July 23, 2024
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The Power of New Beginnings

The Power of New Beginnings

You are more powerful that you think. 

By creating and fully believing in your own personal power to manifest new beginnings you can experience and achieve anything you wish for!

Herein lie some secret, powerful ways to use the energy of new beginnings and speed up the manifestation process. 

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1. Cleaning Brings Beginnings

Spring cleaning isn’t just metaphorically powerful, it is an intrinsic and necessary way to remove and extinguish repressive energy from our environments.

The Chinese pay a great deal of attention to the flow of energy (feng shui) and advise that clear pathways are required for the ‘new’ to enter our lives.  A cluttered home creates a cluttered life and will have a stifling effect on new endeavors.

To change any area of your life, you can start by ensuring that you rid yourself of items in your home that no longer serve a purpose.  Something as simple as a little layout change in an area of your home can attract the energy of newness.  Even removing everything from your closets, or shelves, cleaning and then reinstating all that is still required, can have an impressive effect on our psychological health, as well as the quality of the air we breathe.  Do take care to use minimal toxic chemicals when cleaning and refreshing surfaces however, water mixed with lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda will often suffice!

2. Burning Herbs and Incense

It is well known amongst the ‘new age’ communities that burning white sage can cleanse stagnant energy in the air. Sage sticks are easy to come by online or in alternative shops and can be burned regularly to cleanse negative energy and rejuvenate the vibrations of our home.  Burning sage is particularly important when moving home also, and should be burned in a new residence, as soon as you can and once everything is in place.  It is psychologically positive to burn sage when vacating a home/office also so that you feel the process of closing that chapter of your life. 

It’s not only sage, which is effective in this way, you can also dry sprigs of lavender, rosemary, thyme, or another invigorating herb to create a similar effect. 

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To have a fully impactful herb burning effect and create lovely new energy in your home; have a little clean first, open all your windows, and use a plate to catch any falling debris from the burning herbs (avoiding smoke alarms.)  Smudge in every room of the house, and in cupboards, corners, and any other areas which have unmoving air.

To further this process and to create a ‘new beginning’ burn some frankincense crystals after you have finished with herbs… They are even smokier than the herbs, but they infuse an uplifted sense of positivity into the neutralized room.  Used since at least 601BC in Europe as incense, there are many cones and sticks available for convenience also. 

3. How Beginnings Create Manifestations

The basics of manifesting our goals are, as one of my previous articles, based upon; decisiveness, clear thought, gratitude, and believing that have already achieved all that you wish for.

Most importantly, starting something is the only way to get the wheels in motion. 

You may have a dream of a wonderful, beautiful kitchen with clean light and a great sociable seating area.  It may be that your current living arrangement lacks all of this, but in order to act as if you already have what you wish for, then make any changes that you can to emulate your vision.

For instance, use mirrors to create more light, make sure you keep the area clean, and try to enjoy your time in this area of your home.  Add some chairs, even if there is no room, use the space you have as a seating area.  Even if it means making sure the floor is spotless and sitting in there with a few big cushions and some incense. 

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I speak from experience when I say that when you start to make something into your dream, the Universe will do the rest!

As a child, I decided I wanted frogs in my garden.  There were no known ponds nearby and the nearest river was a half-mile away.  Even so, I spent an afternoon digging an area for a small pond.  My Mom managed to find a large plastic container to insert into the hole I had proudly dug, which I then filled with water. 

The following morning, I was awoken excitedly by my Mom.  We already had a frog visitor!  I will never know from where or how….

4. Astrology is all About Beginnings

Your own personal birth chart is cast for the moment that you took your first breath in this world.  Astrologers also create charts for wedding dates and times, for the inception of new businesses, and even for moving home. 

The power of a date and a strong chart cannot be underestimated and so it’s a great tool to use, to add energy and power to a new start. 

I often advise my clients to use this power to their advantage.  If you do want to start a new business, it’s not the moment that registers the company that matters, or the day that you open the doors of new premises, but the moment that you create a ritual acknowledging the start.

This is a very useful way to get around difficult planetary configurations, as it’s not usually clear when a new idea has begun, and we can rarely control the time that we begin trading if starting a new business for example.  We can, however, draw up a chart that emphasizes all of the elements we deem most important to our success and perform a ritual at this time. 

It doesn’t need to be in any way magical or religious.  I often will light a candle, burn some incense, and spend a few minutes in meditation giving thanks and envisaging all that I wish for and feeling that sense of happiness and achievement that this success creates.   

5. Time Doesn’t Exist

Isn’t it funny that an astrologer, who uses the clock to create charts all the time, professes that time is not real at all also!

Life is a dichotomy and duality, and more often multiple outcomes can all be possible and accurate concurrently.  As a child, I had the feelings and often used to say, “time doesn’t exist.”  I don’t recall my schoolmates having any interest in what I was saying, but it was mostly a rhetorical realization that struck me as important.  At this point, before I had heard of astrology, I still had an awareness that the concept of the ticking clock was an entirely human construction. 

Perhaps spending so many hours with my cat, and observing nature made this all so much more evident. Interestingly cats interact with one another as if they wear a watch, (it has been shown that they often look after the same territory in shifts, meeting at set times to be ‘on guard’) They’re so wrapped up with human life I imagine it’s brushed off on them a little, or perhaps they are all responding to messages in nature that we cannot even perceive.

The importance of recognizing that time is an invention based only upon a slightly inaccurate equation of the orbit of the earth around the Sun and our Moon’s rotation around the Earth (resulting in a ‘leap year’ and 12 months, instead of 13), is that we can begin to use it correctly.

We all recognize that our orbit around the Sun is an important nod to the seasons and that the hours in a day are very useful for our employers and rulers to control us. 

However, when it comes to the soul, and its transitions or out of body experiences, time is absent entirely.  To the point where past, present, and future become redundant concepts. 

In order to really understand and utilize the power of new beginnings, we need to recognize we have the ability to step outside of the parameters of time!

Once we can see our lives outside of the construct of the day-to-day paradigm, then we can start to manipulate the experience of what manifests.  Whatever you view for your future, is also happening now!  If you act as if you are living it completely then the universe can do nothing but provide it…. just as you believe it to be. 

It really is that simple.  We house complicated, convoluted thought processes because we have been encouraged to do so. 

Yet, if we simplify everything, we can reprogramme not only our most likely future trajectory but also the power and the effect of our past. 

You are more powerful that you think. 

By creating and fully believing in your beginnings, you can experience and achieve anything you wish for!

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