth in their Aquarius partner because they need warm, life-giving love and this air sign is not naturally forthright when it comes to love.

Cancer and Pisces

Both Cancer and Pisces are true, blue romantics at heart—ready and willing to dive into the deep depths of love whenever the feeling strikes. For that reason, they are likely to start off fast and rush into a relationship, but if they can’t find anything to anchor their relationship down to earth their love boat might sink! Cancer and Pisces are very compatible, they just need to be sure to set up good boundaries and clear communication in order to move forward.

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