July 15, 2024
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Happy New Year Horoscopes

Happy New Year Horoscopes

It would be an understatement to say it has been a tough year if not the most testing year yet. You probably found yourself exactly in that unfamiliar place, disgusted, afraid, isolated from things, places, and people that you care about. As you ponder with the question of how this world can be so painful and ugly, and ask yourself how are you supposed to be happy? How are you supposed to raise a family in this world? It can be so exhausting as we lose our minds in time wondering why things can’t happen overnight, wondering why justice can’t be served, wondering why it is fairer for some people then it is for others, and again it seems like no matter what grace we say, there is nothing to do to change it or make it go away forever because sadly we’ve learned there is always a place for hate in this world.

It keeps raining and you keep getting wet, but still, at the root of it you’ve survived, and this year, you are stronger than you were before and all of what’s happening in the world has made us think about what and who truly matters to us. I believe we all tried to cherish what we cherish just a little more. This year, while last year might have felt like living hell on earth, embrace the gratitude it brought us and it allowed us to see the things we think are important, but really aren’t at all when it comes to the big picture. When it comes to life and death.  

Life is about moving forward, no matter what is in front of you, you’ve got to keep going with and keep rolling with the punches, no matter how bloody, no matter how big the scar.

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I think last year goes to show you that you can’t truly predict anything, we simply just do not know what is going to happen, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get inspired.

Aries (March 21-April 20)

Usual Mood: Upbeat, energetic, sometimes frustrated (sometimes angry)

Biggest Problem: Wants what they can’t have

The Read: You’re anxious for a gathering of some kind. You love your loved ones but still crave more. You have news and you want to share it. You’re an animal right now, working hard and going after it. You might be biting the bit too soon waiting for tastes that are yet to come. Be patient, Aries. Rome wasn’t built in a night, but if you build it they will come. With your strengths and abilities, this is just natural.

Love Lines: If Aries is truly happy then they are totally amused or excited by their partner, they make a good team, and balance each other out. When one is more masculine the other will be more fem. Aries can only love truly so trying to carry on an act won’t last forever. Remember, if you’ve done something once, you are capable of doing it again. If you’ve made mistakes you need to talk about them and let them be free, so you don’t beat yourself to death. You have a voice and now is your time to use it. Don’t just sucker out for what is comfortable. Don’t settle, what you can’t control will come in its own time. Confront situations no matter how much you hate it. Single Aries is hard to break, active, and on to the next. Aries will let you chase them, but rarely are they the ones doing the chasing.

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The Grind: If you’re not working right now, you want to be, but the reasons you are out of the office are important to you. You’re sort of struggling with how to balance every desire. Regardless, you’ve done great things in your career and you will only continue to do so. Remember life is about timing. Don’t focus on the dollar value. Focus on the impact or the sentiments of being alone at home with your beautiful family. Aries can tend to give up on new projects, especially if they are not advancing quickly. See something through till the end.

Mantra: “Second place is just as good.”

Sagittarius (November 23-December 20)

Usual Mood: Optimistic, un-phased, sometimes angry (sometimes arrogant)

Biggest Problem: Mo Money Mo Problems

The Read: Your core has defiantly been shaken, but you won’t let that volcano crumble. Don’t worry, the lights went out but you’re still in charge. You do it so well. Command and lead and achieve, though some of you like to escape too much and in dangerous ways. Sometimes you walk on the wild side, but most of you keep it pretty clean. Some of you are walking on eggshells and holding back from expressing all that you are thinking. That’s how you prefer it, either ice cold or piping hot. Whatever it is, it’s coming in fresh for you.

Love Lines: There is a loner in Sagittarius that prevents them from making instant love bonds. They will have their conquests until they meet someone who stops them in their tracks and opens them up like a flower. Then Sagittarius will show their soft side, even romantic or luxurious. Sagittarius goes wrong when they look at love like a business dealing instead of a true romantic, love connection. A partner is a person, they are not meant to fill a certain role or ideal, accept people and love people for how they are, flaws and all.

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Mantra: “I Will open doors for you.” 

