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Your Rising Sign

Your Rising Sign and how it Describes Your Perfect Partner

We are all familiar with our Sun sign or our ‘star sign’ but did you know that your Rising Sign / Ascendant is equally important?  In fact, if you started to read horoscopes by checking your Rising Sign instead you may find it resonates with you more!  Not only does it tell us the first impressions we make in the world, and how others see us, it also tells us about our perfect partner and the qualities we look for in the person that we choose to marry or commit our hearts to. 

The Rising Sign

Now the rising sign in the chart relates to the astrological sign that was ‘rising’ at the time you were born, so for example if you were born at dawn, because the Sun was rising at the same time, your astrological sign and Ascendant will be the same.

In order to determine your Ascendant, you will need to find your time and place of birth as accurately as possible.

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Once you have found out your sign, scroll through this article to find out what it indicates about your perfect partner, whose qualities are determined by the 7th House in your chart – the opposite sign.

Aries Rising

Bold, expressive, decisive, and with natural leadership skills.  You are the kind of person who people listen to and wish to garner the respect of.  Even if your Sun sign is much softer you will have a sense of gravitas and a strong sense of self which people gravitate towards.

Your love style will have you choose a softer, charming, and more romantic partner.  You are drawn to beauty and aesthetics and will often choose somebody who demonstrates these qualities and has a creative streak.  In your personal life, you avoid confrontation and are an idealist, looking for the perfect match, your determination and drive will mean that you find that great love story you dream of.

Taurus Rising

Strong and capable you are broad-shouldered and have a great sense of responsibility.  Regardless of your Sun sign, you are dependable, grounded, and trustworthy, often with green fingers and a flair for mixing flavors and smells.

These latter talents will be useful in attracting a mate, as behind closed doors you are direct, tactile, and very passionate.  You like a mate who you can explore your soul with and who will bring out your deepest darkest secrets.  An all or nothing nature shows you will commit easily and move on just as quickly until you find the mate who you know you can trust with your whole heart and soul, which is your ultimate desire.

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Cancer Rising

Sensitive and gentle, you are often quite shy and recalcitrant in the way you come across to others initially.  You care deeply for those who are kind and true and learn over time to stay far away from agendas and games, as they are very toxic to you.

In love you are drawn to honesty, stability, and somebody with whom you can share plans and goals.  As you are drained by emotional high and lows, somebody consistent in this area is a must.  You want to focus on the simpler things in life and are most satiated by a partner who can worry about the finances, mortgage, and other ‘boring stuff’ for you.

Leo Rising

There can only be one center to a circle and most often that will you.  Although the shyer of you may avoid the limelight, you do attract attention wherever you go.  The sign of the performer, the actor, and the showman, you raise the bar and the mood just by entering a room or area.

It makes sense that you would, therefore, choose the quieter more intellectual type when it comes to seeking your perfect mate.  You like the shy bookish scientist or the radical boho humanitarian types.  Having something to say and strong opinions is what piques your interest in love, after all the most erogenous area of the body is the mind, so why not find a match who massages and stimulates this the most.  That way you will never be bored.

  • The Descendant – What You Seek in Others

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Virgo Rising

Neat and precise you don’t give away much to the world.  You tend to interact with decorum and decency, and even if you are not a smart dresser there will be something refined about the way you come across to the outside world, as you tend towards self-criticism and hygiene.

You want your love life, on the contrary, to be a transcendent experience, for you, love is a beautiful euphoria and should be about the snatched moments of beauty and poetry.  Your perfect mate will be soft and idealist, often with a flair for music and/or poetry and with an otherworldly, almost unattainable magic to them.  Just make sure they are honest and true before the fairy tale begins to unfold.

Libra Rising

Attractive and charismatic, you have grace, presence, and an aesthetic gait which many find appealing.  You are careful with your words and generally, kind, affable, and non-judgemental in your ways, as to you; other peoples’ feelings are incredibly important and a top priority.

Although you know how to say the right thing at the right time, however, you seek the opposite in a partner.  You are drawn to a far more clumsy, straight-talking, and expressive mate and love to have somebody bring out your own sparring and feisty nature.  Surprisingly outspoken behind closed doors, your perfect match is one who also lives for truth, bantering combat, adventure, and passion.  You seek the yin to your yang and will find the perfect balance in love by doing so.

Scorpio Rising

Intense and brooding, sometimes you can look like you are in the shade even when standing in direct sunlight.  People are intrigued by your deep, all-seeing eyes, and your inherently shy nature can help you to appear invisible or thrust into the spotlight conversely at any chosen time.

You understand magic and beauty but equally, know the dark depths that the human psyche can reach.  For this reason, you love a mate who is reliable, honest, trustworthy, and stable, providing a lovely anchor to your naturally magical and insightful inner world.  Somebody who can fix, create, or nurture is your dream and throw in a few skills with massage and baking and your match is made.

Sagittarius Rising

Nearly always displaying a smile, you love to bring joy and laughter to the people around you.  There’s nobody more fun to be around, or to share an adventure with; as, if you are there, something exciting is sure to happen!  Your laugh is infectious, and you are the friend everybody wants.

You like your mate to share your free-spirited and fun-loving nature and are the type who will always choose the partner who makes you laugh the most.  Sharing stories, ideas and adventures are what love is all about for you and you will have found your best friend, travel companion, and favorite comedian when you find the one you wish to commit to.

Capricorn Rising

Elegant, with an enviable bone structure, there is something regal and refined about your natural demeanor.  The child with the wise sensible manner and the adult who seemingly never ages, you command respect and often find easy success due to your powerful presence.

Inside of course you may be as shy and meek as anybody and in love you seek comfort, nurture, and kindness in your ideal partner.  You love somebody who is loyal and wants to help others, and in private you are just as soft, gentle, and sweet as the partner you choose.  They may be moody and emotional at times too, but this helps you to open up and show that you also have a kind, caring, and romantic heart.

Aquarius Rising

The sign of maverick; there is no consistent way to describe you, except that each of you will be so uniquely yourself that people will always notice you.  Often quiet and shy, you are usually deep, brooding, highly intelligent, and as exciting as Doc from Back to the Future!

In your love life, your perfect mate is playful, fun, and upbeat.  As a deep thinker and possibly a genius, you need a partner who lightens you up and brings you sunshine and distraction from the deep channels of your thoughts.  Secretly you love to dance, play silly games, and display your inner child and once you find the one who helps you drop your inhibitions in this way, they will have your loyalty for life.

Pisces Rising

Ethereal and magical, you often have eyes that are as deep as the oceans you dream of.  There will be something otherworldly and maybe even a bit ‘Disney’ about you, as you float through life creating rainbows and sharing your optimism with others.  Try to stay optimistic as the lows can be just as notable.

Hence, a grounded, kind and stable partner is a wonderful complement to your sparkly nature.  You can’t be done with planning and preparation for yourself, but actually thrive on the structure.  If the one you love can waltz into your life with enough creativity and a stable routine to be the canvas to your shimmering palette.  The person that nurtures you and yet helps you shine will be the one that you will wish to keep by your side forever.

Hopefully, these brief descriptions will serve as an insight into your love life, this is such a small part of what your unique personal chart reveals about you and your personal relationships.  If you would like an in-depth love reading contact me with your time, date, and place of birth and I will write you a 1,500-word report by hand for just £25.

Shalom, blessings and happiness in love to you all~~~

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