July 16, 2024
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Vesta: How You Want Your Home

Vesta is the goddess of the hearth and home, and an asteroid used by astrologers to indicate a person’s design regarding the home.  The placement of Vesta lets us know the kind of home we prefer, feel comfortable in, and try to find or build.

This article will look at Vesta in each of the signs and houses of the Zodiac.  Knowing the placement of your Vesta can help you understand the kind of sacred space you need to live in to feel safe and secure.

Vesta: Hearth and Home

Vesta symbol

Vesta represents your Way of Sanctuary.  Its placement in Sign and House reveals how we want to feel safe and stable, what we want in and from our home environment.

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Vesta in the Signs: Keynote and Symbol

The idea of the keynote and the symbol come from Astrology: The Divine Science by Marica Moore and Mark Douglas. It is a concise and effective way to convey the meaning of a point in its sign.  They did keynotes and symbols for the Sun through Saturn.  I have created the ones for Vesta for this article.

Vesta in Aries

Keynote: Home on the range.

Symbol: A hiker camps in the mountains for a week.

Vesta in Taurus

Keynote: The land will provide.

Symbol: A farming family sits down for a meal at sunset.

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Vesta in Gemini

Keynote: Home is a state of mind.

Symbol: A writer does research online for her next article while visiting Paris.

Vesta in Cancer

Keynote: Home is family.

Symbol: Immediate and extended family gather for a potluck and reunion at the ancestral home every year.

Vesta in Leo

Keynote: My home is my castle.

Symbol: A couple proudly and excitedly buys the largest home in the neighborhood.

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Vesta in Virgo

Keynote: Home efficiency is perfection.

Symbol: A homeowner sells power back to the electric company with solar panels.

Vesta in Libra

Keynote: Sharing space at home is the reward for hard work.

Symbol: A couple reads books in bed together.

Vesta in Scorpio

Keynote: Home is private space.

Symbol: A homeowner checks security cameras while putting money in a hidden floor safe.

Vesta in Sagittarius

Keynote: The world is home.

Symbol: A traveler leaves one country as a citizen and arrives at another country as a citizen.

Vesta in Capricorn

Keynote: Hard work provides for home.

Symbol: A business executive throws a party at his home for his associates and employees.

Vesta in Aquarius

Keynote: There is no place like home.

Symbol: A group of engineering students repurpose shipping containers into tiny homes.

Vesta in Pisces

Keynote: Home is a sanctuary for the soul.

Symbol: A homeowner walks the labyrinth she built in her backyard.

Vesta in the Houses

Vesta’s placement in a house suggests which area of life a person is “most at home”.  Vesta is the “home” within the House (of the Zodiac).

Vesta in the 1st House

With Vesta in the first house, you will feel at home or be able to “make a home” wherever you happen to be or need to be.  You are your home!

Vesta in the 2nd House

You will feel at home when you are in full possession of your home.  Debt-free living and a home that is “paid off” is your preference.

Vesta in the 3rd House

Your home should be state-of-the-art and a place where activity and action happen. The music is on and the internet connection is the highest speed.

Vesta in the 4th House

With Vesta in the fourth house, your home is where you make your memories and feel safe to be vulnerable and share emotions with others.

Vesta in the 5th House

Everyone else needs to love your home as much as you do.  It is your pride and joy.

Vesta in the 6th House

Working from home is a great way to live in your space.

Vesta in the 7th House

Your home should be a place you share with someone you love or who helps you pay the rent.

Vesta in the 8th House

Home is your most private space that you only share with the person closest to you; otherwise, No Trespassing!

Vesta in the 9th House

You may prefer homes around the world or bringing in artifacts from around the world to enrich your home.

Vesta in the 10th House

You are comfortable spending more time at work than in a traditional home, and it is easy to bring your work home.

Vesta in the 11th House

You can be happy couch surfing or letting others surf your couch.

Vesta in the 12th House

With Vesta in the 12th House, home is wherever life makes it available to you.

Putting Vesta in a Sign AND a House

In my case, my Way of Sanctuary is expressed through Water (Pisces) in my quest for creative self-expression (5th House).  Water’s expression is emotional, intense, and imaginative.

In Pisces, the Element acts empathically, spiritually, and sensitively.  So, my key phrase is “Your Way of Sanctuary manifests through your imaginative and faithful quest for and attraction to consciousness-raising and soulful creative expression.” In short, I want my home to be a place where I can find spiritual comfort and express my spiritual creativity.

When considering your own Vesta placement, think about where you feel most “at home” and the place you prefer when you need to retreat from the world and recharge.  The House placement will tell you where you decided to “spiritually” build your sanctuary in this lifetime.

Consider Vesta in Virgo in the 11th House, “Your Way of Sanctuary manifests through your critically-minded and methodical quest for and attraction to the meticulous and practical community.”  Here is an individual who, at the extreme, would appreciate a home in a commune (11th House), where everyone was doing their work and using their skills (Virgo) to support the group.

Less dramatically, this person would find it enjoyable to have a home in a friendly neighborhood with practical and helpful neighbors, who enjoyed keeping their homes and neighborhood well-maintained (Virgo).  He or she would rejuvenate by coming home to such a community and having a modest, but efficient home to meet his or her needs.

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