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What Are Annual Profections?

What Are Annual Profections?

At different ages in our lives, different planets are more activated. Annual Profections is an astrology method that determines which planet is activated at which age in a person’s life. Each planet in our natal chart has an ultimate purpose it will manifest within our lives.

When you look at perfections, you can see which year a particular planet will be activated in your life. In that year of your life, you can expect many lessons, opportunities, and events relating to that specific natal planet’s purpose in your life. Each planet has what astrologers call the natal promise. The natal promise is what a planet will manifest within the native in their life.

What Are Annual Profections?

With Annual Profections, you start at your rising sign, and up until the first year of your life, the first house will be the perfected house. Then, when you turn 1, the 2nd house becomes your profected house. When you turn 2, the 3rrd house becomes your profected house.

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When you turn 3, the 4th house becomes your profected house. The cycle continues, and then when you turn 11, the 12th house becomes your perfected house. Finally, when you turn 12, you start the process again, and then the 1st house becomes your perfected house at 12.


Source: Chris Brennan (www.hellenisticastrology.com)

In this graph, you will see at the ages 0, 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, and 72; the first house becomes the profected house. At the age of 1, 13, 25, 37, 49, 61, and 73, the second house becomes the perfected house. This cycle continues for every house, and every house has a different age when that house will become the perfected house. Whichever sign the house is in will indicate the planet that takes rulership over that year.

How Do Annual Profections Work?

It is essential to look at which sign the house is in, which sign the planet that rules over that house is in, and which house that planet is in. This will all show you how these themes will play out at this particular year in your life. In addition, the profected house at each different age is crucial to look at because this does show you your key focus at this specific time of your life.

It’s also important to see if you have any planets within the house that is the perfected house for that year in your life. These planets will be significant when it comes to that year in your life, and they’ll also play a role in how the different themes in your life will play out. The planets that are in your activated profected house are not the most important planets.

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The most critical planets to look at is the planet that rules the sign of that activated house. Any planets in that house will act as secondary planets that will, in essence, be like aids and helpers that will help the main planets of that year do what it needs to do.

What can you do when you have figured out which house will be your profected house for a particular year and which planet?

Watching the profected house in your natal and progressed charts is crucial. Any transits moving through that house or any planets that will come into aspect with your natal planets that might particularly be in that house will be significant players in that year of your life. Also, if you experience any significant changes in your progressed charts in that year of your life, it will be essential to look at.

Keep our eye on the ruling planet for that year.

Let’s say the ruler of your current year is Saturn. It will then be crucial to observe the transits of Saturn and the aspects of the transiting Saturn in relation to your natal chart. It’s also essential to just look at the general transits of Saturn if Saturn is your ruling planet for a particular year.

This means that Saturn is going to be very important in your life this year, and each time Saturn maybe changes signs or comes into aspect with a natal planet or a transiting planet, it’s going to have a major impact on you. The activated planet for each person is different at each age, so it’s crucial to go and look at what your activated planet is at each different age.

It is important to observe whether your particular ruling planet for a specific year in your life will come into aspect with your personal planets.

You need to observe the transits of this particular planet and observe whether it will come into aspect with any of your natal planets during that year. You need to study and look into what that specific aspect means for you because it will likely manifest very powerfully in your life during that year.

Other transits are also happening, and other transits are also significant in our lives. Annual Profections are basically a way for us to single out which transits are more critical than the other ones and which transits will be impacting us more strongly than other ones.

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Sometimes, you can be experiencing some minor transit to one of your natal planets, but then nothing happens in your life, and everything’s fine. Sometimes a transit can happen to one of your natal planets, and your entire life is shaken up because that transit includes a planet that rules over you during that profection year.

It’s vital to look at the natal promise of the profected planet for that year.

When a particular planet is activated in your natal chart, it represents that you will work to achieve whatever that particular planet promises to you.

Here are some steps you can take to get started with your Annual Profections:

  • Firstly, find your profection year using the perfection wheel. Whatever house is activated in a particular year will represent the major themes that will be activated during that specific year.
  • The planet that rules over the sign that is the ruler of your perfected house will indicate to you what planet is the ruler for that year.
  • Any additional planets that are in your perfected house will be secondary planets that will help you achieve your purpose.
  • Any transits that involve your ruling planet will be significant for you during that year.
  • Any other transits from other planets that move over the natal position of your ruling planets will also be significant.

Important steps you also need to bear in mind when you are trying to calculate your Annual Profections:

  •  It is important to use the tropical zodiac and not the sidereal.
  • You must use traditional rulerships.
  • You have to make use of whole sign houses. Unfortunately, this technique does not work when you use any other house system.
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