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Astrology is a subject that consists of a number of beliefs that holds a relationship between your planets and events or your personality descriptions in the human world. Based on your date of birth, place and time Job Astrology can very easily determine your career, business or professional path that will benefit you.

Our career takes up large parts of our lives, which in turn determines what kind of life we are living. The career choice is an important thing and hence is crucial to make the right decision. If you find yourself in a never-ending maze of complexities, astrology codes hold your answers.

Career paths by zodiac sign

Each zodiac sign has its astrology codes according to which their effect professional life is affected. The breakdown of your signs can illuminate strength and weaknesses alike. They can let you know the traits that can help you lead a more successful career life. Hence, it is important to go through each of them one by one. See Ideal Jobs based on your Sign.


They are natural leaders who are highly competitive and can excel in organized sports.


They are organized and persistent and ruled by romance. So, a career in cinematography and fashion are beneficial.


Master of Communication who does not want a typical life, astrology can lead you to journalism and novel writing.


They are sensitive and caring in nature. This sign tends towards healthcare and childcare.


They love being in power, but they are also genuine grown-up people who take delight in their work. Astrology leads you to a job in which you work independently and get appreciated.


You are neat and organized. You can perform best in peaceful conditions. Careers like healthcare and finance are for you.


Flexible and goal oriented who cannot bear injustice. Justice or diplomacy related careers are best for you.


You have the talent to persuade people around you. However, you may sometimes get angry or grow impatient of things or people around you. This sign indicates a calm and peaceful job.


This is a restless sign, and it may be difficult to settle for any one career. Hence according to astrology, you may consider teaching or counseling areas.


They can have any career they choose to be in provided that they get themselves to work it out. Any high-pressure job is good for you as you may work perfectly under pressure.


You may be regarded as one who is indecisive of their career. However, your sense of creativity opens for your job opportunities in the tech world.


They are imaginative and observant. Your ability to understand motives makes you an effective manager.

Which planet is responsible for a job in Astrology?

According to the dictum of astrology house, 1st, 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses are responsible for your profession. The house second, sixth and tenth are triangular from each other. The second house is the house of wealth, which indicated the receipt of money in any way. The sixth house means service and hence indicated inflow of money through loans etc. The tenth house is the house of Karma.

Lord of tenth House and the planets placed in this house will predict your profession. It is always seen that people, then go through the phase of 10th house in their horoscope get an assignment but this should also be remembered that any planet can offer a job as long as the planet of the 10th house influences it.

Why am I not getting a job?

The most frequently asked question by the astrologers is ‘when will I get a job?’ or ‘why am I not getting a job?’ The answer to it lies in the astrology and the movement of planets in the 10thhouse. As mentioned above the 10th house of horoscope indicates professional life Saturn placed in 8th house causes more difficulties in life as Saturn is the master, which will certainly create difficulties, but it does not mean denial.

If the 10th lord is itself weak or placed with negative planets, the chances are that your career is not blooming any time soon. For that to happen, it should be positioned in beneficial houses with positive planets. Placement of lord of 10th house in the chart and when there is a transit of the lord of the 10th house.

The Saturn transit over the 8th house is the most dangerous for any job and profession. It can mean down a promotion in a career. You may have to face difficulties, Saturn transit over 8th house must be strengthened and so does the lord of ascendant to remove these problems.

Astrology Codes

The astrology codes are yet another way to express a character code. Your astrological codes are pictured on your birth chart as each one of you has a personal code according to their character. The credit of deciphering these codes go to Elbert Benjamin who finds out the hidden code associated with the words. Planets and zodiac signs-the astrological traits-provides a world of breathtaking information so hurry up and learn what your astrological codes mean so you can guarantee for yourself a promising job or a good change in job.

In conclusion

Your career spans over the 90 percent of your life. If you do not have a career that makes you the happy chances are that you will lead a life without much happiness. To prevent such downfalls in life Astrology gives us a simple way i.e., astrological codes and planets and houses which are positive. So why wait to fail and make your career firm.


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