Leo (July 21-August 21)

Usual Mood: Happy, active sometimes down (sometimes explosive)

Biggest Problem: Filing your own shoes

The Read: You’re not in a place where you can complain, you might be smitten with your life. You have good memories to look back on, and your head is high because honestly, you can’t handle the lows. They can really take a toll on you, so you chose to be positive and uppity, merry and bright. You continue to contribute and contribute well. Seriously, you’re great at what you do, and you know it

Love Lines:  Leo will be the first man to leave because he’s not feeling any of the chicks, but when he’s feeling a chick, all is so much different. Male Leo actually wants to open up and be with someone in that way. See they might have tried to be the booty scavenger on the late-night, but that was never enough for Leo he/she always wanted more or couldn’t give enough because they just weren’t into it. A lot of Leos have that one friend that they had a falling out with that they can’t let back in. Leo needs not to be dramatic or petty about things because that’s not their style, but if they can’t let you back in again that’s just the way it is. Doesn’t mean Leo might not give you a like on Instagram or say hi to your face just means you won’t be getting those late-night chats anymore. The TLC days will be done.

The Grind: Leo needs to be in charge of what they do and work with people who feel their passion, and let Leo have some control in the final product. Leo is a master when they find their trade, just put them to work, but often it’s the Leo that put themselves to work and who become very successful. You know what you’re doing, and you’re only doing more of it as you age, yes you might have a partner and a family, but you really care about growing your business in addition to these things.

Mantra: “I can win in silence.”

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Usual Mood: Unpredictable, up and down, sometimes bitchy

Biggest Problem:  Making promises they can’t keep

The Read: Gemini likes to make their own rules so restrictions of any kind will not be admired. They won’t be sitting in a room alone. That’s for sure. A Gemini is likely to break a Covid rule, but on the down-low though. Gemini knows how to change its reputation, easily. They will let you in on what they want you to know. They will show up if they want to, and likely it will be on their time.

Love Lines: This year for Gemini is about love, finding it, cherishing it, and making it official. If you’ve been dating her for a long time and you know she’s the one, put a ring on it, it’s time. If you’re pondering him, or maybe him, or maybe even him then you’re not on the track for love. You are stuck in Gemini player mode, capable of moving on to the next. For so many Gems, true love is what has got them through. Love has been their saving grace, as they realize they actually want real love as oppose to a bunch of flings with pretty people. Whatever you’re doing this year, you’re going to ensure that it fits your needs. Sometimes Gemini is affected by the itchy sweater syndrome, something won’t feel right, and they just want it off them or out of their life.

The Grind: Regardless of what you do or what you’re doing, make sure it’s something you love doing because you know you don’t have the patience to watch paint dry, let alone watch a dream career pass you by. If you’ve found you’ve moved around a lot, it’s probably because you still haven’t found your spot. Still, don’t think you have to be held down in love and work. Do whatever makes you happy and know that you can always do more than one thing. For those Geminis who have always wanted to go out on their own but lacked the courage—now is the time to take those first steps.

Mantra: “I am the moment that passed you by.”

Libra (September 23-October 22)

Usual Mood:  Pleasant, charming sometimes depressed

Biggest Problem: Decisions, figuring it all out

The Read: Libra is not a boring cat; they’ll find ways to satisfy their social itch. They’ll miss their friends and will know how to keep in touch. If there’s a creative way to be together Libra will find it. Or they will go into loner mode, see no one, and spend all their time at home. Self-reflection is good for Libra and is highly encouraged. Some of you really need to think about your next step. Don’t get too comfy just because you are getting fed. Make sure what you’re doing justifies your self-worth. The lazy Libra attitude never did them any good.

Love Lines: Libra has to stop being so scared in love. Just let it happen without your reservations. You’re not the best at commitment, at least not typical commitment. Labels don’t make it right for you, it makes it right for you, or that person does, and you don’t need or want to define it. Taking the playful approach with new people can lead to flings, but many of you are past that, many of you, but not all.

The Grind: There is a part of Libra that wants to do their own thing or take charge of their career, but sometimes they get held back. Libra might be gifted in some capacity, potentially as an artist, and can make a living off their acute talents. Sometimes Libra is better at just putting their head down, listening to some music, and getting to work. Libra doesn’t want any enemies, which can make it hard for them to have a voice or take a front.

