July 23, 2024
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Exploring the 4 Main Types of Intuition

The human species, as with many other animal species, relies heavily on intuition. Many times, we will make decisions because they feel “right” or because the alternative feels “wrong”. This decision isn’t based on logic or rational thought, it’s a case of us following our gut because to do otherwise comes with a sense of doom or negativity. So, while we all may be intuitive by nature, there are more specific examples of taking your intuition to the next level. Learning how to tap into psychic abilities doesn’t have to be something you only dream of. In this article, we will explore the four main types of intuition as well as looking at some techniques and tips for aiding the development of these abilities.

The Four Clairs

Before we go any further, we must discuss the four clairs: clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, and claircognizance. Each of these types of intuition involves a different sense and our ability to pick up on subtle energy shifts within each sense to understand that feeling of uneasiness or discouragement.

Learning how to tap into your psychic abilities will involve exploring one or more of these four clairs. Don’t worry if you have absolutely no idea what any of these are, we’re going to explore each one individually. This will allow us to better explore the various avenues our intuition can lead us down due to each of the clair abilities.

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Out of all the various psychic abilities, claircognizance is undoubtedly the least well-known. Claircognizance, which is also referred to as “clear-knowing”, is one of the most common psychic abilities as it appears in many different levels. What you describe as your “gut instinct” is a very minor form of claircognizance.

Individuals who develop this psychic ability can know things without being told about them, seeing them, reading about them, or discovering them through any other channel. Many describe this ability as being like downloading information to your brain but unintentionally. A claircognizant will simply know if something is true or has happened without having any evidence to support it. Feelings and claircognizance go hand in hand.


Clairaudience is another one of the types of intuition that many people have never heard of. Many people confuse the claircognizance and clairaudience abilities due to the similar manner in which information is received.

Clauraudience literally means clear-hearing and is the ability to listen to sounds that exist beyond the physical world. This can include, but certainly isn’t limited to: angels, spirits, your higher self, and other individuals with psychic abilities.

Some clairaudients will hear sounds as if their origin exists within the physical world, but many, if not most people will hear the sound internally. This is similar to your inner-voice except that you’re aware that the voices, sounds, music, ETC, don’t belong to you or your mind.

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Moving onto the final two types of intuition that we’ll be covering today, we have clairsentience. When translated, this word means “clear feeling” and refers to exactly that: the ability to feel the emotions of those around you. There is a lot of debate as to whether empaths are simply powerful clairsentients as both of their abilities are exactly alike.

A clairsentient can (willingly or unwillingly) sense the emotions being felt by those surrounding them. In many ways, this ability is both a gift and a curse, particularly when you’re first developing it and don’t quite have full control. Imagine being at a funeral and experiencing not only your own grief but also the sadness and grief of everyone in the room.

Don’t let that scare you off though. Clairsentience is perhaps one of the most underrated psychic abilities You’ll find someone with clairsentience recognizing feelings in every situation. This makes developing relationships much easier and is particularly useful when trying to help a friend or family member through a rough patch.


Without a doubt, clairvoyance is the most widely known psychic ability. The term translates as meaning clear vision which also describes the notion well. Clairvoyance is the ability to see that which is unseen. Meaning that you see events or histories but with your mind rather than your eyes.

Out of all the types of intuition, clairvoyance is the one that allows the most information to be gathered. Clairvoyants can “see” people, locations, buildings, objects, and more. It is the ability most commonly associated with psychics (particularly those seen in movies).

Developing Abilities

There’s no quick fix for developing psychic abilities. Out of the 4 types of intuition we’ve discussed, you may find that you’re naturally drawn towards one rather than the others. However, it’s possible that you could harness 2, 3, all four, or even none. So be sure to manage your expectations beforehand.

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As with most aspects of spirituality, the benefits of meditation cannot be overstated. When trying to develop any psychic ability, being able to quieten your mind in order to tap into your sub-conscious processes is an essential step.

Meditation is a way to practice doing just that. You may even find that during meditation, any psychic abilities you possess emerge or activate. Many psychics enter a mental state similar to meditation when trying to actively use their abilities.

Introduce meditation into your daily routine (or every other day if you’re a busy person) and see what pops into your consciousness when your mind is focused.


Believe it or not, but your diet could be the very reason that you’ve been unable to develop so much as a hint of psychic ability so far in your life. Eating low-energy foods can dampen psychic abilities as well as other mental, physical, and spiritual processes. You want to avoid processed food as much as possible and if you can, stick to organic foods that haven’t been sprayed with chemicals.

On a similar note, you want to avoid anything that messes with your body’s natural bio-chemistry. This includes, but is not limited to, alcohol, caffeine, drugs, and any non-natural supplements.

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