July 16, 2024
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Fortune Telling Foods

Exploring 5 Fortune Telling Foods and How to Use Them

When it comes to fortune telling, you aren’t limited to using a crystal ball or tarot cards. Many people who can successfully tell the future use rather abstract ways of doing so. In many cases, it’s less about the technique used and is much more about the ability to concentrate psychic energy, which is where our 5 fortune telling foods come in.

In this article, we’re going to explore how you can use 5 fortune telling foods in order to focus your abilities. This list of foods won’t require you to travel off to exotic locations in order to source them. These are everyday items that you can easily find at your local supermarket. Let’s start off by getting a better understanding of psychic abilities.

Using Psychic Abilities

The term ‘psychic abilities’ is incredibly vague as there is a whole list of psychic powers out there, many of which relate to fortune telling in some form or another. Divination psychic powers are those primarily focused on searching for knowledge about future events. They differ from clairvoyance and other similar abilities in that they require items to aid in translating this knowledge.

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It is these forms of psychic ability that we’ll be focusing on today. Rather than go through the whole list of psychic powers, we’ll look at each of the 5 fortune telling foods and explore the methodology of using them to acquire knowledge or insight about the future.

There is a very clear reason why this form of carrying out a psychic reading is used less often than tarot cards, crystal balls, or palms: these approaches can be far more challenging to interpret and understand. As we’ll see, that isn’t always the case, but if you’re looking for an in-depth answer to a question, you’ll have to be ready to trust your intuition.

Tea Leaves/Coffee Grounds

The first of the 5 fortune telling foods that we’re going to explore is reading tea leaves or coffee grounds. This is a common practice, one that we see within many films and TV shows, but it certainly isn’t one for beginners.

The technique is relatively simple, in theory. When someone has finished a cup of tea or coffee, you glance into the cup and explore the residue for symbols, words, letters, numbers, faces, or even locations. This approach does offer you a vague sort of timeline as the closer a symbol is to the rim of a cup, the sooner the event will happen.

Interpreting these symbols is the hardest aspect of tea leave/coffee ground reading. The best thing you can do is note down all the significant symbols, letters or whatever else, along with their rough distance from the rim, and then explore these for potential meanings. Without a lot of practice with interpreting such signs, you may struggle to piece it all together.

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Number 2 of our 5 fortune telling foods is herbs. Burning herbs is an ancient practice that dates back well beyond some of the most ancient civilizations. There are a number of benefits to the practice, some of which aren’t directly related to divination.

For starters, burning certain herbs can help ward off negative energies as well as cleansing them from your mind, body, or soul. They can also cause a buildup of more positive energy to occur which can help keep your mind clear and focused. This can be a major help when attempting to tell someone’s fortune.

The herbs themselves aren’t the source of information, but rather the tendrils of smoke that are the product of burning them. As the smoke dances through the air: twisting, turning, and forming different shapes and patterns, you will see symbols or shapes that stand out to you. By writing these down, you can interpret their meaning with the hope of unveiling important information about the future.

Like tea leaves, this isn’t a technique for beginners, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try it out to see how it goes. Who knows, you might be a natural.


Next of the 5 fortune telling foods is the onion. Onions might not be the first food that comes to mind when thinking about fortune telling, but they offer a unique method that is perfect for beginners. The onion is a natural cleansing agent that holds several health benefits, but by applying a little knowledge, you can use onions to answer your questions about the future.

Cromniomancy is a European tradition that involves using the onion in a similar manner to tarot cards: in that, you ask a question with the hope that an answer will reveal itself to you. The main difference is that there is little to no interpretation necessary with Cromniomancy.

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Simply hold the onions in your hand as you ask a question. Next, carve representations of your choices onto each onion. For example, if your options are people then carve initials, if they are more complicated ideas then use symbols. Whichever onion sprouts first is the answer to your question.


Fruit may be one of the most common things you can pick up from any supermarket, but it can offer you an approach to glimpsing knowledge of the future. Again, this isn’t an approach that will work for beginners but for those of you more experienced, it can be a simple way to learn information.

Use a peeler to create a long ribbon of fruit peel and throw this over your shoulder onto the floor. It’s going to land in a weird and unusual form and through this form, you can interpret its meaning. Some people will ask a question as they throw the peel over their shoulder and then interpret the peel as an answer.


The last of the fortune telling foods is the coconut. Using the hard shell of the coconut to answer questions of the future is a common practice within West African tribes. This technique can be used by beginners but don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of this method.

Using a chunk of the shell, ask your question and then flip it up unto the air. You can decide which side represents ‘yes’ or ‘no’, but traditionally speaking, the hair side is viewed as being the positive answer and the soft, inner side is viewed as being the negative answer. Just be sure to keep your questions simple.

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