July 14, 2024
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Magical Properties of Home Items

Discover the Magical Properties of 8 Items in Your Home!

In an evolving world, the attraction of natural, healing ingredients is finally regaining popularity.  Prevention is always better than cure, and there are so many magical healing ingredients in our homes that most of us are not even aware of.  Here are some that you probably have already, and secret properties that you can use them for. 


Most people do know that honey is great for throat infections, boosting the immune system, and easing soreness in the respiratory system.  We’ve all bought lozenges with honey in for years and the increasing popularity of manuka honey with its anti-bacterial and anti-viral benefits is fantastic.

Did you know though, that honey is always amazing applied topically to the skin?  It may have the downside of being a bit sticky but it’s one of the best treatments for burns and blisters, as it will speed up healing and prevent infection.  A blob of honey under a plaster will help cleanse a wound and for some, it is a miracle cure for eczema, angry rashes, and any other kind of skin eruption.

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Not only are they great for the gut and cleansing the blood, but onions are also amazing healers on the body too.  There is nothing like an onion poultice for drawing out an infection.  To make a poultice it’s really as simple as cutting a chunk of onion, applying it directly to the location of the infection, and then holding in situ by tying fabric, or using surgical tape.  This can work on angry infections which contain puss, and even on a chest infection or throat infection, with the poultice applied as close to the pain area as possible.

An onion cut in half and left in a room will soak up any impurities in the air, so this is a great way for clearing a damp or stagnant environment.  On this basis never leave a half-eaten onion open to the air.  Always wrap tightly in something, or the negative ions it soaks up will end up in your food!

Bicarbonate of soda

Some may only have baking powder in their kitchens, but you can be sure that this will work in a similar way, as it is around 80% bicarb.  A spoon of bicarb drank in a glass of water has been used for centuries by those in the know.  It’s great for balancing acidity in the body and as an imbalance can be a cause of much ill-health bicarb is now purported to be a way to help avoid cancer.  For those of you who suffer from indigestion, and acid reflux, working this remedy into your diet on a daily basis, may well help your body to get back in balance.

Sea Salt

Salt gets a very bad press these days and there is no doubt that a diet overloaded with it can cause issues with blood pressure and other health problems.  Do you know you need a certain amount of salt in your diet, however, and that actual deficiency is just as bad for you?
If you don’t live on fast and/or processed food, or over-indulge on salty snacks it is possible that you could be low on salt if you have sweated a lot.  That’s why all rehydration remedies contain fluids, salt, and sugar to replenish the body more quickly.  Salt retains moisture in the body, just as well as apply sat to something damp can dry it out.

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For any kind of infection in the mouth or throat, gargling and rinsing the mouth out with warm salty water is still one of the best remedies, and more effective than dental mouthwash which relies on a high alcohol content that can be counteractive.


A lovely tasty herb that most of us will have in our cupboards, and a magical ingredient for all bacterial and viral infections.  At the first sign of any symptoms of illness, you will benefit from simmering some dried (or fresh if you have it) leaves in a saucepan for a while, straining and adding a dollop of honey. This is one of the best ways to kick the immune system into gear and stop a virus or bacterial infection right at the onset.

Historically thyme has been used by people for throat problems and gargled by singers to reinforce the voice prior to performances, particularly helpful to somebody who has to sing for hours every day.


Not only great for the roses, used tea bags are fantastic for sore eyes when applied directly when still warm.  Many have forgotten this old remedy that would be used for styes and conjunctivitis as one of the few non-irritants that can soothe the eyes effectively.

Most of the herbal tea bags will be just as effective for sore eyes and a great way to relax into a meditation after a busy day.

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Coffee grinds

Messy as it may be, it’s worth saving your coffee grinds for your skin.  They serve as a great exfoliator and the caffeine is said to help improve the body’s circulation, also serving to minimize cellulite.  Simply massage into the skin just before you switch on the shower and wash it all off, it will leave your skins silky smooth, and ready for a great moisturizer.

Coconut oil

Speaking of moisturizers coconut oil is your go-to.  It is deeply soothing and replenishing for the skin and I personally make a body moisturizer with coconut oil for daily use.  I will write a follow-up article outlining the most important basic essential oils that everybody should have in their households and further describe which ones create the best combinations for the skin.  Simply using lavender in coconut oil will provide healing, soothing, and sweet-smelling addition.

Coconut oil can be a little too greasy for the face, or particularly the area around the eyes, as it does take a while to soak in.  It’s most useful after being in the sun and is particularly good for legs and to massage into the feet.  People often forget to look after their feet but a couple of massages a week with coconut oil will do wonders for relaxation and keeping your feet in great shape.  If you have a partner you can swap foot massages with and make it into a soothing, weekly ritual, all the better.

Coconut is also good for basic skin conditions and is particularly good for babies and small children, whose new skin should be kept away from chemical in so far as possible.

Wishing you all great health and buoyancy, reiki blessings~~~

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