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Astrology Surprising Facts

Astrology Surprising Facts on a Count!

Astrology is the parallel between celestial bodies and the interaction of all humans with nature.  It is a phenomenon that has been scrutinized over time by people that came and went. Regardless of how you view astrology in this very moment, you might give it more credit after reading these astrology surprising facts and clues about the ancient art of astrology.

Despite the controversy, astrology is growing greatly in popularity. The word itself poetically translates to the phrase ‘reason of the stars.’ However, the more popular the study of the stars gets, the more it grows prone to attract skepticism.

Let us check some unique facts about Astrology.

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1-  History

The fascinating aspect of astrology is its age. The Mesopotamian scholars observed the skies and studied the celestial motions religiously, recording their proceedings in clay tablets which are said to date back over 5000 years. Astrology trickled into Greece after the conquests of Alexander the Great, and stretched throughout the Greek empire, India, Egypt and then to ancient Rome while becoming more structured, less religious and hence more popular.

2-  The Moon

Not only is it merely an astrology surprising fact, but astrologers also claim that the moon affects the human body as much as it has an effect on the tides of the oceans because the human body already has about 75 percent water. Not only is the moon said to affect a woman’s menstrual cycle, but it is also known to stir emotions deep within a person.

3-  Its Growth

Whether it comes out to you as funny astrology or not but only a third of our population actually believes in astrology. Sometimes, people that are more influential are the fastest growing believers in astrology, according to a study by USA Today, with the total number varying between 6,000 – 8,000 people who choose astrology as a profession.

4-  Politics and Economy

In the political half, when the American president Ronald Reagan was shot in an assassination attempt, his wife hired an astrologer to forecast his future safety. Whereas, in finance and economy, it has always been common knowledge that astrology was used by a large percentage of Wall Street brokers.

5-  Predictions of the past

The most famous astrologer – Nostradamus, predicted events such as the Second World War occurring, the assassination attempts on presidents and, most recently, the 9/11 incident. These are the kinds of records found in the surprising astrology facts!

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6-  Originally predicted harvests

The Zodiac was aimed at agricultural predictions for healthier crop yields in the natural cycle. Farmers depended upon it for their crops and sustenance by reading the constellations before setting up their farming according to it.

7-  Literary significance now

BA and MA degrees about Astrology were offered from July 2000 at The Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences in Seattle. The institute itself was made after a German astronomer who was also a known mathematician, J. Kepler. The degree programs cost around $5000 annually and allow the student to stay at home and study about astrology.

8-  Science or Art?

Astrology is said to be stretched through both: science and art. It claims scientific status because it constitutes of mathematical problems and a branch of astronomy. Apart from that, the part of astrology that is art comes from the concept that it depends upon the interpretation and the idea formulated with respect to traits and tendencies.

9-  Used by Old rulers

In the middle ages, Astrology became famous amongst the Catholics, and it was not long before the Catholic popes began practicing it with a religious undertone. The first Catholic horoscope was drawn by Sixtus IV, and Julius II chose his coronation date according to it as well, followed by Leo X and Paul III.

10-  Adolf Hitler and an astrologer

Hitler was predicted to become a “Führer” by an astrologer in 1924. Astrologer Frau Ebertin was given Hitler’s birth chart by a female “fan,” but how did that fan get hold of his birth chart? We have no clue!

11-  Location may affect our Zodiac

Some often believe that our geographical locations can affect how we may fare in our lives. They believe that through astrology, we can see which areas we would be more happy and prosperous.

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12-  Rift between Scientists and Astrologists

Another one of astrology surprising facts is that science drags along more skepticism against astrology. It argues that your life is affected more by your genetics than by your birth. Astrologers, according to scientists, ignore matters such as the impact and involvement of the non-solar bodies such as asteroids and comets. They ignore the wobble in the earth’s rotation axis, which has by now shifted the sun signs by 1 or 2 constellations.

13-  Astrology for the future

At Southampton University, the research group was set up for the critical study of astrology. Very knowledgeable individuals are currently researching chronic social issues amongst people which may have something common amongst them, regarding their births. Some of these issues are addressed as alcoholism’s link to Jupiter or perhaps, the correlation between prostitutes and their date of birth. This just shows how widely expanded zodiacs have become to inculcate such practices about astrology amongst people.


According to a survey, most individuals spend nearly $100 million a year on astrology and invest themselves into the practice to learn more about themselves and their future, feeding onto that vanity figment wired inside our brains. Considering the surprising astrology facts, it is believed that Astrology is an assortment of values and customs, which state that the position of the constellations. Or planets of the solar system may influence us to an extent, yet the practice about astrology and the very term varies depending upon persons and the cultures they hail from. Yet, there is nothing more fascinating than astrology itself!

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