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November Financial Horoscope

November Financial Horoscope

How does the future of your finances and work life look for the month of November? Scroll down and check out the financial horoscope for your rising sign to find out!


Don’t be too surprised if you have to make a large, unexpected investment on the 5th of the month. Shortly after, on the 7th, you might find that an authority figure of some sort is impeding your progress at work. This is just a slight set back though, so sit tight.

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Then, on the 16th Venus moves into Sagittarius, so expect your finances to expand in lucky and optimistic ways for the following weeks.


On the 5th you are going to be hit with a sudden urge to flip the script, throw out the old plot and start all over again, which is going to ruffle the feathers of your life and/or business partner. Two days later, on the 7th, it will feel like you have to choose between someone else’s feelings and your dream.

Honestly, it sounds like you need to sit down with your people and get clear about what the future looks like! On the 16th Venus moves into Sagittarius, ushering in a month of investing in the future. The following weeks aren’t for frivolous spending, they’re about carefully considering where you want to plant the seeds of growth in your life.


On the 5th it will be challenging to focus on your daily work tasks, it will feel as though a dark cloud has unexpectedly fallen over your head. You might want to consider taking some sick leave and calling out on that day actually!

However, by the 7th you will start to see how this reprieve from work was less of a setback and more of an opportunity (one step back is sometimes two steps forwards). On the 16th Venus will move into Sagittarius, so for the next few weeks your biggest money-making opportunities happen when you work with a partner.

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On the 5th Venus will be pushing you to be more playful and frivolous with your expenses; your desire for joy at the start of the month will make you more likely to spend the big bucks on fun experiences.

By the 7th you may find that you’ve gotten into some complicated waters with your spending and now you have some obligations halting your progress–sometimes money binds us to people and places! Then, on the 16th, Venus moves into Sagittarius which is actually a great transit for you to focus on being a bit more pragmatic with your spending habits.


Projects around the house have been taking up more of your energy lately, but a hitch in the plans at work draws your attention towards the greater life goals you’re working towards. Think about your life’s vision on the 5th.

When it comes to paying rent/mortgages/home projects, on the 7th of the month things get tough, specifically if you have a partner, so expect to butt heads a bit! However, the pressure does start to ease up by the 16th when Venus moves into Sagittarius and your resources become more free-flowing again.


You might find that you come up with a new idea for budgeting or tracking your spending on or near the 5th of the month; a sudden stroke of genius will help you think outside of the box and get a better handle on your finances.

Be cautious on the 7th though, there is likely to be some sort of setback or restriction at work (if you were hoping for good news on that day, lower your standards). On the 16th Venus moves into Sagittarius, so for you this means that you better spend on family and projects at home for the next few weeks.

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Be careful of any money borrowed or lent on the 5th because it comes with heavy strings attached (more than just the regular IOUs). Then, on the 7th of the month you will feel weighed down by a certain amount of guilt when it comes to your recent spending habits.

It’s up to you to figure out when you’re spending recklessly or out of necessity. Lastly, on the 16th Venus moves into Sagittarius, so after that, you will be more about planning rather than spending for the next few weeks.


A sudden change to a close personal relationship of yours will push you to spend unexpectedly on yourself on the 5th of the month. By the 7th you’ll be pulled to spend more time at home focusing on family, so it’s probably for the best that you devote that time and resources to yourself while you can.

On the 16th Venus will move into Sagittarius which is arguably the best money-making spot in your chart for Venus to be in, so enjoy some extra cash for the following weeks!


There will be an unforeseen shakeup at work on or near the 5th of the month. This will affect your finances in some way, however, be careful of how that affects your self-worth! A few days later, on the 7th, you are likely to be feeling mentally blocked from this financial setback; take note of your own limiting thoughts.

On the 16th Venus moves into Sagittarius and things should start getting much better financially in the following weeks!


Your financial situation has likely been going well, however, on the 5th it may seem like you suddenly feel as though you’re being pulled in another direction. By the 7th you’ll be debating whether or not this new desire is something you’re truly worthy of, or if it’s something you can actually afford to invest in!

Luckily, on the 16th, Venus moves into Sagittarius, so the next few weeks are all about facing your fears and bad financial habits.


On the 5th you may need to call out sick and take care of something unexpected at home or with your family (work goes on the backburner at the start of the month). In fact, by the 7th you may be met with an internal conflict which has you questioning if you are even at the right job or in the right field!

By the 16th, when Venus moves into Sagittarius, You’ll be looking to expand your money-making horizons. The following weeks are great for receiving new opportunities and sending out resumes.


On the 5th of the month a conversation may spark a sudden and unexpected realization within you; this realization will change the way you think about and approach your finances for the better!

You’ll hit a roadblock on the 7th though, a certain limiting belief around money will rear its head and beg to be dealt with. Lastly, on the 16th Venus will move into Sagittarius for a few weeks and this will greatly help your larger career goals and ambitions!

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