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Find The Perfect Lipstick For Your Zodiac Sign

Find The Perfect Lipstick For Your Zodiac Sign

Finding the most suitable lipstick is one of the things that most ladies have bought in their lives, as it is needed for dates, celebrations, events, and looking great for job interviews. And there is a significant day to lipstick coming up. Lipstick Day is on July 29th, and you will want to celebrate it with the best shades and colors. A day dedicated to celebrating lipstick’s power and beauty has existed since the 1940s. What is the ideal lipstick for your zodiac sign? Let’s talk about it.


Aries – Bold Red

Aries, you are the first fire sign of the zodiac ruled by aggressive and passionate Mars, which is why you are highly passionate and energetic. You are ambitious, bold, and competitive, and the best lipstick color for you would represent your fiery traits. That is why the perfect lipstick for you is the bold red one. If you already have one in your collection, you will need to get one that is fresh, which means you will want to add more to your collection. Chances are your lipstick collection has many hues of dark red.

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Taurus – Bronze

Taurus, you are an earth sign ruled by beautiful Venus. You are stoic and stable, which is why your lipstick color will not be anything that is out of this world. You like your comfort zone as well. Therefore, if you are looking for the right lipstick, you will want one that is modest but also represents your appreciation for the earth, which will be the bronze lipstick. You probably would have a collection of earth-like tones for your makeup, and your lipstick would be included, so you will want to keep adding to that collection.

Gemini – Peach

Gemini, you are versatile, and you are high-energy and sociable. You are an air sign ruled by Mercury, a communicative planet and versatile. You already likely have a collection of lipstick that is in red and pink, which depends on your mood as your moods are changeable. However, a great color for you would be peach. Peach-colored lipstick has hues of pink and red, and it is a great option for you. Peach is a sweet and friendly color, and that is why it is also so fitting for you.

Cancer – Light Pink

Cancer, you are sensitive and emotional, and you love your comfort zone and anything familiar to you. That is why your home and family are extremely important to you. That is not to say that you do not go to parties or gatherings, but you would be the one that would talk to who you are familiar with at the parties as it would take you time for you to earn someone’s trust who you do not know. Your sensitive nature would be why your ideal lipstick would be light pink. It is soft, not bold, and sweet.


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Leo – Gold

Leo, you love to have others notice you, as you love to be in the spotlight. You are fierce, and you are extravagant. You also enjoy standing out, knowing you want to be noticed. That is why the lipstick color that is perfect for you is gold. Gold is not a color that someone who does not want to be noticed will wear because it is not a typical color. However, if you plan to go to a gathering, you will go all out, and the gold lipstick will make you feel as if you are on top of the world.

Virgo – Orange

Virgo, you are analytical, detail-oriented, and hard-working. You also have a pure nature, and because you have an earth sign, the lipstick color would be relevant to an earthy color. The perfect lipstick color for you would be orange. You would not wear bright orange lipstick because you do not want to stand out like Leo. It would be a warm and dull orange. Others may think you would be the type not to wear makeup, but you have a loving and fun side too.

Libra – Coral

Libra, you are sociable and balanced, and relationships are essential to you. You also are pretty fashionable, and that is because Venus, the planet that rules beauty and socialization, is your ruler. The best lipstick color for you would be coral. You want to balance everything and only like experimenting, so stick to this color. Soft coral lipstick has been tried and tested many times. And besides, coral looks great on you and gives you the vibe that you are a friendly spirit. And that is what you truly are.

Scorpio – Dark Red Or Purple

Scorpio, you are intense, magnetic, and like to appear mysterious. You are not the one who enjoys small talk, as you prefer to connect with those on a much deeper level. And that is why the best type of lipstick would be one that would be of a dark red or purple color. Red means passion, and purple is magnetic. And it would go very well with dark-colored clothing, which is also your style. You may even think black lipstick would be perfect, but dark red or purple would be more captivating.

Sagittarius – Plum

Sagittarius, you are outgoing and adventurous and have a fighting spirit. You are also the life of the party, and others love to feed off of your optimism. Therefore, the best lipstick color for you would be the plum color. Plum is a happy-go-lucky and outgoing color, making you stand out, which is what you want. The color gives you a friendly aura so you attract others, and that is the best color to wear when you go to parties, as you can find makeup that will match well with that color, making you look amazing.


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Capricorn – Anything With A Brown Hue

Capricorn, you are hard-working, ambitious, and very mature. You are extremely sophisticated, which means you would rather sit at a jazz club and enjoy the music and upscale atmosphere than go to a party in your spare time (if you allow yourself to have spare time since you are a hard worker). Also, being an earth sign means you will go for earth-tone colors. That is why your ideal lipstick will be any color with brown hues. You may even choose brown lipstick as that gives you a sophisticated appearance. Not to mention, it is professional.

Aquarius – Blue Or Black

Aquarius, you do not like to conform as you are the rebel of the zodiac, as you are a free thinker and a free spirit. You are unconventional so you will choose an unconventional lipstick color. Depending on your mood regarding lipstick color and style, you may go for blue or black lipstick. Besides, you love to make bold fashion statements as not only do you like to rebel and do your thing, but you like to shock others. Therefore, you will not wear more conventional colored lipstick unless you conform, such as going to a job interview.

Pisces – Purple Or Hot Pink

Pisces, you are a dreamer, and you are also the one that appreciates art, so you will want to dress up creatively, which means the color of lipstick you choose will also be the result of your creativity. Like Aquarius, you will not wear a lipstick shade that may be considered more conventional. But you are not a rebel and are not looking to stand out. That is why your ideal lipstick color may be purple or hot pink. You are also a romantic at heart; those colors will express that for you.


If you are the type that does not like to wear a lot of makeup, lipstick included, then you can make that change on Lipstick Day, which is on July 29th. For the sake of it, grab a lipstick shade that is ideal for your zodiac sign, and that way, if you do wear it, those you see that day wherever you head to will know your sign. Or, you can always choose the shade you feel matches your personality, considering your sun sign only makes up a fraction of who you are. Either way, it is a day to celebrate the power and beauty of lipstick.

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