July 23, 2024
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6 Common Dream Themes and Their Meanings

6 Common Dream Themes and Their Meanings

At the moment we are all experiencing some kind of change to our daily lives.  Whether this is related to our work patterns, concerns about health, adjusting to loss, or simply the sense of pervading unknown that the world is currently experiencing, at this time our dreams are more important than ever. 

The Themes

Our dreams are an insight into our psychological processes, a connection with our subconscious minds, and an indication of where we need to pay attention in order to be more healthy, happy, and balanced, even when faced with such uncertainty.

Although we all have unique ways of thinking and processing information in our minds, there are certain themes that seem to ring true for most people.  All-in-all most of us learn the same basic forms of education at school, along with the same kinds of manners and basic survival needs.  Even if we live in an entirely different culture and speak a different language our relationship with water will be very similar to that of most other people.

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So, let’s use that as a starting point. 

1. Dreams about Water

Water represents emotions and feelings in our dreams; just as the Moon in the astrological chart, correlating beautifully to the tides and the cycles of life.  It is the nature of the water which provides insights into our current emotional landscape.

For instance, a dream of sailing confidently at sea would indicate that we feel ‘in control’ and ‘on top of’ our current emotional situation.  Whereas, a dream of a tidal wave would represent a fear of being overwhelmed by an uncontrollable wave of emotions and may well indicate that the dreamer is suppressing their day to day feelings due to this fear.

A dream of a flood may be about us feeling that things are starting to spill from one area of our life into another.  Perhaps a relationship problem is affecting our work life and we sense damage.

Being in the water may be about us embracing the idea of becoming closer to an emotional experience, and embarking on a new relationship.

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2. Teeth problems

This is a surprisingly common dream, that people tend to have when they are feeling insecure, or like they are facing issues that they are not equipped to deal with.  A promotion at work may bring this kind of dream as we question our ability to deal with a greater workload and responsibility.

It could be that there is an area of our lives in which we don’t feel good enough, or that we match up to others.

Often this dream will be about teeth falling out, rather than pain, and where we are when this occurs in the dream will tell us more about the areas in which we feel we are not as able to cope as we would hope.

A methodical approach to developing one’s confidence and skill set will usually be enough to deal with the daytime situation that we are fearing.

3. Running away/being chased

This is a very common dream for children, and often one that many will have as a recurring dream that they first recall.  It is to do with going through great changes in life experience and feeling pressure to adapt too quickly.

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For a child, it could be connected to the pressures of starting school, and suddenly needing to be doing a certain thing, at a certain time, wearing a particular outfit.  It can be very stressful for some children to have so much change and pressure thrust upon them in such an extreme manner.

If this is the kind of dream you had as a child, you will find that it will occur again in your adult life when you are in the same kind of situation.  If expectations and pressures are suddenly placed upon you, a connect to the first time your personality was subject to this kind of change and your subconscious will use the same symbolism to process this.

Metaphorically you want to ‘run away ‘and ‘feel free’ because you feel oppressed and that the world does not allow you to be as you truly are at this time.

4. Being naked

Another common dream that most of us experience when we are exposed in our real lives.  It could be that you have to do a presentation at work for the first time and everybody will be looking at you.  Perhaps there is some gossip about you in your social scene that is making you feel vulnerable and exposed.

Shy people will be more prone to dreams where they suddenly find they are not clothed or even ar seen by others whilst on the toilet.

It is to do with your personal space being infringed upon and if this isn’t happening for in a way which will benefit you (public speaking will develop your character, gossip will not) then you need to look at making some changes to what and who you are allowing into your closer circle in life.

5. Falling in love

This is a very uplifting dream and dreams of this sort can be very vivid on a deep level, rather than necessarily a visual one.

If you are single and you have a dream of this sort, it may actually be that love is coming to you and preparing you for the feeling.  Some people dream of their soulmates just before they meet and at times even see their faces accurately.  Others will dream of how it feels to be with this person, and if you do feel an all-encompassing love in your dream that stays with you when you awake, do use this as an indicator of the kind of love your soul wishes for and how to recognize that love when you find it.

If you dream of being in love with somebody other than your true love, then it probably represents parts of them and your own character that are developing and being integrated deeper into your connection.

True love will help us to develop, grow, and seek to find better versions of ourselves, so it is natural that the subconscious will celebrate these little successes as they occur.

6. Flying/falling

Although we all love a dream where we are flying as it is uplifting and exciting, in terms of interpretation if often means that we are not satiated by our day to day lives.  We are not living our full potential and the ascent of our souls in the dreamworld is asking us to seek a higher and more fulfilling life goal.

It may be that we are living our lives as others have expected us to and yet our true desires in life lie in a completely different direction.

Interestingly a dream that you are falling has a similar meaning, it just indicates that you are less ‘in control’ of the situation and that your life may be crashing around you if you don’t make a rapid change (think of The Tower in tarot for a comparative).

The important thing to remember is that if we do manage to live up to those who are always asking us to be different from how we really are, we will never reach the point where they say, “well done” “I am proud”.  The very nature of somebody who wishes to control another’s life very rarely will be the same person who will ever be satisfied or pleased with your efforts.  Your attempts to please them will probably simply reveal more demands and criticisms.

Ironically, if you rebel early on and disassociate yourself from their clutches, then you are more likely to gain grudging respect from this person over time.  By reinforcing negative behavior we are always giving the message “I accept” by stepping back and saying that you simply are who you are and have to make your own choices, you are providing the other person with an opportunity to grow.  Whether they take this or not is nothing to do with you, it may be that they will remain toxic, but at least if you provide your own freedom and follow your own path you will have kindness and happiness to share with them, rather than having your life reflect their own inner disappointments and projections.

Be as free as you dare and as kind as you can.

Shalom, blessings and sweet dreams to you all~~~

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