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Hot Girl Summer or Hot Girl Bummer how Venus retrograde will affect you

Hot Girl Summer or Hot Girl Bummer: how Venus retrograde will affect you

Venus will be stationing retrograde right at the peak of hot girl summer on July 22nd. Venus will be in the fiery, heart centered sign Leo when she starts making her backwards descent through the solar system, but how will this energy affect your summer? Break ups, make ups, drunk dials from your ex, hook ups, or possibly even a dry phone and a lackluster love life await us all! Scroll down and see what’s in store for your love life based on your rising sign.


Aries Rising

Aries, your love life this summer will be nothing if not exciting this year, that’s for sure! Venus will be moving backwards through your house of sex and dating, so an unpredictable summer of romantic hiccups is on the horizon. It’s going to be a bit scandalous, very flirty, a tad unpredictable, and more than a little chaotic, but be honest with yourself, would you want it any other way?

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Taurus Rising

Venus is going to be in your house of home and family, so not exactly the biggest hot girl summer vibe, Taurus. However, if you’re trying to have a hot spouse summer, then maybe this isn’t the most ideal place for Venus to be acting up for the next few months either. Since Venus not only rules over love, but also material and valuable things, you can expect more than a few household projects to go awry. Instead of getting mad, try to spice things up and watch your spouse fix the fence with their shirt off, sipping a lemonade in the sun. One person’s house project is another person’s romance novel!

Gemini Rising

Well, hot girl summer isn’t officially canceled but if it had a theme song for you this year it would be the iconic Lady Gaga and Beyonce collab Telephone, why? because your phone is going to blowing up with texts, missed calls, and secrets being shared, Gemini. Venus is going to be moving backwards through your house of communication all summer, so expect more than a few missed connections and verbal blunders in the love department. I suggest you use the “unmatch” button liberally if you don’t want to get overwhelmed!

Cancer Rising

Cancer, your love life isn’t going to be the problem this summer because the real bummer is going to be money, unfortunately. Venus doesn’t just rule over love, she also rules over material things and anything we find valuable. This summer Venus will be moving backwards through your house of money, possessions and self-worth, so the lessons you’re likely to be faced with are going to be centered about value, not romantic love.

Leo rising

This is going to be a brutal transit for every Leo rising because looking good and feeling fine is an integral part of your well-being, but with the planet of love and beauty moving backwards through your house of self-everything gets turned upside down! Don’t try to be who you were before, and don’t try to please anyone but yourself because you’ll be going through a metamorphosis this summer. You may not feel like a hot girl, but you’ll come out of this better and sexier than ever, so just trust the process!

Virgo Rising

Unfortunately this transit is looking a lot more like a hot girl bummer for Virgo risings. Venus will be moving backwards through your house of secrets, anxieties and dreams, which could certainly bring some unwanted exs back up out of the woodwork, but it’s likely going to be deeper than that. This transit is all about rehashing past heartbreak and breaking out of the habits and cycles that have pigeonholed you into repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Be very gentle with yourself.

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Libra Rising

As the resident social butterfly of the zodiac, it’s only fitting that Venus will be stationing retrograde in your house of social groups and communities over the summer. On the one hand, this is absolutely a bummer because there is sure to be some serious drama going on in your friend groups, Libra. On the other hand, there is bound to be a lot of tea, some very good gossip, and at the very least you will not be bored! How messy this summer gets depends on how dirty you get your hands, so that’s on you, boo!

Scorpio Rising

Scorpio, Venus is going to be in the most public place she can possibly be in your chart this summer while she is making her descent through the sign of Leo. The planet of love will be at the top of your chart, in the 10th house, meaning that the area of your life that will be most affected is your career, legacy and public appearance. Things like social media fall under the domain of this house so if things are going to get messy this summer, there’s going to be no hiding it from your loyal following!

Sagittarius Rising

Lucky Sagittarius risings, the planet of love and beauty is going to be moonwalking through a very fortunate house for you this summer! When “bad” transits like Venus retrograde happen in the 9th house, like it will be for you this summer, it tends to neutralize the harsher qualities and make even the bad times feel kinda good! For you this could look like the end of a situationship that turns out to be the biggest blessing in disguise or almost hooking up with your ex before remembering why they’re your ex! You’ve certainly got some good lessons coming your way this summer when it comes to love.

Capricorn Rising

Yeah, this is going to be a complicated summer of longing and yearning for you Capricorn rising! Venus will be moving backwards through your house of emotional attachments and bonds, so prepare for almost every important ex from your past to resurface in some way this summer. You like to pretend that you’re over them but some people you’ll never be able to forget, and Capricorns are not quitters.

Aquarius Rising

This is a challenging summer when it comes to serious partnerships and long term commitments, Aquarius. It’s a summer of “will they or won’t they?” With Venus sitting in your opposing sign all summer, your close and meaningful relationships are going to be going through all the trials and tribulations. Yes, it’s going to be stressful but keep in mind that any relationship that is meant to be will always last through a difficult transit such as this.

Pisces Rising

Pisces, Venus will be descending through your house of health, habits and daily activities this summer, so it’s not a big warning sign for love and relationships. Still, love is in the details and that’s exactly where Venus will be holding power over you this summer! Expect more than a few embarrassing moments in your day-to-day life as Venus slips up in the classic retrograde way. This might not lead to the most elegant behaviors, but it might actually lead to a pretty good meet-cute!

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