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The 3 Luckiest Signs In November 2022

The 3 Luckiest Signs In November 2022

The year is coming to an end at a rapid speed, and with so many changes happening in the sky some signs will see an extra boost of luck and expansion happening in their lives. With Jupiter back in Pisces, A Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus, and lucky Sagittarius season coming to a head, many changes can be expected for everyone, but especially these 3 signs. Are you curious to know if your sign is one of the lucky ones? Then keep on reading:

1. Pisces

Pisces, Jupiter has just retrograded into your sign for the 3rd time in the last two years. With Jupiter being the planet of luck, expansion, blessings, travel, and knowledge you can bet that November is going to be filled with many auspicious moments. Soak up every moment because Jupiter (who happens to rule your sign) won’t be in Pisces for another twelve years. This is exactly the time for you to focus on your dreams – those aspirations you have for the future, and the messages you receive in your sleep.

You’re receiving a major hug from the Universe to bless everything that comes in your path. Grab every opportunity, follow your intuition, and don’t hesitate to put yourself out there. This is a time for great confidence and to carry the lessons of self-worth you have accumulated over the last 2 years into your future. Reflect to the world how much you have learned and remember to share your wisdom and guidance with those in your life. You have earned every blessing that has come into your life, so stop second-guessing and allow yourself to receive the abundance.

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2. Taurus

Growth is on the cards for you this month, Taurus. There will be a big acceleration taking place for all Taureans at the beginning of November with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse taking place in your sign on November 8. Rahu, or the North Node acts a bit like Jupiter in that expands and accelerates everything it touches. Although this time might be marked by some difficulty and challenges, it is the Universe’s way of stepping in and pivoting you into a new, but definitely better direction.

This is a turning point in your life bringing you closer to your destiny and who you are meant to be. Although it is possible that you feel overwhelmed by all the changes, know that all the challenges are pushing you towards accelerated growth and ultimate abundance and blessings. Remember that new beginnings often feel like painful endings. If you can see this as a necessary journey towards the best version of yourself then it should make the process a lot easier to cope with.

3. Sagittarius

Sagittarius, you might feel November starting off slow, but as the month progresses you’ll start to feel more vital, full of energy, and expansive. Your ruling planet Jupiter happens to be in Pisces, the other sign your planet rules giving you general luck and blessings. However, the planets start piling up in Sagittarius mid-month when Venus enters your sign on November 16 followed by Mercury on November 17 and then the Sun on November 22.

You’ll instantly start feeling more attractive, social, and like you can finally be your authentic self. This energy comes to a crescendo with the New Moon in Sagittarius on November 23 signifying a time of new beginnings and opportunities for your sign. And on the same day your ruling planet Jupiter goes direct so you can expect rapid growth and forward motion in your life. Your luck is about to get a major boost from the Universe!

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