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What Type of Karma Does Jupiter Reveal to You

What Type of Karma Does Jupiter in Your Natal Chart Reveal to You?

When you think of past life karma, the first thing that comes to your mind is the ‘bad deeds’ you are paying for in this lifetime. However, karma can be defined as being rewarded for good deeds as well, and you can see what you are being rewarded for in your natal chart. As you are aware that Saturn is the planet of karmic lessons, and the other social planet, Jupiter, is the planet of karmic rewards.

What Does Jupiter Really Indicate in Your Natal Chart?

Jupiter is considered the ‘Great Benefic’ because is the planet of ‘good luck’ and is in areas of your life where you have gifts and abundance. However, the fact of the matter is that Jupiter represents is abundance, spirituality, opportunity as well as knowledge. Though, when it comes to past life astrology, Jupiter is the planet that shows where you are rewarded for the good things you did in your previous life. That could range from physically helping others for altruistic reasons, or sharing knowledge, or power. Sagittarius which is also ruled by Jupiter on a house cusp indicates the same thing.

What Type of Karma Does Jupiter Reveal to You?

Jupiter shows up in areas where you have been benevolent. However, the only thing to keep in mind is when Jupiter is in retrograde at the time of your birth or shows up with harsh aspects – then that is a sign there was an abuse of past life gifts. With that said, ironically, in this case, these are lessons you need to learn as well. Now, let’s go over your karmic gifts shown by Jupiter or Sagittarius in the houses.

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Jupiter in Aries or Sagittarius Ascendant

This placement shows a strongly independent nature if, in a good aspect, you are very self-sufficient to the point that no one needs to worry about you. In previous lives, during difficult times you learned how to take care of yourself while many others depended on others for help. If aspected harshly, you have a daredevil in you. In previous lives, you were self-sufficient, did not depend on others, but became cocky and believed you were more powerful than others as well.

Jupiter in Taurus or Second House Sagittarius

There is a strong appreciation for tangible things in life. If aspected well, you will appreciate what you have while at the same time knowing how to create abundance. You have a real understanding of the Law of Attraction. In previous lives, instead of complaining about not having things during hard times, you counted your blessings and taught others to do the same. If poorly aspected, you have an indulgent nature. In previous lives, may have created abundance but took it for granted in the end. You also concentrated on lack.

Jupiter in Gemini or Sagittarius Third House

You are a wise thinker and communicator. If aspected well, you have a wise way of communicating and appreciation for higher learning, culture, and spirituality and will be attracted to that kind of literature. In previous lives, you may have been an influential teacher, instructor, or advocate.

If aspected poorly, you may come off as a know-it-all, hypocrite, and you talked the talk but never walk the walk. In previous lives, you were also very knowledgeable and shared your knowledge but gave people bad advice often and you were aware of it and kept doing it anyway.

Jupiter in Cancer or Sagittarius Fourth House

There is abundance in the home. If aspected well, you appreciate a good home and home environment. In previous lives, you made the best of your home environment regardless of your situation. If aspected poorly, you want abundance in your home but have a difficult time creating it due to insecurities and fear.

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In previous lives, a good home you lived in was destroyed, broken into, or you lost a beloved family member who you are still grieving for.

Jupiter in Leo or Sagittarius Fifth House

There is plenty of joy in leisure activities and romance. If aspected well, you have luck when it comes to romance, children, creation, and leisure. In previous lives, you had developed a love and appreciation for past lovers, and children. You also really made good use of your free time and was able to really relax.

If Jupiter is poorly aspected, you seem to attract the lovers and good things but none of it sticks around and you have no idea what goes wrong. In previous lives, you may have had a lot of free time to relax but did not make the best use of it and stressed instead of relaxing. You may have treated your romantic partners poorly or taken your children for granted.

Jupiter in Virgo or Sagittarius Sixth House

You have a knack for the technical stuff. If aspected well, you are good at editing, nursing, keeping clean, critiquing, and so on. In previous lives, you were an excellent caregiver, custodian, or nurse. If poorly aspected, you may be good with the technical stuff, but you may tend to go from one extreme to the next.

You may go overboard with editing, cleanliness, caring, and the next minute you could become overly frustrated to the point you have an “I don’t care” attitude. In previous lives, you may have been the type to bend over backward to be overly helpful but rarely felt appreciated.

Jupiter in Libra or Sagittarius Seventh House

You are excellent at mediation and forming relationships. If well aspected, you will not only be known to be an excellent peacemaker, but you have an easy time forming relationships and keeping them. In previous lives, you had taken your relationships seriously and were excellent at not just keeping the peace but teaching others how important it is.

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If afflicted, you can form relationships but have a difficult time keeping them. In previous lives, you may have done your best to cherish your relationships, but the other party or parties were not receptive or appreciative of you, and you were let down. Subconsciously you fear the same will happen to you again when it comes to relationships.