Mantra: “I will see the fortune in my own eyes.” 

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Usual Mood: Friendly, sharp sometimes anxious or irritated

Biggest Problem: Fitting it all into one bag

The Read: You are on your wandering journey, even as an adult, even as a married adult, or an adult with kids—it’s still such an adventure. How you keep it exciting. You’ve got to give yourself more credit. Sometimes you’re just a machine with all that you can do. You’re a force no less and you make an impact wherever you go.

Love Lines: Aquarius rarely finds love in a conventional way. They are known to switch it up. Babies before marriage, perhaps no marriage at all because Aquarius has values and that stuff is as important to them. They would just rather be in love for an eternity with a great partner. Oprah is an Aquarius and you just know her and Stedman are never getting married. It’s not a must-do for Aquarius. Single Aquarius will enjoy being single and will certainly mingle. Just remember how charming you are Aquarius and don’t break too many hearts.

The Grind: Aquarius is always pursuing a path of greatness just hopefully it is their own path. Aquarius has what it takes to lead their own business. Some Aquarius folks are extra laid back and work the honest living. Maybe you’re that genius kid who never went to college, either way don’t put your talent to waste. You have a lot to work with, and you know a part of you wants to run free and embrace your real dreams.

Mantra: “Everywhere I went and everywhere I will go.”

Capricorn (December 21-January 19)

Usual Mood: Tolerant, sometimes sweet sometimes boring

Biggest Problem: Holding back from their truth 

The Read: Happy Birthday! May you get a bit out of control for once, though you will likely be helpful, well-mannered, and well behaved. Capricorn doesn’t ever want to be known for having a mean spirit. Even if there is something rude Capricorn wants to say to you, they’ll probably hold their tongue.

Love Lines: Capricorn really does want to settle down, play house with you, and be serious. In love, they are looking for a teammate, and together you are a power couple. Capricorn is loyal and loves to please, they work hard and set a high standard. People often write off Capricorn as fake or snobby or basic when there are more layers to Capricorn, but they will pick who they show these sides to. It is safe to say that Capricorn is a little sophisticated, classy—they want the best life has to offer, and they’ll work for every experience of it.

The Grind: Capricorn invented the grind. They are usually the hardest and best workers. They do well when they put themselves out there. Capricorn will go for the big role and get it and flourish at it.  Work defines a big part of who Capricorn is, in some ways, it defines them like I know a Capricorn Dentist. She’d come home after a long day at work and be too exhausted to deal with her children. Finding a healthy balance with work, family, and relationships is key to keeping them alive and well.

Mantra: “I will speak my true truth.”

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Usual Mood: Content, pensive sometimes anxious or annoyed, at the worst angry

Biggest Problem: Eyes are too big for their stomach

The Read: You’re a little Bull baby in heaven with your baby, and that doesn’t mean you’re going to have babies, but if you were wondering if you should the answer is heck yes. You are so loving, providing, hardworking, and sensible. You could bring so much to another person’s life, but that of course has to be something that you want. Single Taurus will not stay single for very long.

Love Lines: Taurus is at their best when they are in love with the right person. Taurus usually gets it wrong at least a few times, but they always find real, solid love in the end, lasting love. So long, as a couple, you become an old habit. Creatures who like to do things like eat, sleep and fuck. Taurus really does have simple needs, and Taurus gals are practical gals but they will tolerate a guy waiting too long to pop the question, so long that marriage no longer matters to them anymore, they just know they are going to be partners for life.

The Grind: Taurus invented the grind then became president of it. This is a sign that knows how to work, that sets an example, and usually gets promoted to management rather quickly. Taurus can be well-round, sort of good at a lot of things, but never trying to be the best, or boost too much. If anything, Taurus is timid and doesn’t get caught up in a looking contest. At the end of the day, Taurus is more about content than they are about appearances. That being said you will be hard-pressed to meet a Taurus who doesn’t always look so perfectly put together. Taurus cleans up nice and for the ones they love; they will clean up often.

Mantra: “I will get exactly what I want and not just a taste of it.” 

