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Gemini The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Gemini: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Here is Gemini the good the bad and the ugly – The controversial sign Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, which is the planet of communication. Gemini is heady and intelligent. They have a lightning bolt quickness of the mind. They are extremely witty, and articulate, and deliver with a natural sense of comic timing. Gemini is also an experienced seeker. They are versatile and adaptable. As a mutable sign, it is hard to find two who are alike, and many exceptions will occur.

Gemini: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Gemini is a sign of vast extremes. Being the double sign—the sign of the twins, they bring a lot of duality to the table. This duality brings both positive and negative things, as sometimes one of the twins is up to no good.

This duality gives Gemini both manual and mental dexterity, but also makes Gemini inconsistent, superficial, irritable, and even irritating at times. Gemini can become obsessive, compulsive, and excessively analytical about anything and everything in their life.

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Gemini is naturally curious and nosy. They like to know about others but will reveal little about themselves. They will be a totally different person when intoxicated, usually more prone to opening up, and kinder.

If afflicted, Gemini can become emotionally dependent which spurs hostility—this is the person who can bite the hand that feeds them. This is one of the character flaws, which people need to be cautious of in Gemini.

If negatively afflicted, Gemini’s natural glibness and wit become distorted, making them a liar and a cheat. Gemini has a cunning command of words and will verbally cut down their foes—they don’t easily assign blame to themselves.

At their worst, they can be cold-blooded and cynical with an “I don’t care” attitude. This is one of the cruelest elements of their personality—they can reach a point where they truly don’t give a damn. It does not feel good to be on the other end of that.

Gemini can frequently feel inadequate and this can make them hostile and adversarial. They’ll argue and fight using a contradictory tactic—when you become emotional, they become intellectual, when you’re cool, calm, and intellectual, they become overemotional.

If ever Gemini gets overwhelmed or feels like they are going to lose, they will simply disappear. It takes a long time before Gemini learns to control the inconsistencies in their nature. This is why people so often refer to Gemini as “the butterfly.”

Gemini is constantly striving for a balance between mind and emotion. Gemini works to keep their emotion and logic on an even playing field, but usually, Gemini ends up causing chaos around them. Gemini must accept the duality of their nature in order to stay sane and healthy.

This can be accomplished through education. Gemini needs to enhance their intellect and gain a sense of self-knowledge. When this occurs, Gemini becomes an adjustable, sophisticated, easy, breezy individual—a delight, who is both someone that is mentally stimulating and can think fast on their feet.

When Gemini become unrepressed, they will function well under pressure, and be free of the anxiety that plagues them. Gemini always feels like they need to be doing something like they are being pushed and pulled into a million different directions.

They don’t have the patience to mindfully process most things, and this will help will that, and help tame that anxiety monster. It will help Gemini control their innate propensity towards overthinking themselves and others.

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The Bad

So, if Gemini doesn’t achieve this instantly, will they just be living in chaos? Well, the answer isn’t black and white, as Gemini is a mutable sign, and there are some Gemini variations who live sunshine and angels’ kind of life.

You’ll know the Gemini when you meet them, they’ll be too kind for words. Sweeter than a summer’s day. Beautiful inside out, and practically perfect too, it will be hard finding something they can’t do.

Then there are the heavy hitter Geminis who probably roll with fake friends, and hang out in crappy nightclubs doing expensive drugs, they can’t even afford. Gemini’s got the look, dressed perfectly for the part, they fit right in with the cool kids, and they know how to be a cool kid too.

Making fun of people. Hating on people. Gemini girls getting in with the boys. Gemini boys getting in with the girls. And they love that drama, they love that gossip, and it comes their way. Including shady friends who they can’t be true to, and boy/girl drama.

Gemini not treating their dates right and it coming back to haunt them. This is the Gemini that never gets disclosed. The wild partying, free spirit who did some things their mamas wouldn’t be proud of, but don’t worry Gemini is so good at playing the game that their mama would never find out.

The Ugly

Gemini is playing everyone in their life. They don’t truly care for anyone’s feelings. They aren’t faithful to anyone and abuse power whenever they can. Gemini will be self-destructive and manipulative, the type to do shady things behind your back, and never tell you the full truth about them.

Gemini will be playing the opposite sex, getting what they can where they can but committing to no one. Like the butterfly, Gemini is described as will fly from person to person without making any real sustainable connections.

Gemini might have flavors of the week. People who are their “best friends” for like three weeks, and then they move on because something negative took place. Gemini is an ugly place will bring on the drama, they will welcome it and it will present itself.

When Gemini is in an ugly place, they lose touch with the people who truly matter to them. They get caught up in their party friends. They get lost in trying to be a part of the scene. The ugly side of Gemini is sometimes hard to make sense of as they will do and wear unusual things.

Beneath all the chaos is a very insecure human who is in need of real, unconditional, non-abusive love. When Gemini goes ugly prepare to see a dreadful sight of an individual who has no patience, and who will not open up about something if they don’t want to no matter what you say.

The Good 

When Gemini is secure in themselves they can move mountains. With a bright, detailed mind like that, they come as an asset to any team. Gemini is happy when they are working with good people and doing stuff that they enjoy doing. Gemini needs a lot of stimulation, so it’s important that their job and partner both provide lots.

When Gemini believes in themselves, they can achieve so much—they just have to want it. They’ve got to be thirsty and not settle.

Gemini isn’t impressed by everything so when they are impressed by something it is true. When they love someone, they truly love someone and will do whatever they can to protect them. Gemini is also very generous in love, often giving a lot of themselves to their partner and doing a lot of thoughtful things.

Hospitality is Gemini’s middle name. They know how to prepare a delicious meal, open doors, and pull out chairs. Most importantly, Gemini is a lot of fun. There won’t be many dull moments, they know how to keep things exciting.

It’s important for Gemini to make a connection that’s both mental and physical, they need to have a meeting of the minds in order to spark long-term interest.

Gemini is full of ideas, and great ways to plan. They are good at events and have an eye for detail that puts together the best looks. Gemini is usually very aesthetically pleasing and trendy. They care about appearances, and likely won’t let you see them at their worst.

Not all of this will apply to all Gems, there is a lot of variation, but one thing is for sure, Gemini has gone through a lot of stages in their life, like the butterfly, they have flown to many places, and it will be interesting to see where they end up and how they spread their wings.

Maturity will certainly be the winning ticket as young Gemini was just a phase for most of you who are living a well-balanced life.

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