Jupiter in Scorpio or Sagittarius Eighth House

You are highly perceptive and can unravel mysteries easily. If well aspected, you have the skills to unravel the deepest mysteries, and you may be able to communicate with the other side. You also have a good chance at the inheritance or winning the lottery or gaining funding. In previous lives, there would have been multiple lifetimes of developing the skill of being very perceptive.

Perhaps you were an excellent detective, or simply giving despite not having money, would explain some instances of inheritance. If poorly aspected, you may also be very good at unraveling mysteries, but you use it at the expense of others. If you want revenge by finding out something personal about someone, you can easily do it and will have a greater likelihood of doing it.

You may also be likely to inherit money or property but will likely take it for granted. In previous lives, you had worked hard for your fortune, but it was taken from you. You may have also been very helpful to others, especially if you had helped them unravel a mystery. However, instead, others being indifferent as indicated in the Seventh House or in Libra, they had downright backstabbed you or stole from you.

Jupiter in Sagittarius or Sagittarius Ninth House

You are extremely knowledgeable, educated, well-traveled, and spiritual. If well aspected, you appreciate culture, traveling abroad, learning as much as you can, and you are a student for life. You may also be spiritual or religious, and you don’t get caught up in the dogma.

In previous lives, you had done a lot of exploring, and learning, and retained what you had learned. You may have been religious or a clergy person but did not get caught in the dogma and you did what was right.

If Jupiter is poorly aspected, you are drawn to the same but there is a hypocritical side, or dogmatic to you. You may also shun responsibility. In previous lives, you may have had a desire to travel and explore but never could due to responsibilities, lack of money, etc. which made you resentful in the end.

You may have claimed to have followed a religion but caught up in the dogma of it and depending on what planet is harshly aspected Jupiter in this placement, you may have perverted the religion you were following.

Jupiter in Capricorn or Sagittarius Tenth House

You are great with goal setting, and you are hard-working, career-oriented, and have a positive reputation. If well aspected, you not only are determined but you are well respected in your field or in general. In previous lives, you had also earned a positive reputation and developed an appreciation for having a strong work ethic.

If afflicted, you are also good at what you do, but you may tend to show off, and be viewed as obnoxious. This comes from trying hard to be liked and appreciated for what you do in previous lives, but you felt as if no one had respected you, or let alone noticed you.

Jupiter in Aquarius or Sagittarius Eleventh House

You are quite charitable and very friendly, and you are excellent at networking. If well aspected, this completely rings true and you also appreciate your differences and will fight for the underdog. You will also be very friendly. In previous lives, you may have stood up for what was right and helped, perhaps even rescued others while many others were in the dark.

If afflicted, all of the same qualities except for being friendly to just anyone except for those who you found relatable. You also may be the type who may be in others’ faces while standing up for your cause. In previous lives, you wanted to help and even save someone from disaster and failed, and the harsh aspects indicate guilt in this area.

Jupiter in Pisces or Sagittarius Twelfth House

You are extremely spiritual, benevolent, and happiest when you are alone. If well aspected, you are very inclined to do spiritual work in private. You may be the type to give to charities but to be that “unknown” source. You are also psychic as well, and very aware of how to communicate with guides and protect energy fields.

In previous lives, you developed a love for mysticism and spirituality or had a history of being a mystic and using energies for good. If afflicted, you are also giving and prefer to keep to yourself self, but you are not truly happy. That means you are feeling very comfortable while being alone and giving in to your addictions at the same time.

In previous lives, you may have had psychic attacks and negativity from that attached to the aura. Many people do not believe in curses. However, if someone wishes ill on you and purposely sends negativity, that can affect you so in a sense it is a curse and creates vulnerabilities. Predators can sense vulnerabilities, and those who have a badly afflicted Jupiter in Pisces or The Twelfth house wear it on their sleeves.

It is easy for anyone to fall for psychics who claim to remove curses on you for a hefty cost. Unfortunately, those who have this placement are the most likely to fall for these scams because they are desperate to find peace within. There are a few things to remember, however.

There may be karmic rewards in a particular house through the Sagittarius cusp or with Jupiter’s presence that is well-aspected. But the other planets that share the same house and that are in Sagittarius will have an impact as well. Especially if Saturn or Capricorn is involved. That means if you have a house with both Jupiter and Saturn in it, then you have a gift in that area but there are also some lessons surrounding the same area as well.

An example is having Jupiter and Saturn in the Fifth House. This can show that there may be infertility struggles that are indicated by Saturn but once the hurdle is over, then a large family can be attained. It can also be indicative of having a lot of children but there are unique challenges that come with parenting at the same time.

With all of that being said, the blessings you have in your life can be shown through karmic rewards. And the challenges and struggles are also shown by lessons from past life karma that has to be balanced, and that is not only indicated by Saturn. It can be shown by a poorly aspected or retrograding Jupiter in your birth chart as well.

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