Virgo (August 22-September 22)

Usual Mood: Serious, but sometimes mean or bitchy

Biggest Problem: Communicating their emotions to others

The Read: Clever and crafty are you ever, as you slide on your domestic jeans. This is where you are most relaxed, but you find it imperative to put your mark on something and do something great, and If you haven’t or can’t it’s a great disappointment to you, but it’s not to say that you haven’t even or that you never will, you are oozing with potential

Love Lines: When Virgo picks you, you can become theirs, but it has to fit. Virgo has to be getting their needs met. It is possible for Virgo to divorce, but often they suffer in silence if they are unhappy. Attraction is important, chemistry too, and if you don’t have those things it will not last.

The Grind: Work is very important to Virgo. They take it very seriously and it’s something they work hard not to mess up. So, try not to stand in their way too much when they bring the laptop on vacation and are legit writing emails from the car at the airport. That’s how serious they take it. Responsibility usually becomes their fate, as they work their way up the corporate ladder. Many successes will come from work for Virgo.

Mantra: “This Year I Fix Me.” 

Scorpio (November 22-October 23)

Usual Mood: Serious, sincere, sneaky and sometimes bitchy

Biggest Problem: Talking about themselves

The Read: Always there with the punch line, this sign rarely misses a beat. They can read you well and will know in an instance if they want to be associated with you. Scorpio is sharp and they can sense things. They have a sixth sense about things, which can make them quite the wizard.

Love Lines: There are so many options for Scorpio who are not the one so when they fall it’s for real and it’s for keeps. Scorpio is trusting you and that is something they don’t do. Love is not something Scorpio can fake and when they feel it, they feel it very deeply. They will go to great heights for their true love. Single Scorpio is reserved and not outgoing—doesn’t mean they don’t know how to flirt. Sometimes they just chose not to. Scorpio is the sign of sex and if Scorpio is in the mood, they will have random sexual and very secretive encounters. On the opposite, Scorpio might be totally opposed to sex and not really having any or making it a priority in the relationship. At the end of the day, if Scorpio has you in any capacity then they have you. Scorpio is a ride or die type of person. Once they are in your life, they are hard to get rid of unless you break their trust or hurt them or if they are jealous of you, then Scorpio will change towards you or let you go and never look back.

Mantra: “I Will Breath and Let It Go.” 

Cancer (June 21-July 20)

Usual Mood: Kind but can be crabby and get depressed

Biggest Problem: Holding on for too long

The Read: (Everybody loves you or everybody wants to love you, but you don’t want to love everybody all the time. Yes, your funny, but sometimes you go to dark places. Not all of you, just some of you who are still searching for their true love as it is love that completes the Cancer.

Love Lines: Cancer lives for romance. They are fulfilled by true love and family. They make for excellent parents to pets or children, and they have a take on things that will make you think. In love, Cancer provides the comfort and the protection. They are very protective of their true loved ones, but Cancer also needs to feel secure like you’ve got them 100% and there Is no looking back. If it doesn’t work out, Cancer is stuck staring at a burning building with no way, for a long time. Only Cancer can get themselves free.

Mantra: “I’ll Look on the Bright Side.” 

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Usual Mood: Open-minded, kind but sometimes sassy or short

Biggest Problem:  Loving themselves entirely

The Read: Some of you got your vote of confidence early, while others of you are still picking at the scab of the past, unable to get yourself where you need to be. Well as much as it sucks, you are exactly where you need to be. Pisces wants to enjoy life, they would never take the fun out of things, but when it’s time for something serious can they make the switch. Every fish is different, but most Pisces tolerate something that they shouldn’t. You are nice, but you’re learning that if someone has set a boundary with you, it must be for a reason.

Love Lines: Relationships don’t always go the way you dreamt them to. You latch onto the wrong person for too long over reasons that you tell yourself is just. When you deep down know better and maybe even think it all the time. Remember you’re a Pisces and that means you might get your happy ending last so don’t lose hope. There are plenty of happy committed Pisces in the world, but it does take someone really special for a Pisces to love with their full heart.

The Grind: If you’re holding down an important job, good for you, but ask yourself if it’s really what you want to do. Does it make you happy? Some of you are itching for a switch, and some of you are settling. Some of you don’t know how well you could do if you really tried and put in extra effort—to building yourself, not lifting someone else up.

Mantra: “Yes I Can!”

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