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A Beginner’s Guide to Aura Reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Aura Reading

We are surrounded by energy that exists in different patterns and vibrations. The variety in it causes to form unique colors which make up seven layers of it. This energy layer dominates many vital aspects of our life from emotions to health and ability to work. The aura that an individual generates symbolizes the character and personality of the person.

Each color has a different meaning to it and therefore needs to be interpreted as such. This article focuses to guide you on how to read the different meaning of aura easily. Here is a comprehensive guide to aura reading.

Observing the influx of energy

The ability to observe auras is to be self-aware. One should focus all their senses into noticing the influx of energy from the nature surrounding them. This is the first step to experiencing energy. For instance, you are in the company of a friend; your first act should be noticing the presence of any energy source. It can be sensed by what you feel and experience at the moment with a person. If the other person aura feels like they are more welcoming or if you feel that they do not want to indulge any further, you will know what kind of energy is surrounding them.

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Noticing Auras

Peripheral vision is another step into noticing Auras around you. The procedure involves focusing on a specific single spot for 45 seconds and then allow your gaze to soften. This will help you notice the colors which are observed by the photosensitive cells in your peripheral vision.

True Colors

The most easy and understandable part of reading an aura is by identifying the colors. It is because colors tell you the various aspects of the person personality. By correctly identifying the colors and carefully interpreting them ill help you get a clear understanding of anyone’s character.

What does other people’s Aura mean?

Reading other people aura is not a challenging task. It requires some effort, but it is certainly doable. To do that you must always seek their permission first. The standard procedure is given as follows:

  • Firstly, ask your friends to stand against a neutral colored wall and face you.
  • Then focus on the wall behind him/her to see if you can notice any changes or formation of any patterns.
  • Start looking at the sidelines of his/her body that it makes on the wall.
  • An impetus of seeing the aura will give you the ability to visualize the formation of an Aura. Focus on it and sense the true colors.
  • After carefully noticing the aura, ask your friend to move around slowly and see if there occur any changes when their body is moving.
  • Music can shape the pattern of the aura and find out try putting on some music for noticing any change.


Practice can be on others and yourself as well. When you know the basics of observing the aura, you can use this skill and further enhance it by self-practice. Although the process will be more challenging from time to time if you are consistent, you will easily get the hang of it. To strengthen your abilities even more here is how to self-practice:

  • Firstly, sit in a quiet calm place and clear your thoughts. The more you are free of any distractions, the better you can focus and more accurate the results.
  • The desire and intention to see your ow aura can only derive it from the surrounding and let you see it. Therefore, one should have clear intentions of seeing one’s aura.
  • Rub your two hands together to a point where you can sense the spark of magnetized energy between your hands.
  • Now focus all your attention between the palms and see if you can observe any colors. Can you physically feel the presence of color or a thread of energy?

A Brief History of Reading Auras

Auras have existed since the inception of energy, but the reading aura also goes way back in time. It has been pursued culturally and has significance in its relationship with art and literature as well. The two main cultures and civilizations that are worth mentioning are as follows;

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Egyptian culture

Egyptian culture, with its rich history, has always been the inspiration for pursuing intuition medicine and the science of metaphysical reality. The Egyptians regarded aura as a spiritual energy that resided inside us and can be interpreted.


The next culture is the chines which have also regarded aura a special place in their history. They have called it ‘Chi’ or ‘prana.’

Reading Auras

Reading auras is an unbelievably valuable skill. It can tell you how your or anyone else’s life can bring an impact or influence anyone’s life in different situations. There are many methods through which you can easily ready aura. Since we know that the Auras are magnetic fields that surround us and are constructed by many colors that come together. The process of determining it and then interpreting it is not difficult. The aura reflects what our consciousness tends to plan or do.

Kirlian photography

This is one of the most popular methods of seeing an aura. This technique requires a special effect photograph to develop the aura in the image. This way, we can observe the aura through pictures easily. The science of Kirlian photography involves a pulse of high-frequency electric currents which are passed and then result in the development or exposing of the aura in the image.


The concept of reading aura is not made up but rather practiced through centuries, and it has always served a great deal of help in understanding human nature. To decode the underlying message of what the aura is telling us is an exceptional feat, and understanding it is not only profoundly amazing but also essential to understanding the law of nature.

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