June 15, 2024
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5 Ways to Cope With the Covid-19 Pandemic

5 Ways to Cope with the Covid-19 Pandemic

While scientists are still sorting out the facts about Covid-19, there’s one thing we already know for sure — this deadly virus is causing a lot of stress and anxiety! Just turn on NPR or BBC and you’ll hear many stories about how this novel coronavirus is wreaking havoc in people’s lives in every country and every culture on the planet. So, what are we going to do about it? Throw a pity party or get busy turning lemons into lemonade?

Let’s choose the later and take action! After all, it’s better for our collective mental health if we face this challenge with a big dose of proactive positivity.

Below, you’ll find 5 ways you can regain positive control over your Corona pandemic mental state and physical well-being. In fact, these ideas will also help you attract more money and other positives into your life as well. So, here we go!

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1. Clear Your Chakras

When there’s a disruption to our psyche, like we’re all experiencing during the coronavirus quarantine, it’s easy for your chakras, the energy centers within your body, to become clogged. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to make sure you clear your chakras on a regular basis. Some people use self-meditation techniques or crystals to clear their chakras. However, you may not be in the mood to learn how to effectively self-meditate if you don’t already know how and crystal shopping is probably not the easiest to do while quarantining at home during an economic downswing.

So, how do we solve this and make it easy for you to clear your chakras on a daily basis during the Covid-19 pandemic? Well, all you need really is an internet connection and a smartphone or a laptop. Go to always popular YouTube site and search for “chakra healing music” and you’ll find plenty of selections to unblock and revitalize your chakras. You’ll even find chakra healing music that will last for many hours so you can play it while you sleep… how’s that for easy!?

2. Cleanse Your Aura

You may not realize this but your energy fields extend far outside your physical body into a region of space called your aura. Like the chakras within your body, your aura can get muddled and clogged, especially during prolonged stressful situations like we’ve been having for the last several months with Covid-19. When your aura energy is disrupted, it can be difficult for the cosmos to send you positive energy. When this happens, your energy may become stale at best and in a total state of disharmony at worst. You’ll need to be as proactive in cleansing your aura as you are about healing your chakras, especially the Coronavirus pandemic continues.

While the healing music you find on YouTube for clearing your chakras will also help your aura, there are actually special frequencies that are more optimal for cleansing your aura. Therefore, you can search on YouTube separately for “aura cleansing” or “aura detox.”  The 741 Hz Solfeggio Frequency is one that is considered particularly good for cleansing the aura and helping you eliminate feelings of negativity. However, every person is different in how they respond to Solfeggio frequencies so you may want to experiment a bit and see what helps you the most.

3. Smudging Your Covid-19 Quarantine Space

In addition to healing music, you can use a simple technique called “smudging” to clear the negative energy from your home during the Covid-19 quarantine. Purifying your quarantine space will also help cleanse your energy soul and allow you to achieve more peace and happiness during the quarantine. Smudging will clear away all those negative feelings that have been building up in your quarantine space during the Coronavirus pandemic. After you smudge your space, you should immediately sense a difference and you’ll experience more positive energy flowing in from the universe.

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One popular way to “smudge” is by burning a smudge stick. The smoke and ions from the smudge stick purify the air in every room of your home. A smudge stick is usually created from a bundled mass of white sage. However, during the Corona quarantine, it may be more difficult for you to purchase a smudge stick. Luckily, you can use whatever herbs you happen to have on hand. If you don’t have any herb bushes in your yard, you can simply buy a bundle of culinary herbs like sage, thyme, or rosemary the next time you get groceries. Let the leaves dry out a few days before you attempt to burn them. You could also buy some tangerines, dry out the peel, and burn that. Be sure to carry a fireproof container to catch the ashes as you smudge. For example, a metal mixing bowl or a metal pot would work well. Starting at your front entrance, be sure to smudge in every room of your home, concentrating on areas where the air may be stale such as corners or windowless bathrooms.

4. Nature Bathing (Corona Style)

Here, we’re going to turn to Japan for inspiration. In Japanese culture, a strong work ethic is valued above almost anything else. This is due in large part to having the build back the country after the decimation that occurred in World War 2. Working extra hard is a matter of national pride and there is immense pressure from peers and family to work as hard as you can. As a result, many Japanese people put in sixty or more work hours a week causing them to burn out and their stress-causing cortisol levels to rise astronomically. In fact, Japan has the highest stress levels in the world. This in turn led to an epidemic in mental health issues, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and other ailments caused by high stress. This has caused a desperate need to find ways to reduce stress and these methods can be modified to help us during the Coronavirus epidemic.

The most popular stress-reducing activity in Japan today is known as “forest bathing” or “shinrin yoku.” Guides take people out into an evergreen forest to soak in the sounds and scents of nature. Studies have now shown that bird chorus and the volatile oils produced by evergreen trees can dramatically lower blood. Further, this blood pressure-lowering effect can linger for days, even weeks. If you can’t find a secluded wooded area to “forest bath” in, try doing the next best thing. Get up extra early when your neighborhood is extra quiet and listen — REALLY LISTEN — to the birds sing their melodies. If you don’t have trees (or flowers) producing health-promoting scents, try essential oils. You can even get evergreen oils that will smell exactly like that fresh scent in an evergreen forest.

5. Consult a Psychic Online

Psychics have seen a huge upsurge in people seeking their help during the Coronavirus pandemic. People are having truly strange dreams and many are feeling unsettled and uncertain about the future. Some people also feel like their life is simply falling apart and they need the help of a psychic to help center them again, clear their mind, and get their energies flowing in positive and constructive ways again. This all makes sense because people are social creatures that reciprocally feed off each other. Quarantining for months, not going to work and seeing co-workers in person, and not going to school and other activities has a good way of playing with your emotions.

If truth be told, psychics can actually be better than therapists at helping people find the answers they need to feel more centered and more relaxed. So, a live psychic consultation with an online psychic may be the major “pick me up” you need to start feeling normal again during quarantine and to find a way to navigate our troubled times. Psychics give readings over the phone, through FaceTime, through Zoom, and other online platforms. Some may even give you a priority if you’re really suffering due to the Covid-19 quarantine. You can get a one on one consultation or participate in a group session. Either way, an online psychic is a good solution for coping with Corvid-19 and the quarantine and social distancing.

Final Thoughts

One source of solace may be the fact that we’re all going through the hardship of the Coronavirus epidemic “together” even though we are socially distancing. In other words, we’re all sharing this incredible life experience. Hard times like these that affect almost everyone has a way of pulling us closer together and making us all appreciate each other even more. This is similar to what happened during the Great Depression when almost everyone went through an extended period of hard times.

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We’ve all felt sorry for the kids, especially the high schoolers, who are missing out on the important childhood markers like graduation ceremonies, class projects, and field trips. However, as hard as it is, keep in mind that the Great Depression also produced what we now call “The Greatest Generation.” It is very likely that the kids and young adults experiencing this coronavirus will also be impacted for life. However, it may also produce circumstances that transform our kids into the next “Greatest Generation,” and in fact, improves the psychic fiber of us all. We can all use this time for personal transformation and psychics are people with gifts that can help guide us through this positive change.

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